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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Piyo Week 5 Meal Plan and Progress Update

Week 4 of Piyo is in the bag and I am officially done with an entire month of Piyo. I think back to day 1 and I can remember thinking to myself, "Am I really going to get results with a low impact workout that is only 25-35 minutes a day?"  Then the first week of workouts I even questioned whether it was enough.  I only questioned it until I felt my muscles the day after the workouts and I was super sore!  Here I was doing a low impact workout, using muscles I don't typically use and getting fatigued by it.  I also trust Chalene Johnson and all of her workout programs and nutrition expertise.  I know that she would not put a dud of a workout on the market so I was going all in!  60 days of Piyo no matter what.  I am not going to quit because it's not hard enough or change my workouts.  That is the problem with people these days.  If you don't see results in the first 2 days or you aren't feeling "IT" or you aren't dripping in sweat you quit.  You are quick to say that this isn't tough enough, you don't burn enough calories or that you aren't going to get results so you throw in the towel.  You hop to another workout that promises a higher calorie burn and faster results.  You are quick to throw the program on the back of the shelf and forget the reasons why you started this program in the first place.

I truly feel that this is the reason that so many people fail. They are not willing to see it through.  We expect instant results, instant gratification and instant transformation.  It's not going to happen. I mean it literally took me 1 round of Insanity (60days) to lose 11 lbs then it took me 90 day of P90X to lose 19 lbs and then it took a about 3 more months of strength training with Chalean Extreme and P90X2 to get in the best shape of my life.  Honestly it wasn't an overnight deal.  I learned how to change my diet, to strip it down, to cut out foods that were causing me to hang onto weight and it took will power.  I remember all the things I held strong with, birthday cake, ice cream, donuts, cookies at christmas, drinks at the bar!  It was a sacrifice because I wanted to change more than I wanted to remain the same. It's the same with you!  How bad do you want it.  If you bought Piyo then stick with it!  You invested the money now give it 100% each and every day with the workouts and the nutrition plan and have a friendly contest with yourself to see if you can have a better transformation than the girl in the infomercial.  Anything that you put your whole heart into you are going to succeed at!  That's the bottom line!!!!
Create a Motivation Board to Keep you Focused
Create A Motivation Board to Keep You Focused

So now I can tell you that after 4 weeks I can see a difference.  My flexibility has improved. Where it was once hard to touch my toes I can now bend right over.  I can do all the tricep push ups on my toes vs on my knees and I can hold in plank longer than when I started.  It's progress....its one day at a time one step at a time!!!!
Melanie's Fitness Inspiration Board
My goal body inspiration board

This week is about to step it up a notch!
Check out the workouts this week!!!!  OH baby I am gonna be sweating.  Each of these is killer awesome sauce core and strength workouts!  This is definitely going to take things to the next level in my opinion.

Week 5 Piyo Workout calendar

Then what is on the menu!!! Well this is totally where the tricky part is coming into play.  The first half of the week is going to be awesome.  But the last half of the week is going to be very tricky.  We leave for Italy on Thursday morning and will be gone for 8 days!  My husband and I are going on the Elite 10 Team Beachbody Trip.  This trip is for the top 10 coaches in Team Beachbody and their spouses.  All expenses paid trip to Rome, Sienna and Sicily.  I am about to experience a trip of a lifetime.  The good part is that we are going to be biking a few days while in Sienna and Sicily but the bad part is that there is going to be awesome food that is going to have to be tried!  I am going to be totally honest. I am going to do my best but I am going to enjoy the trip and the authentic food as well.  So, I'm going to literally block it out as grey for the rest of the week.

Here is my game plan:
Shakeology every day for breakfast or am snack.
Quest bars if I am starving and need a super quick fix.
At each restaurant drink tons of water, eat my veggies and fresh fruit! Enjoy the wine, the bread in moderation but literally just following proper portion sizes.  There is no need to be over stuffed!  I look at this way.  It's 8 days, it's not the end of the world and I am not going to come back and be completely off the wagon.  There is such a thing as balance!  It's called not beating yourself up over a vacation and knowing that you made good choices along the way.  I am still getting in my exercise and fully intent on doing Piyo on the days we don't ride!  I feel confident coming back, doing the 3 day refresh and jumping into my workouts where I left off.

