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Friday, April 24, 2015

Today We Close One Chapter And Start A New Chapter: Beachbody Creating Our Life By Design

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The Mitro Family

I think I have typed and deleted how to start this post for 30 minutes now!  It is one of those emotional mornings that you never in a million years dreamed about actually coming true!  Today marks another huge milestone in my business but more importantly in our family.  After months of discussing how to get better balance in our lives, of our business growing so much that it truly has blown our mind, we have decided as a couple that Matt would leave his job at Bayer Healthcare to bring better balance into our lives!  {CRAZY RIGHT}  This was not an easy decision!  Actually it's been quite a process.  For those that have followed me since I started Beachbody almost 4 years ago you know that Matt was NOT supportive!  I mean he was truly the most unsupportive person I know!  He would give me flack about being on the computer all the time, he would make it difficult for me to attend events, he would give me the cold shoulder if I was gone at fit club to long and I had to threaten him when we went to our first summit not to call it a pyramid scheme in front of people!  {NO JOKE}  He was the biggest naysayer and non believer!  He told me when I signed up to coach that this was the biggest waste of my money and that I would never be successful at it!  I think most normal women and wives would of taken what their husband said seriously and turned in their termination letter at that moment!  But not me, I had this fuel, this fire, this "I am going to prove you wrong" attitude and I wasn't giving up that easily.  I am the type that if you tell me I can't do something, I am going to work even harder to get it!  So I set out to do just that, PROVE HIM WRONG!

We had many knock down drag out fights about my business!  It was taking away from our family, you wanted to be a stay at home mom and now you want to work, you are investing more time than the money you are making!  All those common complaints you here when you are starting a business!  But lets be honest, I was building this from scratch!  No social media background, no marketing degree, and I had never done anything health and fitness related.  I was genuinely learning a whole new beast!  So there is a learning curve there!  Plus, customers didn't just COME TO ME, I had to work really hard to develop trust, to show that I was authentic and that I wasn't a one trick pony!  I was planning to do this for the long haul!  Once people saw that, things started to make a turn.  But, it took guts, grit, motivation, persistence and being able to see the big picture.  I had to put my foot down and show Matt that I wasn't going anywhere!  

Things really took a turn at about the 1 year mark at summit!  Matt was able to attend with me, he wasn't excited but he did it anyways!  He attended the general sessions and talked with other spouses and that is when the puzzle started to come together!  But, nothing with Matt is easy.  He always has to fight up until the last minute until he FINALLY makes the change!  He is one stubborn man and rightfully so!  He was fighting for our family balance and preserving our relationship!  Things had definitely changed.  

He had switched jobs around the time Bryce was born so that we could have better family balance.  More income, I could stay at home and we could live the life we dreamed.  But, I threw a wrench in there with Beachbody! It took us some time to adjust and a lot of communication.  What once was our picture of our perfect life had changed!  I really am passionate about Beachbody and Matt saw that!  But he also saw that the laundry was piling up, the house wasn't getting cleaned, I was spending a lot of time on the computer and our relationship was suffering.  But on the flip side he could see that the sacrifices were paying off because I was moving up the ladder!  I was creating a successful business, I was achieving higher ranks in the company and we were making a great income.  

Matt would set financial goals and he would chart my business growth and of course he always plays it conservative.  Each time he did the math I would blow his mind with the growth.  I believe last year I grew some odd 300% over the year before!  I blew every projection out of the water and achieved not only the top coach but double 15 Star Diamond which brings a very nice quarterly bonus with it!  

So now the question comes!  Is it completely crazy to continue to work this business in between nap times, a part time babysitter, evenings and weekends?  He sees me getting up at 5 am every day, staying up until 11:30 and doing everything I can to make it work around our family.  Now it became a question of this!  We have the income, we have the flexibility, we don't live an over the top lavish life, we just want to truly enjoy each others company!  Could making a career change mean that we ACTUALLY get to spend more time together???  

