Friday, October 24, 2014

Super Star Diamond Day at Team Beachbody Headquarters with Melanie Mitro

This week has been an absolute whirlwind of a week. I remember when I first started coaching watching these youtube videos of top coaches being interviewed by the CEO for this thing called Super Star Diamond Day.  I literally had no idea what they were talking about.  I remember being totally inspired by their stories, which I watched on my phone while the kids were taking a bath a few years ago.  We were living in our townhouse, I was only a few months into the business but I hung onto every word those super star diamonds said.  I studied the top coaches, I watched what they said, how they acted, how they approached their business and I set on my way to create my own unique style.  

I started my Beachbody business with 1 goal in mind.  That 1 goal was to help 1 person transform their lives through Beachbody as I had.  Then, 1 person turned into setting a goal to help 50 people transform their lives and eventually 500+.  From day 1 I coach because I love seeing other people achieve health and fitness results and I love that feeling of knowing I helped them get there.  One of the first personal development books that I read was Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Push, in that book she talks about setting a push goal.  A push goal is the 1 goal that if you achieve that goal it will help you to accomplish everything else on my list.  So 50 people it was!!!  That would help me to pay off my student loans, buy our first single family home, take our family on the Success Club Trip to Disney and more.  Not everything on that list happened right away but every single day I woke up with this driving force that I was meant to do something great with this business.  I am excited, passionate and totally 100% committed to my customers and also my coaches on my team.  

Because of that mindset I have been able to achieve the highest rank in the company, Super Star Diamond or 15 Star Diamond Coach.  That means that I have personally sponsored at least 15 lifetime diamond coaches who are growing a successful business.  I have been able to duplicate my own success within my organization.  This means that the success doesn't stop at me.  I am creating success, financial freedom, physical results and helping my coaches live out their dreams as well.

When you become a 15 Star Diamond Coach you earn a few things.  The biggest reward is the bonus that you earn.  Each quarter that you are a 15 Star Diamond Coach you earn a % of the companies earnings in a bonus which is pretty amazing!  You also earn a trip to LA where Beachbody headquarters is located to be pampered, celebrated and totally spoiled for 2 days.  

Beachbody flew us out first class to LA, we were picked up by a limo and Darin Ashby from corporate and taken to our hotel right on the ocean.  We stayed at the Casa Del Mar hotel and spa.  We had an ocean view room which was absolutely cozy and comfy.  
The view from the balcony of Casa Del Mar Hotel

We were welcomed to our room with a beautiful basket overflowing with Champagne, etched wine glasses, snacks, and toiletries for our trip.  
Casa Del Mar Hotel, Champagne, Team Beacbody, Elite, Super Star Diamond Day, Melanie Mitro

That evening we got dressed to head out to dinner at an amazing Italian Restaurant, Valentino's.  We piled into the limo and off we went to meet the Executive team.  Carl Dailkeler CEO, Jon Congdon Co Founder, and VP's Jeff Hill and Michael Neimand.  We had some amazing conversation that was just totally cool to hear where everyone had come from and what they had overcome to be in this spot right now.  It was super cool to hear Trina Grey tell her story of how she actually made -$5 in her second year one week.  She also never paid attention to her coach online office and just one day it struck her what the potential was.  Now look at her!  Pretty amazing stuff.

When we came back to the room there was a little present waiting on the bed.  His and hers lululemon jackets with Team Beachbody embroidered on it!  I thought I died and went to heaven!  The best gift ever!!!  

Super Star Diamond Coach, 15 Star Diamond, Team Beachbody, Mars, Pittsburgh PA, Melanie Mitro
The newest super star diamond coaches
Super Star Diamond Day, Team Beachbody, Top Coach, Melanie Mitro, Pittsburgh PA, Elite
Super Star Diamond Day Broadcasted live

The craziest feeling getting off an elevator and everyone is cheering for you!
Wednesday morning we were on our way to corporate for the celebration, our 1:1 interviews with Carl and to have lunch with the office staff.  I can't even describe the feeling when we pulled up to the office and the camera crew was there waiting for us to get out of the limo.  We went to the elevators and headed upstairs.  As the doors to the elevator opened people began screaming, cheering and clapping for us.  There were balloons, flowers, our own personalized directors chairs, our pictures, awards and more.  I felt like a true super star in that moment.  It makes all that hard work, sometimes late nights and early mornings worth it because you know you are making a difference.  Each one of us had 30 seconds to say something and during that time I just really wanted people to know that it doesn't matter where you start, what matters is the choices you make along the way.  You can either make the decision to succeed or you can make the decision not to!  You can do anything, I mean anything you put your mind to if you want it bad enough.  Did I set out to be a super star diamond?  Nope, what I set out to do was help as many of my coaches be successful as I could and that in turn developed into this amazing accomplishment.  