So if you are holding out on starting a new workout because you are going on vacation, ask yourself WHY!  You can workout and eat healthy while you are away.  Set the limits of what you will indulge and not indulge in and you truly won't feel like you are deprived at all.

Plus if you aren't traveling internationally you can pack way more food and snacks for the trip!

Piyo Week 5 Meal plan

Kale Salad from Costco
Best Easy Salad Mix
Piyo Recipes This Week:

Salmon 4oz with grilled Asparagus and baked sweet potato
Here is the best salmon marinade I have ever had!!!!
For the Sweet Potato measure out 1/2 cup or 4 oz for a serving.
Asparagus is 10 large spears for your 1 serving!

Easy peasy dinner to make that my entire family loves and enjoys!

Mid Morning Snack:  1/4 steel cut oats (COOKED) with 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 cup cooked spinach is equivalent to 1 grain, 1 protein and 1 veggie.

As always don't forget your Shakeology for 1 meal a day! BREAKFAST is my go to time for my shakeology!  Ahhh in heaven!!!!

Grocery Store Essentials:  

  1. Lean protein like fish, chicken, ground turkey, eggs, protein powder.
  2. Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal.
  3. Fruits include berries, strawberries, apples and melons.
  4. Veggies:  Stick to lower sugar veggies.  Eat, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, kale,  celery, & ect....

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Are Beachbody Coaches Really Successful? True Story of Coaching Success from 3 Women

So this month I really have been spending a lot of time on social media talking about living your life brilliantly.  Today I want to share 3 stories with you from 3 of my Diamond/Star Diamond Coaches that have brought me to my knees and honestly to tears reading and watching not only their physical transformation but their financial transformations as well.  

So part of what I do as a coach is absolutely help you get a physical transformation.  So that means I am hooking you up with a fitness program that meets your needs, helping you to plan out your meals, giving you tips and recipes and guiding you to change your lifestyle into a healthier one!  But the cool part is that I also have this amazing team that helps me do my job! Together we are all out here just helping each other, motivating and keeping others accountable and by doing this we earn an income as coaches.  SUPER COOL and honestly I didn't know this even existed.  One of the things that people always say is what are the requirements?  What certifications do I need?!  The answer is none!!! CRAZY RIGHT!!!  Seriously that is the coolest thing ever!  Beachbody has created the fitness programs, put the plan together, the nutrition guide is laid out and my job as a coach is to keep you on track and to add some color, value and flavor to your routine!  I get to share what has worked for me, share my insider tips to juggling kids, work, family and fitness so that you don't drop the ball on your own health!  PRETTY DARN COOL!

So I didn't seek out Beachbody for the business opportunity, I sought it out for the physical transformation because I was unhappy with who I had become!  This is the exact same for all of these ladies that you are about to meet!  We all started with a physical transformation and it has led us to something greater.

Check out what is going on with DREAM TEAM COACHES!!!

Meet Alyson Horcher:  A 1 Star Diamond Coach from Pennsylvania.  She has 2 children, she is a former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and is currently a stay at home mom.  She started her journey with Chalean Extreme and has since grown into an amazing coach on the inside and out! Check it out!!!

Beachbody Coach Success Story

There are so many reasons why I love doing what I do but one thing you may not know is WHY I even started as a member in my very first challenge group (a.k.a Health and Fitness group). 

I was a new Stay at home Mom (words I never imagined I would say!) and I was having challenges in my new role, I had baby weight to lose after my daughter was born and it was not coming off as easily as it did after I had my first child, I was miserable, depressed, and worse of all I looked in the mirror and didn't like the person I was seeing. WHO HAD I BECOME? a person I didn't even know anymore.

A sorority sister was on Facebook talking about these challenge groups and well I just so happened to see her one post one day and it clicked - "I gotta do something! or else I am afraid of what I might become!" From that point on after our first conversation I knew I had to give it a try. Even though I was scared to death, my husband was NOT on board, and we really didn't have the extra money for my challenge pack - I DID IT!!