So we made an appointment with our financial advisor almost 4 months ago to discuss this thought! We asked him to play devils advocate and think of all the reasons why we SHOULDN'T do this.  

Matt said to me in a meeting with our financial advisor, "I actually love my wife and want to spend time with her.  If leaving my current job gives us that back why wouldn't I do it!"  

After John asked us a bazillion questions he looked at the two of us and said "Your crazy for not taking this opportunity"  That was it, that's all it took! We just needed that outside pair of eyes looking in, non related to Beachbody to tell us that we were making a smart financial decision!  So the changes started happening!  We mentally prepared ourselves for this change! First we told our parents who sorta kinda looked at us like we grew a third eye!  It was non traditional, it was crazy, were we gambling our families future?  Of course not, we know that we have made sound financial decisions!

We have saved for both kids ENTIRE college education this year.
We can pay off our house this year.
We have invested in my retirement.
We have lived within our means and we are planning for the future smart!  
Life By Design, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10, Fit Family, Financial Freedom, Success, Husband, Spouse, Quitting Full Time Job, Do It

So, as much as others might thing we are off our rocker we know what this business has provided and will continue to provide!  

We next told our closest friends and then about 6 weeks ago Matt walked into work and put in his resignation!  That was the weirdest feeling ever!  Both of us always saw Matt as the provider and even up until 6 months ago if you asked him if he would quit his job the answer would be NO!  
But it just makes sense! So here we go! The last 6 weeks have been preparing for this change!  

I am so excited to have Matt at home, to be able to not kill myself working early and late hours and to spend more time with Matt and to spend more time as a family! This change is going to allow me to be more present as a wife, hopefully have a house that is running smoother!  Matt and I are a team! He is not working for ME, we are a working together to make the Mitro family as well rounded as possible.  This business is our livelihood and together we are gonna make this our jam!  I will be really really sad to see our babysitter go, because she has been our saving grace!  This gives MATT big shoes to fill!!!  LOL  But how cool that each day both our kids wake up to US, we get to take them to school, have mid day lunch dates, go camping in the summer, spend the afternoon at the pool!  I can see that this is going to truly be awesome once we get a routine down!
Life By Design, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10, Fit Family, Financial Freedom, Success, Husband, Spouse, Quitting Full Time Job, Do It
It's Daddies last day of work---- NO WAY!!!  

So the big question:  Is Matt retiring?? Will he ever work again?  

NO he is not retired!  I truly believe this opportunity opens the door for Matt and I to be a great family unit.  But also to explore the options of Matt creating his own passion in his career!  That chapter is yet to be written!  But at least we have options and we are not tied down bc we HAVE to have a job!  

So today, Matt and I did our 5 am workout, he made his shakeology, and he walked out the door for the very last time!  He waved goodbye, gave me a kiss and I sat there with tears in my eyes!  Definitely not sad tears but tears of JOY because I know this is going to be the Biggest blessing of our lives!  

Life By Design, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10, Fit Family, Financial Freedom, Success, Husband, Spouse, Quitting Full Time Job, Do It
Last 5 am before work workout with Matt
Life By Design, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10, Fit Family, Financial Freedom, Success, Husband, Spouse, Quitting Full Time Job, Do It
Morning Routine- Shakeology!

Thank you Beachbody for creating an opportunity for families to live their life by design! This is our story and it might not be for everyone but I want you to know this!  If you want something more, you want to create your own future and dictate the rules, the work hours the effort and the income this truly has been it for us!!!  Never in a million years would I imagine this is where I would be right now!  But I wouldn't change it for the world!  
Life By Design, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10, Fit Family, Financial Freedom, Success, Husband, Spouse, Quitting Full Time Job, Do It
My better half- My True Love

Last Day At Bayer

Today one chapter closes and tomorrow another one opens!!!  

Stay tuned......