Corporate Headquarters, Super Star Diamonds and Executive Team
My 30 second speech!

Panoramic view of how amazing the entire event was

My directors chair- So pumped for this

Exclusive Interview with Carl CEO of Beachbody

My main squeeze at Ivy on the Shore in LA

Casa Del Mar hotel on the ocean

They mention in the speech that only 23 people out of 220,000 coaches have ever achieved Super Star Diamond Status..... 23!!!!  That is hard to believe. I wish that each one of my coaches could of been there at that moment.  I would not be where I am right now if it wasn't for them! They are the reason for my success, they are my family and their hard work, their commitment, their dedication and their trust in the process has gotten them to this place.  I love my team and I am so thankful for the amazing people in my life.  

Here is the entire live feed of the event!  You can fast forward to around the 7 minute mark when we enter:

I want more of my coaches to experience Super Star Status but more importantly I want my coaches to be happy.  I want them to fulfill their dreams, to live life to the fullest, to wake up every single day and just feel like they are exactly where they are supposed to be right now!  If I can create more of that, I have done my job!  
As I walked down to the filming room to get set up for my interview I was awstruck at how much attention to detail and thought went into this day.  A little hair and makeup and I was on my way to my interview!  I had the chance to sit and chat with Carl about my business and we made a pretty cool youtube video for you all to see! It will be released soon!  So check back later.

After the filming we mingled with the executives, got chair massages and had lunch together.  There was 1 thing as we sat around the table that stuck out to me.  Jeff Hill was talking about how he truly loves this company and its a company that his family is proud to say they are a part of!  This is exactly where I belong! This kind of integrity and personality doesn't just happen by chance. I know without a shadow of a doubt that there are many more years to come with this awesome company.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel for our spa treatments. Matt got a massage and I had a facial.  Seriously the best facial I have ever had!  We took a walk down the beach to the Santa Monica Pier, snapped a few pictures and headed back to get dressed for dinner.  
Dinner last night was at Ivy on the Shore which is supposedly one of the celebrity hangouts.  We had our own private room lit by candles and decorated with fresh flowers.  The food was absolutely delightful and their signature drink strawberry basil mojitos.  We could of stayed their all night chatting up a storm!  Seriously an awesome group of ELITE WOMEN!  
We came back to the room to an awesome Ogio suitcase that is embroidered with the Team Beachbody logo to take home all of our amazing gifts along the way.  
Lululemon Jacket, Ogio Suitcase and personalized roses for our gifts!

Today we took one last stroll down to the 3rd street promenade to get the boys something from our trip and now we are on our way home.  

Looking back over this week I realize how truly blessed I am.  Never for one single minute do I take for granted the coaches on my team, the customers in my challenge groups and the support that we get!  I am thankful for the opportunity and humbled by their generosity.  The one thing that I have been thinking a lot about is, what's next?!  I mean, I've achieved the highest rank in the company so where do you go from here?  I know where.... 

My goal is to help my team achieve THEIR goals by continuing to improve my processes as a leader to identify the needs of my team and create an action plan to address those needs.  My goal is to get to know my coaches and continue to provide quality support and mentorship to the dream team.  I want each coach to know that they signed up with a coach that is always going to be there for them. Through good times and bad times we are in this for the long haul.  This is my passion and career and I am committed to my coaches success!  Success doesn't have to be a rank or an income level, success is defined by each coach based on their own personal wants and needs.  That is the beauty of what we do, it's your business I just get to add a little color!  

