Committed to getting fit

90 days ago I was at a very different point in my life than I am today. I was 3 months post par tum and very depressed about my body. I knew I had to do something but going to the gym everyday just wasn't practical for me and my family. I needed something I could either do with the kids or at home while they were napping. Then, out of no where a friend of mine messaged me on facebook and told me about the 90 day summer slim down challenge and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. I agreed to give it a try. I signed up for the free account on and started my profile. I took pictures of myself so that I could have something to compare too. I didn't share the pictures with anyone, but I kept them to myself for motivation. I was added to the summer slim down challenge facebook group where I was provided with tons of motivation and support from other people who were doing the same challenge. I started doing the Insanity workouts and was immediately hooked. I could hardly get up off the floor at the end of the workouts and I was sweating profusely but I loved it! Every day I would put the kids down for a nap and go to the basement and do my workout. My husband was very supportive and watched the kids when I was home so I could workout. It became a routine and I was just watching the numbers drop on the scale. I started to have more energy and I was doing all right.

Unfortunately, I hit a point about 30 days in where I stopped loosing weight. When I took my 30 day pictures I was sad that I didn't see more of a change. I was discouraged and frustrated with it. I was working out so hard and watching what I ate but I couldn't drop the pounds. I was introduced to the principle that your weight loss is 80% nutrition, 10% exercise and 10% genetics. A friend from our support group posted about the "Eat Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno. I bought the book and read it in 3 days. I followed her principles about paring the right foods together and cutting out all processed foods and sugar. I immediately started loosing weight and I felt even better! I am addicted to eating clean and when I don't eat clean my body feels sluggish and heavy. I have totally changed the way I shop for food and cook my meals. After 60 days I could tell a huge difference in my body. I even got up the courage to post my before and after pictures on facebook for accountability. After 60 days I had finished Insanity and I chose to start P90X. I am 3 weeks into the workouts and I love it. I am 4 pounds away from the goal I set back on May 1st. Today is a bittersweet day. I have finished the 90 day challenge and have achieved so many of my fitness goals and have gained my self confidence back, but I will miss the group of individuals who have motivated me through this process. I wouldn't have made it through without them.

Because of the great support I got from the group I decided that I want to do the same thing for other people. It is so hard to make the choice to commit to changing your life and exercising. I did it and I want to help others do it too. I want to be your support system and motivation to stay focused. I love helping other people and this is just another way I can share the knowledge I have gained about weight loss and nutrition with others. If you are interested in getting fit and healthy please email me at and I can help you set up an exercise program and meal plan to meet your needs.

Team Beachbody is also starting a new challenge tomorrow called "Commit to getting fit". You can win prizes for the biggest transformation. All you have to do is create a free account at and choose me as your coach. Enter your goals and your before picture and choose a workout program (P90X, Insanity, ect). Then log your workouts into Wowy supergym weekly to earn prizes. If you would like additional information on workout programs that beachbody has to offer let me know and I'd be glad to help you customize your workouts to meet your specific needs. Beachbody has a long list of programs to target all areas of the body. They also have a great product called Shakeology. You can either use it as a meal replacement or a snack. So far I love it and I am going to use Shakeology to help me loose those last few pounds. Check out my site for additional information on shakeology,

I hope that you can make the choice to get fit because you will feel amazing! It's totally worth the blood, sweat and tears!