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Handle a Vacation Hangover

Have you heard of the term "vacation hangover"?  Well if you haven't then I am introducing you to it right now!  It is defined as the feeling after you come home from vacation!  You know you are supposed to feel well rested because you were just on vacation! Fresh, ready to get back in a routine, and full of energy bc you just relaxed all week!  WRONG!!!  A vacation hangover is that feeling on Monday morning when you know your to do list is long, laundry to be done, emails to answer and a workout to be done!  You have no food in the fridge and you don't have time to grocery shop so you eat what you want because hey what is another day going to matter!  

Tips to get back on track after vacation, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10 Coach, Dream Team, Shakeology, E&E, Insanity Max30, Will power, Trap, Clean eating

Vacation hangover means you do not spring out of bed at 5:00 am when the alarm goes off to workout!  You hit the snooze a few times and maybe {GASP} you even skip your workout!  Ohhh it's been known to happen a few times in the Mitro house!  

Then, you feel like a walking zombie.  You have nothing going on in your little brain but MUSH from the sun, sand and Miami Vice drinks that were so tasty!!!  but, it is back to reality and no matter how much you want to ignore it you have to face it!!!  So, the internal struggle begins!  The question is this.... Do you have the SKILL and the WILL POWER to get back on track??

I honestly don't believe it's just one or the other!  You need both skill and will power together!  Of course I can power through any obstacle you give me if I REALLY WANT TO, but quite honestly it is much easier if I have skills to handle it! So today lets talk skills!  How do you tackle the vacation hangover???

1.  You power through it!  You set that alarm and when the alarm goes off you repeat to yourself, "I'm Up, I'm Up" over and over until you get out of bed.  You can even sleep in your workout clothes!  That way you roll out of bed and go!  The other option is to find a workout accountability partner that is going to get your BUTT out of bed by either texting or calling you repeatedly until you get up!  

2.  You make a game plan.  Even if it's on a piece of scratch paper you sit down and you plan out your meals for the week. You raid the fridge for what you have in order to get by!  For me, Monday was a shake for breakfast and lunch, dinner was grilled chicken and some frozen green beans and a bag of rice!  Not necessarily the most interesting but it got the job done until I went to the grocery store.  
Tips to get back on track after vacation, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10 Coach, Dream Team, Shakeology, E&E, Insanity Max30, Will power, Trap, Clean eating

My plan is on a piece of paper, it's honestly nothing fancy but at least I know that I have a plan.  I sent Matt to Costco for the staples, fruits, veggies and some meats so that we can put together some meals!  I'm keeping it simple this week!  I also find that when I do 2 shakes a day it helps fuel my body with great stuff to get my energy back.  By Tuesday I was feeling way more like myself!  

3.  You fight the temptation.  Honestly, I had some ice cream and pizza when we got home.  But, today I woke up and SAID, ENOUGH! What are you doing!  You have no energy for your workouts, you feel blah and that is why! FOOD IS FUEL and if you don't remember that then you are going to be on this vicious cycle.  I have been doing this long enough to know that my mental clarity, my energy level and my focus depends on my food and my workouts!  So, today I threw away the cookies on the counter, I drank my shake and I'm chugging water like no one's business!  I know that fighting the first 3 days post vacation is how I will get on track.

4.  It's ok to have E&E a few times in a day!  E&E which is Energy and Endurance is honestly my go to!  I drink it 15 minutes before I workout each morning and it is from Beachbody and it gives me a nice little boost to help me get my workout going!  It helps me to dig deeper and push harder to rock my workout!  It's also something I drink mid afternoon when I want to take a nap! Especially when I stay up to late answering messages and get up early!  It's my saving grace for powering through!  Lets be honest, I'm not a machine, I crash and burn too! That is why SLEEP is so important!  I'm turning in early tonight bc I know my body is going to pay for it if I don't!!!