I hope if you aren't a coach and are reading this you decide to ask for more information on how you can be mentored and trained by the #1 team in the company to reach your fullest potential!!!  I will be kicking off a brand new coach apprenticeship program on November 3rd to a limited number of people!  So ask now to get started!!!  Remember the time will never be perfect!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How To Handle Objections and Follow Up with Your Customers- I am on the national wake up call

I have some super exciting news!  I am going to be speaking on Team Beachbody's National Wake up Call tomorrow morning at 11:00 am EST.  For those of you that are not Beachbody Coaches the national wake up call is our weekly training for coaches in the entire organization.  So I will be speaking to 200,000+ coaches on a live call.  This is pretty big stuff!  I feel completely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to share what I am doing in my business to have success.  
Melanie Mitro, Top coach, Team Beachbody, Elite Training, National Wake Up call, Pittsburgh Coach

Let me just tell you this:  3 1/2 years ago I started my journey with Beachbody not as a coach but as a customer.  It was right after the birth of Bryce and I was trying to get back into my clothes before summer.  I started Insanity, Clean Eating, Shakeology and was in my first challenge group.  I really embraced the process and got amazing results.  I truly felt like this was my thing!  I finally found the one workout system that I could stick with and I felt successful with.  This led me to coaching because I wanted others to feel the same way that I did.  I wanted to teach people that you can eat healthy, you can exercise from home and you can actually really truly get REAL results.  I didn't really understand the business model, what multilevel marketing was or how the compensation plan could benefit me.  All I knew was that if I could make a positive impact in this world then I was better than the day before.  So I set out to really help people!  

What started as a way to guide people through their health and fitness quickly became a way for me to duplicate this process of running effective challenge groups for my customers with coaches that wanted to join my team.  I started training coaches to do what I do and we would run our challenge groups together!  I started creating training materials to help them learn faster and be more efficient than I was as a new coach.  Now 3 1/2 years later and a list of accomplishments I am seeing what a dramatic impact this life is making!  I absolutely love the fact that I get to wake up everyday and add positive energy into our world.  We are surrounded by so much negativity that it is easy to get caught up in the woe is me!  But let me tell you, that isn't the only option.  You don't have to stay in that place, you can change and you can live the most fulfilled life!  Honestly it can surpass your wildest dreams.

Is it work... YES!!  Of course, anything worth having is worth working hard for!  But is it worth it?  OF COURSE.... when you see those transformation stories of your own customers and know that you had a hand in that.  Well that is the icing on the cake!  

So tomorrow morning I will share how I overcame objections in my business as a new coach, how I created consistency, how I used social media to grow my business and the system I use for follow up so that I don't forget about the people who are expressing interest in what I am doing.

Even if you are not a current coach I still invite you to listen!  It gives you an awesome snapshot into the sincerity of this business and what we are all about!  Here is your call in number below:

1 (832) 225-5055

If you miss the live call here is the playback number that will be available for an entire week following the call,  (832) 225-5065

If you want even more information on what a Beachbody Coach does you are more than welcome to join my 5 day what is a Beachbody coach open house event!
You log in each day from your computer or phone and watch a short video, or post from a coach on my team or myself. We will walk you through the compensation plan, answer your questions and help you to get more knowledge on how the business works and ultimately to see if it would be a good fit for you!

Here is the group page:  Click the link to join the event

Do you want more information on coaching on my team.
Complete the application below to be considered for my November new coach Bootcamp.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My 3 Day Refresh Results

Cleanses are not my favorite, but here it goes!

The results are in!  I did the 3 day refresh this past Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I was really just feeling a little bit BLAH.  We had a few birthday parties over the weekend with cake and ice cream, a few drinks and Mexican Food.  I just was pretty much feeling bloated and run down.  I felt like the 3 Day Refresh would be a great way to get back on track and to just start fresh.  More importantly I needed that little jump start.  

So what is the refresh?  The Refresh is a Team Beachbody Product that is meant to be a healthy alternative to cleanses that are on the market that really don't respect nutritional value.  For example, the juice cleanses out there really are not the best options for you.  The R&D team really was looking to create a product that gave nutrition that was safe and effective at helping you with rapid weight loss.  