I have lost over 20 pounds now and over 25 inches. I am healthy, I am happy, I am ME again! I am a better wife, mom, friend, and best of all I am a BETTER ME!! do I have areas I need to improve in my life absolutely. I am a perfectionist so I will always want to be doing more.

Doing more leads me to WHY I became a Beachbody coach. Initially I just wanted the 25% discount on my Shakeology (you all know I love to save $$). So I was a discount coach for a while and I was quite happy doing just that. I offer this to many because I know and understand how important it is to so many families to save wherever they can.

My mind changed about coaching however when I saw the potential in what I could do not only for myself and my family financially but also how I could help others who might need the help like I did when I first got started in my first challenge group. I wanted to help other moms get back on track. I wanted to help other moms realize it is totally possible to take time for themselves. I wanted to help other moms become the person they WANTED to be but had been struggling doing it on their own. I also wanted to share with other stay at home parents that they too can financially contribute to their family's finances if they so wish. They could make some of their dreams become realities.

Now I am helping not only moms but dads and non parents too because I feel so strongly about the experience I had and want to share it with everyone!!

Now it is my turn to share this experience with others and help them become not only BETTER in their health and fitness but also BETTER in their financial state as well. You often hear me talking about LIVING WELL and that includes all areas of life - Faith, Family, Fitness, Health, Finance whatever in your mind LIVING WELL means.

I want to help YOU LIVE WELL. 

She also has had a pretty huge financial change since starting as a coach!
When setting up our family budget we mistakenly forgot to add in the cost of our kid's education (I know a big one to miss!!). I guess we always thought we had a great fall back plan of sending our kids to public school. We live in a great school district and our kids would be very fortunate to attend our local schools. However before we had children we said we would prefer our kids to go to Catholic School.
I am thankful to say we have made this goal of ours a reality. This year we will be sending both of our children to Catholic School. Little Leo will be in Kindergarten and Addyson will be in her first year of preschool.

When I went to write the check today I had to take a moment and realize even though we didn't add this tuition into our budget this year we can still cover the cost. How you might ask? It is all being paid for with my earnings from my Health and Fitness Coaching career!! Crazy to think when I signed up to be a coach I just wanted the discount on my shakeology and NOW I am paying for our kid's private schooling.
Another day to remember how blessed I am to have been given this opportunity!!

Next I want you to meet Jaime Messina.  She started out as a customer in my challenge group (New Year New You).  She decided to do Les Mills Pump as her first workout.  She was referred through my college room mate to me!  She is from Boston MA and thru this entire process of the physical transformation she realized that she has a deep need to help others, to come out of her shell and to be an inspiration and beacon of light to others going through the same things that she has gone through! She is single, no kids and currently is a full time Beachbody Coach.  Check out her video and story!!!!

"For those of you who don't know me personally I am a very deep and passionate person. I have always been this way. When I joined team beachbody it wasn't for my "deepness" lol. It was to get in shape. That was all I expected to get from the company. What I actually got, was so much more than that! I am always looking for challengers to help, and to grow my team. If you think that this is something that you might enjoy, reach out!"

My next coach and dear friend is Sara Stakeley!!! She was my first challenger EVER!!!  We know each other through my in laws and she did my nails and spa treatments for quite some time.  After having Bryce I came into the spa and she asked me what I was doing!  I told her about Insanity and P90X.  She had P90X at home and decided she was going to do it too!  I invited her to a challenge group and she joined!  Sara has lost over 50 pounds.  I think it's pretty much 75 now!  She has completely defied the odds of her PCOS diagnosis and she is healthier than ever before!  More than just the physical transformation and the improved health she has really been crushing her financial goals as well. She didn't want to commit as a coach, she was fine as a customer but she kept referring people to me!  One day I just flat out said, Sara look at how much $$ I made off the people you referred to me!  At that point she decided there was no question in her mind, she had to sign up!
From that point on it's been a life changing experience!  Today Sara posted a video about her highest paycheck ever and how it literally brought her to her knees!  I was crying tears of joy as I texted her back!  I am so excited for her and the joy and fulfillment that Beachbody has given her!  It just makes me love what I do even more! Sara you are beautiful and you are an amazing person!  YOU ROCK!!!!