Tips to get back on track after vacation, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10 Coach, Dream Team, Shakeology, E&E, Insanity Max30, Will power, Trap, Clean eating

Lastly--- Find your next goal!  If you just pushed hard to get ready for a vacation, wedding or special event!  Don't let it all go by the wayside after the event is over.  What's your next goal?  What are you working towards?

I am choosing to start Insanity Asylum on Monday in preparation for our trip to Paris at the end of May!  I also love the way I feel when I can pull anything out of my closet and ROCK IT!  I like that feeling of being in control of my food and what I eat! SO that is my motivation!

Tips to get back on track after vacation, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite 10 Coach, Dream Team, Shakeology, E&E, Insanity Max30, Will power, Trap, Clean eating

Honestly I am so thankful that I am a Beachbody coach! The sheer accountability of knowing that people are watching me and waiting to see if I get back on track or fall off is motivation enough!  I know that people are relying on me to lead by example so I just do it!  Also I am absolutely accountable to my challengers! They are waiting for my morning post and if I can't lead by example then how will they ever follow!

So I use my own personal experiences to show my customers it can be done!  It doesn't have to be glamorous or perfect!  It just has to happen with as good of an effort that you can muster up and you move forward!

While this week wasn't my most SHINING moment, it sure was a learning experience for me and hopefully I can arm you with the skills to be proactive vs reactive in the future!!!

Join me in a support/accountability group or join my team as a coach!  ASK ME HOW!  Hit me up here!  mjmitro@gmail.com

My last thought!  You don't HAVE to FAIL!!!  You are in control of your choices because you are in control of the sources of your influence!  If you choose to let your surroundings get the best of you then you succumb to the temptations!  Why are some successful and some aren't?  You don't have an over abundance of will power, you are JUST SMART enough to see that this is a TRAP and you LITERALLY escape the WILL POWER TRAP!  

Want to join my team???  Fill out the form below for more information!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Interview With CEO of Team Beachbody Carl Daikeler

Expert, Beginner, Beachbody Coach, Training, Melanie Mitro, elite, Top 10

Last month I had the opportunity to be awarded a trip to Team Beachbody Headquarters in LA to celebrate a significant milestone in my business.  I achieved Super Star Diamond 2.  I'm sure many of you are like WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN!  Well I will give you the short of it!
Super Star Diamond 2 means that I have personally sponsored 15 lifetime diamonds in my first business center. A diamond coach is someone who has personally sponsored 8 active coaches and 2 of those 8 coaches is an Emerald coach which means they have sponsored 2 coaches.  So I have 15 of those in my first business center.  But, I also have a 2nd business center which you can open when you yourself are a 2 star diamond!  So in that 2nd business center I also have 15 lifetime diamond coaches.  That is what is considered super star 2.  So it really doesn't have anything to do with sales, but it has everything to do with the fact that I have created a system that is effective at getting my new coaches started right and also at helping them to achieve success in their business as well.  I'm creating future leaders and stability for my team at this point in my business.  My focus is not just on pushing a product but on how to unlock the true potential in my team!  It's my MOST favorite part of what I do, seeing the puzzle pieces all fall into place and these amazing leaders begin to emerge.  
Super Star Diamond Weekend, Melanie MItro, Committed To Getting Fit, Team Beachbody
Just 2 goofballs having fun in LA

So, when I went out to California last month we not only were royally pampered but we had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO and chat about our businesses and how we are each unique in the network!  Carl asked me a few questions related to who is my target market as the current top coach and how do I get a new coach started right!!!  
Then, he kicked me right out of the interview seat and brought in my better half!  Matt, my husband is a significant force in my business and without him there is no way I could achieve the milestones I have.  He wasn't always my biggest cheerleader, in fact it was quite the opposite.  He refused to workout, drink shakeology and even acknowledge that Beachbody could be a real job or career.  It was honestly brutal on our marriage and was definitely something we struggled with!  Our first summit to Las Vegas in 2012 I had to almost threaten to send him back home if he embarrassed me.  It was during a time where the pendulum could of swung either way that progress was made.  Matt is a great man who is at the core always looking out for his family!  It was up to me to prove to him that this was worth our time, investment and sacrifice!  He truly saw a glimpse of potential that I had from that event and from there we began to work together to create a system for our family that worked! Communication is key to having a supportive spouse.  It is not a 1 way street and it takes two!!!  There is no finger pointing, we both have our weaknesses and we work on them together.  We talk about our calendars, our challenges each week and we make sure to put our family first!  So check out this video with Carl, Matt and I and hopefully this will not only make a positive impact on you but hopefully you can share it with someone else struggling with the same things!