What comes with the refresh kit?  With the basic refresh kit you get 3 shakeology packets, 3 packets of the fiber sweep, 6 packets of the vanilla refresh, a nutrition guide and program manual.  

How do you do the refresh?  You drink a Shakeology Shake for breakfast with a serving of fruit from the book.  You get to have the fiber sweep as your mid morning snack and water.  For lunch you have the vanilla refresh shake with a serving of veggies, fruit and a good fat.  Dinner is the vanilla fresh shake with a meal choice from the nutrition booklet.  You can drink green tea and water but avoid all processed foods, canned fruits and veggies, sweeteners and dairy.  You are truly cutting back to the basics to cut the bloating and help you lose weight. 
Refresh Snack time, Melanie Mitro, Meal Planning, refresh, Team Beachbody

The biggest question that people ask me is this... Am I going to be on the toilet for 3 days?  Nope not at all.  There was no surprises or out of the ordinary experiences.  The only thing you could possibly experience is a little fullness in your stomach or gas from the extra fiber if your body is not used to that.  This is normal and is totally ok.  That means the cleanse is working and doing its thing.  So just chug water and go with it!  It's very short lived if it happens to you at all.

So, after 3 days what were my results?  
I lost 4 pounds on the refresh.  I felt 100% better, no bloating or fullness, I had energy and my cravings were gone for sweets and on the 4th day I continued with my clean eating recipes and meal plan!  I worked out during the refresh with no issues at all.  But if you experience any dizziness definitely stop and rest.

The first day was pretty easy.  I was working in my office and I had a very busy day with calls.  So I didn't have time to think about the hunger pains.  I drank a ton of water, green tea and I was able to make it through the day without getting HANGRY!!!

Day 2 was a little harder.  We had a busy day of errands and preschool, Kindergarten and more.  I did pack my shakes and fiber sweep and shook them up in my shaker cup in the car!  I survived day 2 but I was definitely feeling HANGRY by the evening.  So my husband just sorta stayed away.

Day 3 was the icing on the cake.  I was still exercising and feeling good, I was just really ready to eat food again!  I needed some carbs and I wanted them stat!  But day 3 I made it through and I was totally ok! This is something I could totally do again!

How often can you do the refresh?  You can do it once a month if you would like.  It's save, effective and keeps you on the straight and narrow.

So, if you want guidance with the refresh and even more importantly you want something to keep you on track after you are done then join my 30 day clean eating and shakeology group on November 3rd to detox from halloween and to learn tools to help you make healthier choices, to handle the upcoming holiday temptations and to prioritize what you want to eat and what you want to splurge on!!!

The holidays are totally the easiest time to get sidetracked.  So join me and together we can keep it in check!  

3 Day Refresh, Melanie Mitro, Refresh Results, Team Beachbody

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 8 of Chalean Extreme Progress Update and Meal Plan

Well I think you can officially call me a slacker in the blogging department.  I totally didn't blog last weeks meal plan and I've been so busy with work and my kids that I have been drinking 2 shakes a day and literally eating grilled chicken and veggies!  I've been keeping it pretty basic to stay on track but I also have had a few hiccups in the road.  We have had 2 birthday parties and a get together with our friends that has completely thrown my diet off track.  So in an effort to just bring myself back to my own normal state of eating I decided to do the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh.  

The refresh is not hard at all.  It's a 3 day safe cleanse.  It's not the cleanse that makes you stay home for 3 days because you can't get off the pot or the kind that you are starving to death.  You drink Shakeology for breakfast with fruit, you have the fiber sweep drink for mid morning then lunch is the high protein vanilla fresh shake with veggies, 1/2 fruit and good fat, dinner is a shake & one of the dinners from the meal plan and lots of water and green tea. I don't feel bad at all.  I mean of course I am a little hungry but I'm not miserable.  I am not dizzy or light headed and I have continued on with my normal workout routine.  I am in day 3 right now!  So how do I feel???  Well, I don't feel bloated anymore, I don't feel blahhh from all the bad food.  I have energy, not a ton but I am not dragging and I am back on track with my nutrition plan.  The one thing I thought to myself today is that I didn't hate getting dressed.  You know when you eat bad you just don't even want to put on nice clothes bc you don't feel good about yourself.  So I have lost a few pounds which is good because it keeps me in that safe zone where my pants fit and I don't have that extra muffin top!  
My goal is to continue this back on track feeling and feel awesome when we go to California next week for Super Star Diamond Day.  