If you haven't been over to Sara Stakeley's facebook page today please go check out her video this morning!
Sara was my 2nd customer, my 1st challenger, my accountability partner and she has literally seen me from day 1 until now! I have literally seen her from day 1 until now! We have changed so much in the last few years & we have had set backs, successes, triumphs and failures! But each time we fall we brush ourselves off get back up and move forward in the direction of our dreams! We SET BIG SCARY GOALS and we call ourselves the BIG GOAL CRUSHERS! We believe that no matter what we have the power to change!

Today I got a text from Sara saying she earned her biggest paycheck ever and that next week was going to be even bigger. I know what an impact this has made on her life and I am so very proud of you SARA!!!!  No matter what life has given you, you always smile, you always have fun, you dance in the rain, you care about others, you give selflessly and you are a true friend! I am so proud of you, I am so thankful for you and I am just as excited that you reached this milestone as you are!  you are loved and truly cared about! Your the best!!!! Go get em girl!!!!!! 

Beachbody hasn't just changed us physically, it has made me a more positive person, it has introduced me to my very best friends, it has given me the means to do things I would never of imagined doing before and it is opening doors to my future that I couldn't of dreamed in my wildest dreams. So while some may think it is weird, non traditional, fishy or scam-my I can tell you this. There is nothing I mean nothing better than the feeling of knowing you are helping people each and every day!  I truly invest deeply in those that join my team and I am blessed with this opportunity!  I honestly don't care what others think, I am exactly where God wants me to be right now!
I just had to share that with you!!!!  

Have a great day! Go find these amazing ladies on social media and tell them how inspiring they are!  

DREAM BIG!  Live Life Brilliantly!!!!

Want more information on what we do as coaches, check us out!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 3 Piyo Women's Progress Update

Piyo Week 3 Meal Plan and Progress Update

It's official I have finished 3 weeks of Chalene Johnson's Piyo workout and the verdict is in!  I am truly in love with this program.  Yes it is completely a total change in pace from my 21 day fix and Insanity workouts but quite honestly I think that my core is tightening up more than it ever has before and I can really see that my flexibility is improving.  I am not in any way hungry at all.  I have felt satisfied with the meal plan. A few things I did realize is that the portion size of almonds is smaller than what I was having before.  6 almonds is a healthy fat.  I was eating 10-12 before.  I am the type that just grabs a handful and goes. Counting it out and becoming conscious in my eating has helped me to stay on track.  Word of the wise---->  Don't just grab the bag of almonds and sit down and eat them.  This leads to over eating, and even if it is a healthy fat, there is such a problem as too much of a good thing.  You would be very mad at yourself if you over ate and felt like you were staying on track.

The most important thing when it comes to a nutrition plan and fitness program is to write it down and keep track of what is working and what is not working for you.

Here is the Piyo Food Tracker if you would like to save it for later.  I am a creature of habit and I tend to eat the same foods over and over and I am totally ok with that!  I am also the type that has to write it down because it is truly very easy to get a little willy nilly with the nutrition plan and have a bite here or a bite there that you were not expecting.  So please please track your food, measure it out, and drink your water!  That is key to success with anything you do in life. Track your progress!

Here is what I'm eating this week! 

Piyo Women's Meal Plan

Now for the workouts!!!!  Holy Moly can you say that week 3 was a little harder.  The verdict on my favorite workout (s).  I definitely love CORE and SWEAT the most!

What did my workout schedule look like this week:

Piyo Womens Motivational Quotes, Yoga, Pilates

  • Monday was Define Upper Body
  • Tuesday was BUNS and yes I did do a little Cardio fix in there too
  • Wednesday was my rest day, I switched it around because I was really really tired.
  • Thursday was CORE
  • Friday was Define Lower Body
  • Saturday was Sweat 
  • Sunday was Strength Intervals

Piyo, Yoga, Pilates, Progress update
This week was the first week for Buns which is a 25 minute workout that is focused on the glutes.  This workout is really amazing at getting the entire back side from every single angle possible.  Holy MOLY was I sore!