If we can overcome the obstacles, so can you!  Never stop believing in the beauty of your dreams.  There are no dreams to small or to big to go after with all your heart and soul!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

6 Weeks Til Summer Bootcamp

Muffin Top, Fitness Motivation Quotes, Melanie MItro, Clean Eating, 6 weeks til summer bootcamp, 21 Day Fix, Max30Happy Wednesday!!!  It sure is a great Wednesday today! The sun is peeking through the clouds and its above 50 degrees and I'm totally feeling that the warmer weather is coming!  I even was able to open up the windows and let in some fresh air this morning!  

With the warmer weather approaching that also means that you slowly begin to shed the winter jacket, the boots, the warm and fuzzy sweatshirts/sweaters for lighter jackets, flip flops and capris/shorts! I don't know if you can relate, but as a stay at home mom I LIVE in YOGA pants and t-shirts and zip up hoodies! 

Muffin Top, Fitness Motivation Quotes, Melanie MItro, Clean Eating, 6 weeks til summer bootcamp, 21 Day Fix, Max30, Meal Planning, Clean Eating Recipes
 When you zip up those jeans or put on that shirt that you haven't worn in awhile and you have a little extra muffin top over those jeans its a pretty stark reality that something needs to change! I know I just can't hide behind my yoga pants for the rest of my life.  Its comfortable for sure, but it's not reality!  I want to feel confident, have energy and not want to crawl in a hole every time I have go out in public. 
Muffin Top, Fitness Motivation Quotes, Melanie MItro, Clean Eating, 6 weeks til summer bootcamp, 21 Day Fix, Max30, Meal Planning, Clean Eating Recipes

Also, how about that wedding or reunion you have this spring/summer! Do you have anything to wear to that or are you standing in your closet full of clothes saying to yourself that after this winter you can't fit into any of your dresses.  Or are you thinking, If I just get off this 5 lbs I can wear so many more outfits.  Maybe you are like me, I sat on the edge of my bed in tears bc nothing fit after having my second child! I didn't have a lot of flexible spending so I had to make it work with what I had!  I felt like my hands were tied!  In reality I just thought I would be fat and frumpy forever!  

Muffin Top, Fitness Motivation Quotes, Melanie MItro, Clean Eating, 6 weeks til summer bootcamp, 21 Day Fix, Max30, Meal Planning, Clean Eating Recipes

I was invited by my NOW COACH to join a challenge group!  I had no idea what the heck a challenge group was.  But I was at my witts end and I was willing to try anything!  I started my journey with Insanity {maybe not the best choice since its the hardest program out there and I hadn't worked out in 3 years} but I was committed!  I worked out every day in our storage room of our townhouse while Landon and Bryce would take a nap!  

I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same!  WE had seriously 6 weddings to go to that summer and I wasn't going to see all of our college friends like that!!  It was my motivation to change!  so I got to work! I started eating healthier, paying attention to the quality of my foods, eating for energy, fueling my body with nutrient dense choices, upping my water intake, and replacing 1 meal a day with shakeology!  I slowly started to see the scale moving in the right direction!  