If you are interested in doing the 3 Day Refresh please shoot me a message because I am actually going to do a 30 day clean eating and shakeology group that kicks off with the refresh right after Halloween.  We can call it our CANDY DETOX!!!  I am sure you know what I mean!  
Delicious Apple Pie Shakeology Recipe, In heaven this fall!
Lets do it together!  Curb Cravings- Stay Full- Stay accountable

So now what is the meal plan going to look like for my week 8?  

Chalean Extreme Clean Eating Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro

What's happening with workouts in week 8?  

Monday:  Push Circuit 1
Biceps, Squats, Triceps

Tuesday:  REST but I do CARDIO

Wednesday:  Push Circuit 2
Lunges, Fly, Arnold Presses, Lat Raises, Dead Lifts, more lunges and delt raises!!! Can you say ouch!!!

Thursday:  Burn Intervals and Abs.  45 minutes of cardio with weights to incinerate any fat in your body!  Dripping sweat and body burning after this.  I love that you use the resistance bands while doing cardio! AWESOME

Friday:  Push Circuit 3
Squats, Chest Fly, Lunges, Rows, Bench Presses, more squats and rows.

Saturday:  Cardio
30 minutes of cardio and a little yoga to end the week.

Sunday we rest and meal plan for the following week!

So this is the last week of the push phase.  I have truly challenged myself this week. I increased every single one of my weights and by the 8th rep I was literally DYING to put the weights down.  I can see that my legs are really changing.  I started out with 25 lbs and now I am up to 35 lbs in each hand with my squats and lunges.  I can see the definition in my arms from lifting heavy concentrated weights with lower reps.  I have been adding in some extra cardio on my Tuesday scheduled rest day.  This just keeps me in the groove.  I'm used to 6 days a week of workouts!  You certainly don't need to do it that way but its an option.  

It's time to bring out the Sassy pants and push yourself to the limits.  You are going to find in your fitness journey that there are days when you literally don't want to do it. But tell the negative committee to sit down and shut up! We are going to push through and feel awesome after a killer workout.

A little warmup with Push Circuit 1---->  
Chalean Extreme Push Phase, Week 8, Motivation, Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro

RISE and SHINE even on the weekends--- LEARN to be a WEEKEND WARRIOR.  Trust me when its time for your cheat meal and you want that glass of wine and steak dinner it will be well worth it and not even nearly as guilt provoking because you were able to sweat it out in the morning before hand.

Chalean Extreme Push Phase, Week 8, Motivation, Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro

The one thing I love about Chalean EXTREME is literally the fact that she says, if you aren't dying by the last rep it wasn't heavy enough~  I set my goals higher and literally could barely lift the weights but it was so empowering to know that I am way stronger than I even give myself credit for!  INSANE!!!!

I challenge you this week to set your GOALS HIGHER!!!!  It can always get better and there is always room for improvement!

Chalean Extreme Push Phase, Week 8, Motivation, Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro
No SLACKING--- Get to work!

Chalean Extreme Push Phase, Week 8, Motivation, Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro

Chalean Extreme Push Phase, Week 8, Motivation, Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro

Chalean Extreme Push Phase, Week 8, Motivation, Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro

In the end your main goal in life is to live a healthy and inspiring life.  You want to live a life that allows you to move freely, to have confidence, to have energy and to be able to experience life the way you want to!  I refuse to let my the things I can control like my weight dictate how I spend my life.  I want my kids to be empowered by our family choices and lead by example.  So today make the commitment to yourself to get started.

Pick up a program, join my challenge group and let me coach you through the next few months so that you can start off your holiday season with energy and feeling empowered to live life to the fullest.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mom's On A Mission, Transform Your Confidence, Body and Lifestyle. The Total Package!