The other new workout was strength intervals this week- a 25 minute workout that gives you the body sculpting plus the calorie burning full body workout that uses no weights or equipment and no bulk.

I am really excited for week 4 to try the hardcore on the floor and the drench and buns workout!  I am really looking forward to switching it up.  I like that the first few weeks are challenging but they give you the opportunity to really learn the moves, to master the basics and begin to build strength.  Then as the weeks progress you can see that they become more challenging.  I still am sore and part of that is because I am not dogging it during my workouts.  I show up, give it consistent effort and I truly believe that the more I push myself the better my results will be.  Lets face it, anyone can show up and say they did a workout!  But your results truly are the proof as to whether you showed up and really 110% did the workout and then followed the nutrition plan.
Motivational Quotes, PiyoJust because we workout at home doesn't mean we don't wear our results in public.  So, put your game face on every time you press play and give that workout every single ounce of energy that you have inside and not a single bit more!  At the end of 60 days I can guarantee you are going to get results.  But you have to want it for yourself! The workouts only work if you do!

The one question I continually get is this; "Is Piyo enough to get results?"  Well my answer is of course~  Just because you aren't sitting in a puddle of sweat on the floor doesn't mean it isn't working.  You are burning calories, sculpting muscles and truly torching fat but in a low impact way.  This is of course different than traditional exercise classes but lets face it.  We all know that there is not one way to get results. CARDIO is not the only way to reach your goals.

Pair fitness with nutrition along with the support and accountability of your COACH AKA ME and you are rocking the SECRET SAUCE to SUCCESS in your health and fitness goals!

It's Monday, it's GAME on! Do your WORKOUT press play, meal plan and be prepared to stay focused on what you truly want!

Motivational Mondays

Is it time to get your Piyo on?!?!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Do You Want To Know How To Create A Business That Fits Your Lifestyle?

Top Coach, Team Beachbody, Accelerated coach Training, New Coach Training, Support, Accountability, duplication, Success, Dream Team
Is now your time to live brilliantly? 

When success is your only option it becomes the only thing that you can think about.  TRUE?  No matter if its your fitness journey or its the start of your own business you have this drive, motivation, focus and commitment to truly reaching your goals.  You get your engine all revved up, you dream big, you set goals, you have this fire in your belly that you know some way, some how something great is about to happen to you.  Then you sign up, you become a coach or join a challenge group and you feel on top of the World.
Excited New Coach

Then, it's time to get started!!  (insert oh CRAP button).  You freeze, you get scared, you literally have no idea where to go from here!  There is this flood of emotion that comes surging into your body!Team Beachbody Coach Training

Common thoughts consist of:
  • What if I fail?
  • What if no one wants to join my group?
  • What if I annoy my friends?
  • I don't want to sell people stuff.
  • I am afraid of what others will think of me?
  • I am not at my goal weight.
  • I don't have a lot of friends on facebook.
  • I am shy.
  • I don't know anything about social media.
  • I am not a fitness professional or expert in nutrition.
  • I don't have enough time.
  • I don't have money to get started.
  • I can't possibly do everything that YOU do!
Yes I have heard it all! Trust me, being a leader in Team Beachbody for almost 3 years has brought every single emotion possible either in my own mind or from the mind of my team!  The one thing that consistently holds people back from success is the fear of failure!  It has this truly debilitating control over many people.  I mean people want to be successful in every sense of the word but literally their mind stops them dead in their tracks from moving forward.  TRUST me, I've been there!!!  I know this feeling all to well.  Let me tell you a secret!