3 months later, 30 lbs gone, and an entirely new person strutting their stuff in my skin!!!!  Honestly if it wasn't for the support of my coach, the other ladies in the challenge group I would of quit after the 2nd week when the weight wasn't coming off fast enough!  
Muffin Top, Fitness Motivation Quotes, Melanie MItro, Clean Eating, 6 weeks til summer bootcamp, 21 Day Fix, Max30, Meal Planning, Clean Eating Recipes

But because of the awesome support I realized that this is a process!  It's a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. It took me longer than 2 weeks to put on the weight and it would take longer to get it off. So I started working on ME!  

I was in it for the long haul! Everyday I would check into the challenge group, post my workout ratings, food ratings and ask questions about where I was struggling.  IT was my support group in the comfort of my own home!

Lets face it, its easy to skip a workout, to not make healthy choices, to ignore the feeling in your gut to dig deeper if you don't have accountability!  That's the secret sauce about what we get to do!  It's not about a bag of powder and a box of workout DVDs.  Its about being a part of something more and knowing that you matter to others.  

Muffin Top, Fitness Motivation Quotes, Melanie MItro, Clean Eating, 6 weeks til summer bootcamp, 21 Day Fix, Max30, Meal Planning, Clean Eating Recipes

So since there is 6 weeks until the unofficial start of summer I want to invite you to join me in a 6 week bootcamp!  I am going to teach you the principles of clean eating, how to fuel your body for energy, for healthy weight loss, and how to make this a lifestyle change vs a crash diet.

I am going to share my meal plans, guide you to creating your own, give you recipes, tips and ideas to help you achieve your goals. Whether its 5lbs or 20+ lbs I can help!  I really truly love what I do and I get no great joy than seeing other people succeed!  
Muffin Top, Fitness Motivation Quotes, Melanie MItro, Clean Eating, 6 weeks til summer bootcamp, 21 Day Fix, Max30, Meal Planning, Clean Eating Recipes

So if this sounds like something you would like to do then I invite you to join me on April 20th! The requirements are that I am your coach through Team Beachbody and that you commit to a fitness program which we will decide on together, you replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology and in return I will add you to my closed online accountability and support group where each day you will get group support from me, daily interaction, daily check ins and the ultimate accountability!  

Does this sound like a plan?  If so, hit up the application below to get more information on the group!

What do you have to lose??  In 6 weeks you can drop a pant size, lose between 5 and 15 lbs and really truly have more energy and confidence!  Are you in?

I hope to see you in my April 20th group!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

21 Day Fix Women's Transformation Meet My Mom

Today is a very exciting day.  It's one thing to help my challengers in my challenge group get results.  Its an extremely rewarding job to see the people that I work with learn how to make healthier choices, how to change their lifestyle and how to overcome obstacles that were previously preventing them from reaching their health and fitness goals.
Grandma, Motivation, Eat Clean, Family, Transformation, 21 Day Fix, Weight loss after 40
My mom's motivation to change-FAMILY

It's a totally different thing to see a family member get results and completely change their lives.  I have watched my mom yo-yo diet for as long as I can ever remember.  Weight Watchers, It Figures, those pre packaged meals, and Beachbody.  It wasn't until about a year ago that I invited my mom to do the 21 Day Fix with me!  I decided I was going to hold her accountable and we were going to do it together! She did awesome in the first round, she stuck with it and lost about 10 lbs.
Grandma, Motivation, Eat Clean, Family, Transformation, 21 Day Fix, Weight loss after 40

Then, after that round of the fix she maintained the 10 lbs loss but it wasn't until 6 weeks ago when she committed 100% to the nutrition, to the workouts and the challenge group that she really took things to the next level.  There were quite a few things that have changed for my mom in the last 6 weeks!  It's really awesome to see both my mom and dad so healthy and happy!  I want for both of them to be able to play and run with our boys for a very long time.  It's such a blessing to have parents who not only support what I do, but really are on board and are getting healthy too! WHAT AN AWESOME JOB!!!!!  