Family Clean Eating, Fit Mom, Moms into Fitness, Healthy Family, Support, Accountability, Recipes, Meal Plans

As a mom and a very busy mom at that I know that the STRUGGLE is REAL!!!  I know that you are being pulled in a million different directions and the last thing that you want to worry about is what you are eating and when you are fitting in your workout.  I also know at the exact same time you are wishing you could fit in those jeans, were that dress for that event or just feel comfortable without your muffin top spilling out of your pants. For goodness sakes I remember not wanting to wear anything but yoga pants because it didn't squeeze my FAT!  I get it!!! Like I said, the STRUGGLE is REAL!  You aren't getting enough sleep, the kids are misbehaving and they won't eat anything that resembles a vegetable.  You also don't want to invest in a fitness program or even Shakeology because you are afraid you won't like it, you won't actually start or finish it and you don't want to WASTE money that can be used for the family.  I get it, I know how you feel.  I mean I drug my FEET FOREVER about Shakeology!  I had honestly never done a meal replacement shake before so I didn't know what to expect.  I finally decided, what the heck, I can give it 30 days and see what happens.  

So what did happen?!  I committed to Insanity, I learned about clean eating, I drank Shakeology and I lost over 30 lbs in 6 months.  I have completely changed MY own life and the lifestyle habits of my family in the process.  My husband even lost 10 lbs by me changing the way I cooked our dinners.  Now my kids know the difference between good and bad choices and they are well aware of when they have to much sugar.  I love that our kids see us as a healthy family and one that places a priority on exercise!  What started out as something I was doing for myself and my own self confidence has become a decision that is positively impacting my family and those around me!  

So to watch this unfold in my life has been amazing but it has also inspired me to do the same for other moms just like you! So no matter how old your kids are now or even if you have no kids I want to inspire you to SET the STAGE for a healthy lifestyle for you and your family!  I want you to be the example for others.  So here is what I am going to do!  I am going to teach you how to make exercise a part of your lifestyle.  I am going to teach you how to plan out healthier meals, to prepare healthy snacks, to stay motivated through the next 30-60 days and to find balance between sweets and treats and staying on track.  We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner and of course I want you to enjoy the holidays but we can totally have the 80-20 rule. That means that 80% of the time you are on track and 20% you get to enjoy!  So together we look at your week and determine what is most important, what we stick to and then what we allow ourselves to ENJOY.  

Remember this is a lifestyle, not a diet!  It's important to have the best of both worlds.

So, now that it sounds all awesome and fabulous what is involved?


1.  You are required to have ME as your COACH through Team Beachbody.

2.  Then together WE pick a fitness program through Team Beachbody that fits your needs. It does not matter what your ability level is, I have something for you!
{21 day fix, T25, Chalean Extreme, P90X3, Turbofire, Insanity, Piyo, ect...}

3.  You are REQUIRED to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology ONLY for the duration of the group. Once it is over you can decide if you have enough healthy recipes in your pocket to prepare meals without needing shakeology or if you find its convenient and it takes care of 1 meal you can keep going!  I still 4 years later drink Shakeology daily.

4.  Then, it is required that you participate in the online closed group daily.  Each day I will share a tip, recipe, motivation or meal plan.  You check in, rate your day and get your inspiration for the next 24 hours.  You can log in whenever you want just as long as  I know you are there it's all good!

I am your personal support system so that you actually start, finish and truly succeed at changing your lifestyle.  I will share with you the recipes that my family loves along with the quick easy recipes that don't take a lot of prep!   

We will start our plan and prep week on October 20th.  That means we will set our goals, I will teach you how to clear out the old and bring in the new, give you recipes, a meal plan outline and suggestions and together we will start working out the following MONDAY!  

If this sounds like something you would like to do please complete the application below to be considered for a spot in this group.  There is limited availability so that I can keep the group small and individualized.    

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Makes You Motivated To Make a Change In Your Life?

I was doing my 5 am workout this morning and I had this moment where I thought to myself.

I am alone, in my house, at 5 am, doing this workout DVD that no one but ME knows if I actually do it let alone do the entire thing from start to finish.  So what makes YOU not TURN OFF the DVD player until the workout is over?  I mean what makes you press play and stay the course, no matter how hard it is!  Then lets take it a step further.  What makes you do each exercise in that DVD with the most energy and intensity that you can give it?  I mean no one is watching you, no one is grading you?  There is no competition, the only person you are competing against is yourself.  So what's the incentive to do it?  