I have battled depression and really struggled with anxiety attacks through college and into my early adult career.  It was to the point where I could not leave the house for fear of getting sick.  But through a lot of prayer and focus I was able to overcome this!  The one thing I learned is to ask myself this, "Am I going to die?"  Is this situation fatal?  Truthfully, if I fail what is the worst that can happen? Say your response to those questions OUT LOUD.  It almost sounds silly when you say your irrational fears out loud!  Repeat after me, "I AM AFRAID OF SUCCESS" How crazy is that! Success doesn't happen over night.  Success takes time, its a ladder that you climb one rung at a time. The reason it happens gradually is so that you have time to adjust to the new role, the new feelings and you are able to grow as a leader as your success grows! The only thing we should be afraid of is not trying at all!
Fear of Failure, Motivational Quotes, Fear, Failure, Team Beachbody
Beachbody Coaching

Starting a new business is different from the norm.  The norm in our society is to get a job, work for a boss, complete the job description, collect a paycheck and go home!  But what if you could be the boss, determine your own work hours, build your own company from the ground up, be truly passionate about your days work and be fulfilled in more ways that one from it?!  

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right?!?!?  To some yes and to others it scares the living daylights out of them.  But that is why there are so many options in the world we live in.  No matter what your personality style is there is a career path that fits who YOU are!  So if you find yourself sitting here reading this asking yourself if you would be good at it then you definitely need to explore the options!!!  

Why?  Because, you don't ever want to wonder if it would of been the right fit for you!  Honestly, if it ends up not being your thing then that is totally ok!  But I believe in giving everyone a fair chance, with proper training, support, accountability and motivation!!!
Fear of Failure, quotes, Team Beachbody, Coach Training, Melanie Mitro

I am about to launch what I call "PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE" live life "BRILLIANTLY" with the Dream Team and it's going to be EPIC!!!  (in the words of my 5 year old)

It's going to kick off with a 5 day sneak peak of what is a Beachbody Coach if you have no idea what coaching is all about.  This is the perfect place for you to ask questions, get answers to the things you don't know and to determine if our style of leadership and business would jive well together. Every day there will be a post and a video of the day to watch.  It will be on topics such as the compensation plan, how did I get started as a coach, how to become a coach when you aren't at your weight loss goal yet, how to coach and have a full time job, ect....
So if want to check this out make sure that I am your coach by going to my site and creating a free profile!  Then request to join the EVENT!!  We will begin on the 16th of July.

If you have been considering becoming a coach or you are just ready to jump right into the game then now is the time!  I am kicking off my Live Life Brilliantly Accelerated Coach Apprenticeship Program on August 4th. 
 I am truly limiting this group to a select few brand new coaches that join MY team are:

-Committed to growing a business that is successful based on your own goals and personal commitment.
-Driven to be successful & are willing to take a risk.
-Dedicated to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.
-Are looking to earn extra income for themselves and family.
-Are looking to replace an income or make a career change.
-Are truly looking for that passion in life that makes you excited to wake up each day and go to your job!
-Are motivated, driven, caring and committed to putting some skin in the game!

If you feel that you possess the qualities to become a successful coach then I am openly inviting you to complete the application below to be considered for a spot on my team.  The spots will fill up fast so don't delay.

The cool part about what I do as a leader is this:

I literally live, breathe, and wake up to help my team!  There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of how I can improve my process, my strategy and my teaching to help my team be successful quicker! I want to avoid my team from making mistakes that I made, from learning the hard way or re-inventing the wheel.  I am an open book and I train each and every one of my coaches through my new coach apprenticeship program.  This program is not a cookie cutter, pre packaged training program, it is literally customized to the Dream Team, to my teaching style, and delivered by myself!!!  
For the next 60 days you get daily, 24/7 access to myself, my closed online group, weekly mentoring calls and 1:1 calls to help you get started right!

I will teach you the most important daily activities to focus your attention and energy on.  We will discuss how to invite, how to share not sell, how to use social media to expand your market of influence, how to take your every day life and turn it into your business.  How to take your passion for helping others and make a profit.  I am going to give you access to all of my training tools, documents, resources, guides, videos and more.  There is nothing that you will not have access to!
I believe that training and getting started right are the keys to success. 

If you want to be a successful coach, if you want to help inspire others to make a change, if you want to live your life brilliantly every single day then today is your day to take a leap of faith and join the Dream Team.  Currently we are the #1 team in the entire organization.  We have a wealth of knowledge, information, leadership, support and mentoring to plug in to. There is nothing that you can't accomplish with a family like this!  