Here is her story:

42 Days ago, I made up my mind that I was going to get rid of the inner tube around my waist once and for all. I have always been a yo-yo dieter and would use the excuse that I didn't want to lose too much weight because then I would have to buy smaller clothes. I would tell everybody that "I just wanted to fit comfortably in the clothes I already had". It has been a game with me and the scale every morning. I would get on and if I was down a pound or 2, I would let up on my eating habits and if the scale was up a pound or 2, then I would try to eat salads and what I thought was healthy foods. But, as we all know, it doesn't take long for that kind of thinking to backfire and pretty soon 2 lbs is 4 lbs and then it's out of control. 

One day this past winter when all I did was come home from work and sit in my chair and watch TV I decided enough was enough. My mother turned 90 in January and is the picture of health, my husband is a health and physical education teacher and my daughter Melanie Mitro is the #1 Beachbody coach for 2014! I am surrounded by people who value their health and are committed to keeping themselves physically fit and eating right.

During the past 42 days, it wasn't easy getting started, my knees hurt everyday and I was VERY sore most every day from pushing myself to lift heavier weights and try to get in a really good sweat. I have improved my core strength, the back fat and spare tire around my waist is disappearing. I feel amazing and now that I have made it a habit, I can't imagine not getting in some form of exercise every day and not measuring all my food out in those color coded containers so I get the right portion sizes. Thank you to 21 Day Fix and Autumn Calabrese and my family for being my inspiration. I still have a few more pounds to lose, but I am focused on achieving my goal and I am not letting my excuses get in the way ever again. THIS IS A PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10"

Grandma, Motivation, Eat Clean, Family, Transformation, 21 Day Fix, Weight loss after 40

If you are in the 40+ age range and you are looking for support, accountability and encouragement you can join one of my Mom's challenge groups!  She is absolutely amazing and dedicated and committed to really giving you the very best quality of service!  She is getting ready to kick of a new challenge group this week!

Grandma, Motivation, Eat Clean, Family, Transformation, 21 Day Fix, Weight loss after 40

Monday, March 30, 2015

Salad In A Jar Recipe

Salad In A Jar, clean Eating, Salad,Melanie MItro, eat clean

You know being a clean eater for almost 4 years now you would think I have tried it all.  But clearly I haven't.  Each day I swear I find something new to add to the list of things to try.  This idea actually came from a challenger of mine and I instantly fell in love with it!  Salad in a jar.  Have you heard of it?  I've made the mason jar oatmeal before and yes it was delicious but I have not heard of salad in a jar!  

So this week my mission is to try a different salad in a jar recipe and give you the scoop!  I love salad and quite honestly could eat it every day for lunch, but the same salads get boring fast.  There are lots of different ways to switch it up and I'm about to share it with you.

So how do you make a salad in a jar?

  • Well you get pint or quart sized canning jars and make sure to clean them out well. Wide mouth jars work the best.
  • Then your dressing always goes on the bottom followed by your most dense vegetables on top of that.  You reserve your lettuces for the top and as long as the jar doesn't get tipped over it will preserve the freshness.
  • When you are ready to eat your salad, just simply shake the jar {A little vigorious shaking might be in order} and dump your salad onto a plate. Then you can stir it up a little more from there.
  • How long does the salad last in the fridge?  It can last a few days and up to 5 days.
  • If you are going to add in avocado, hard boiled eggs or chicken simply add those to the top of your salad the day of vs mixing into the jars.

So to start here is a basic recipe:

  1. Add 1 orange container of the creamy garlic dressing to the bottom of the jar.
  2. Then add in Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery, Peppers
  3. Next add in chickpeas and black beans
  4. If you would like any cheese this is the time to do it.  A little feta cheese gives it lots of flavor.
  5. Next is the softer veggies or avocado and or strawberries or dried fruits. If you are not planning to eat this salad for a few days wait to add this until you serve.
  6. Next is nuts and seeds like sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts.
  7. Last but not least pack in the salad greens on top.
  8. Then screw the lid on tight and store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days and enjoy!