It was something that I stood there and asked myself. What was and still is MY incentive for working out each and every day.  For pressing play when no one is watching and when I could be satisfied with the way my body is right now?  

I thought to myself, at the beginning it was this internal drive.  I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same.  I wanted to feel alive again, I wanted confidence, I wanted to fit in my clothes, and I honestly wanted to feel somewhat attractive again!  After having 2 babies your body does some crazy things that no one tells you is going to happen! I wasn't prepared for that. It took a serious ego shot after having my first son.  I knew what was coming after my second so I just braced myself for the aftermath.  But the one thing I could control was the food I ate, how hard I worked out and for me I needed something I could control.  Especially when the rest of my life was so unpredictable.  The baby didn't sleep through the night, feedings were sporadic, and I was on their clock not mine!  So for 30 minutes a day I made it my time!  The baby monitor was on during naptime and I went to the basement to make it my SWEAT SESSION!  

Every day I stared at a picture I ripped out of an Oxygen Magazine.  It had a picture of Tosca Reno and it says Are You READY to CHANGE.  Every day I would look at that and say YES!

Then, I used what people said negatively to me about my weight as my motivation to change.

My brother told me I still looked pregnant and actually called me "PREGGO" at one point after Landon was born.  That was MOTIVATION.
Someone else told me that I could fit into the same size clothes as my other family member who I would of never compared myself to size wise.
I would catch a glimpse of myself in pictures and cringe.... MOTIVATION!!!

So, everyday I trained like I was running the next MARATHON.  I trained like I was going to be on stage and I had to look my best.  I didn't care if I was covered in sweatpants, puke and poop from the boys each day I just wanted to feel glamorous underneath.  

So that is what pushes ME to do my workouts every day!  I LOVE the feeling of confidence, of self worth, of having energy and strong muscles.  I want to be the fit mom and I want to be an example for my kids.  The motivation and drive that gets you out of bed on a cold, dreary morning is the same drive that I felt above. So the people you see in those before and after pictures in the infomercials or on my site. They are normal people just like you and I.  No touch ups, no photoshop, just authentic real people that are motivated to start and finish each workout EVERY SINGLE DAY until they accomplish their goal.
They are DEDICATED to reaching their goals!

Is that you?  Are you committed and motivated to reach your goals?

Meet my challenger and now coach Jillian. After having her second baby she decided enough was enough.  She had to do something different and wanted to get her body back in shape.  She joined my challenge group with the 21 day fix, shakeology, embraced clean eating and in 10 weeks she lost 30 lbs and 19.5 inches and seriously looks amazing!

I just am so proud of her hard work dedication and commitment to giving this program and our group 100% and because of it she has this amazing transformation to share!  THIS TOTALLY COULD BE YOU!
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Skinny Margarita Recipe

Skinny Margarita, Melanie Mitro, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Tequila, Delicious Drinks

I like to call Matt my master drink maker.  He would make an awesome bartender and loves to come up with new recipes.  He is great at taking our favorite drinks and decreasing the calories and coming up with a skinnier alternative.
Awesome hubby in the kitchen

We have done the Peppermint Bark Martini, the Skinny Coconut Mojito, vodka soda water and now the Skinny Margarita. The secret to our skinny margarita is actually the orange juice.  I watched Matt squeeze an entire bag of oranges and he did say his hand was going to fall off. We also had orange juice that was just natural oranges and no added sugar.  So you can use that instead of fresh squeezed oranges.  

So to make your drink more tart add more lime juice.  If you want it sweeter add more orange juice and simple syrup.  You can play with the recipe to get it to your liking.  The tip to keeping your calories in check is to drink 1 full glass of water in between your drinks and limit yourself to 2.  Even though it's LOWER calorie its still high in sugar and if you are really focusing on results then you are going to have to be very careful.  

Makes 2 drinks.


  • 1/4 cup Lime juice
  • 1 cup Fresh Squeezed Oranges
  • Splash of simple syrup (organic)
  • 1/4 cup Tequila Milagro
  • Splash of LaCroix Sparkling Water in Lime Flavor

 Mix it in a shaker cup and pour of ice!  ENJOY!!!