Beachbody Coach, Fear of Failure, Success, Leap of Faith Join Me, Melanie Mitro

Friday, July 11, 2014

CrockPot Turkey Breast Dinner Recipe-- Clean Eating Style

This might be one of the easiest dinners to make!  It is a little high in sodium but if you can find low sodium onion soup mix you are in better shape!
I also would leave out the season salt next time I make it!

I can honestly say that this recipe has made the idea of not having a kitchen a little more tolerable because we can make a dinner, steam some veggies and have a complete meal with minimum mess and no stove required!!!

Boneless Skinless Turkey Breast 6 lbs give or take
1 envelope of onion soup mix.
3/4 cup water
2 tbsp garlic powder
2 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp dried parsley
1 tbsp season salt
1 tbsp dried oregano
1 tbsp dried basil

Place turkey breast in the crock pot and then whisk together onion soup mix and water and pour over the turkey breast.
Mix the remaining spices together and sprinkle over the top.

Let cook on low for 6-8 hours or until tender.
165 degrees should be your internal temperature.

This dinner was so tasty, juicy and full of flavor!  My mouth is watering just typing this!  I encourage you to give it a try and share with your family! They will love it too

What to serve it with?
Steamed green beans and a baked sweet potato

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 2 Piyo Meal Plan and Progress Update

Piyo Motivation

Week 2 is officially in the books.  So now the truth comes out!  What do I think of Piyo?
I am seriously not the type of person that likes to slow down and go slow what so ever! This is actually quite a challenge for me to clear my mind, stay present in the current workout and really make sure that I push  myself in order to get the maximum benefit from each of the workouts.

So far my favorite workouts are the core and the sweat workout.  I really love anything that focuses on your core strength and I find that extremely challenging because after having children I am not very strong in that area what so ever!  I love it and I can feel myself getting stronger.
Piyo Core Workout

The upper body workout is pretty short so I actually added in the 21 day fix cardio on that day for a little extra oomph!  Partially because I just want to work up a killer sweat.
Piyo Fitness Motivation

During week 2 we also had a holiday weekend in there!  The 4th of July proved to be extremely challenging because we had a 4th of July BBQ, Birthday party and family visiting for the weekend. We also have a kitchen that is in the middle of a huge remodel and no counter tops.  So if ever a time to be challenged with will power and drive to stick to a program now is it!  

I didn't miss a workout the entire weekend because I could control that aspect of my life. I stuck to the meal plan for breakfast, lunch and snacks and for dinner's I made the best choices possible depending on where we were at!  Over all I wasn't perfect but I didn't lose sight of the plan.
I did have a slice of cake and some ice cream at the party but I passed on the fried chicken and mac and cheese for edamame salad and baked chicken with a side of fruit.
Water to drink and steered clear of all candy!

I would have to say that the hardest part about Piyo is that you are not burning an extremely high amount of calories with each workout so it becomes imperative that you stay within your servings per day.  Carbs are always my weakness and I have to be conscious of those decisions.

Piyo Workout

Here is my meal plan for the week!  I make a plan every Sunday and even though I might not always stick to it 100% I do have the food in the house and sometimes I have Tuesday's dinner on Monday and switch around my snacks.  But having a plan empowers me to feel in control of my food choices.

The Kale salad is a pre mix that I get at Costco and it is awesome!  I just use my own dressing and do not put on the nuts and dried cranberries.
Piyo Meal Plan

I switched to cashew butter over regular peanut butter because I noticed a lot of bloating and discomfort with peanuts lately.  I am beginning to think I have an intolerance.

Ezekiel English Muffins rock and for someone who is a carb a holic this gives me the bread fix but makes it super healthy and filling!

Piyo Meal Plan for Women

If you would like more information on joining my next Piyo Accountability and support group to get customized meal planning, tips and recipes to help you start and complete your Piyo Journey please contact me below!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer 3 Day Refresh & Clean Eating Accountability/Support Group

3 Day Refresh & 30 Day Clean Eating and Shakeology Group

Now that the 4th of July is over, another holiday is history and we are officially into the heart of the summer its time to give ourselves a little detailed scrub down!!!  Lets face it, no matter how healthy we think we eat, how much we think we exercise, there is always room for improvement!  Everytime I challenge myself to keep track of my food, to intensify my workouts I notice big jumps in my fitness, my energy level and overall how I feel each day.  I know personally its easy to get off track.  It starts with ice cream here and a cookie there, a few cocktails with friends and smores around the campfire and before you know it you feel like an overstuffed smore!  All the working out in the world isn't going to take away that bloated & sluggish feeling you get when you over eat!  I know this because I totally did this the week after our trip to Vegas.  As I sat on my back porch brainstorming ideas for my next support group this idea hit me!
3 Day Refresh Support and Accountability to change your lifestyle

How about we kick off July with the brand new 3-Day Refresh Program and incorporate that into a 30 day clean eating & shakeology group! YES!  This is perfect!  Ok so why is it perfect you might ask?!
Clean eating and Shakeology Support Group

So the 3 day refresh is designed to give you fast, clean, and efficient weight loss.  You can quickly drop a few pounds, break a bad habit and get back on track!  It's 3 shakes a day, a fiber drink, plenty of water, fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy fats so that you keep your energy and  your metabolism going.  It is not a juice or fasting diet but a healthy diet that is going to give your body nutrition vs starvation.  
3 day refresh support and accountability group
3 day Refresh Breakdown

Then, once we jump start our weight loss clear out the gunk we can preserve our results and not slide back into old habits by continuing on for 30 days of clean eating!  So my thought process is this.  I don't want you to do the 3 day refresh and just go back to how it was before you started.  I want you to maintain and make progress.  So for 30 days I am going to teach you how to meal plan, how to prepare family friendly healthy recipes, give you snack ideas, teach you the importance of proper nutrition, the fundamentals of clean eating and how to fuel your body for energy and not comfort.  

Also, since it is vacation season and just about everyone I know is traveling at some point I am going to spend an entire week going over vacation tips, traveling rules, and how to enjoy your summer vacations and have balance without feeling deprived.  So no matter if you are traveling during this 30 days you can still feel accountable without guilt.
3 Day Refresh, Summer health and fitness accountability

So how does this work?  Well if I am not your Team Beachbody Coach then you would make me your coach.  Contact me below by filling out the application to join!  You are required to purchase the 3-day refresh challenge pack from me as your coach.  Then, you are accepted into my closed online support group that will begin on the 14th of July.  

We will start with the 3 Day Refresh then 30 days of replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology, healthy eating and any exercise of your choice.  It does not have to be a Beachbody Fitness Program, although I encourage you to do some form of physical activity for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week!  :)  (21 Day Fix, P90X3, Chalean Extreme, Piyo, T25).

Each day you will log into the group for your tip of the day, daily motivation, inspiration and accountability. I will share recipes along with ways to handle late night munchies, sugar cravings, emotional eating, temptations and more.  You will be accountable each day to report with the group your food and your workouts!  
At the end of the 30 days we will measure our progress, submit our results and in 30 days you will have kicked bad habits, introduced new healthy habits and be on your way to creating life long health and wellness for you and your family!

Does this sound like something you would like to do? 

 If so, join me my completing the application below.

Then, create a free account so that I am your Team Beachbody Coach.
Free Team Beachbody Account, 3Day Refresh, 30 Day Clean Eating & Shakeology Support Group

If you are anxious to get started then purchase your 3-day refresh challenge pack here and make sure to message me and I will add you to the group and get you up and running!  
3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack

Either way, the cut off for registration is Wednesday July 9th!  So don't wait until the last minute or you might miss an opportunity to truly transform your health and feel your best this summer!

Stop saying tomorrow, stop putting off the small changes because you never know what tomorrow will bring!  You only have today, your health, your choices and this 1 life! It's so precious and I can't say enough about how important it is to take care of what we have!  

So whether you need a total overhaul or just a few tweaks now is your time!  From woman to woman, mom to mom, business owner to business owner trust me YOU have TIME to put yourself FIRST for 30 minutes each day!