There are a lot of things I have learned in the past 6 months about life, diet and exercise.  I have grown tremendously in my strength both physically and emotionally as I've taken this journey in my life.  I am the type of person that sets a goal and then works my butt off to reach that goal.  My goal 6 months ago was very vague, it was to lose my baby weight.  I just wanted to spare tire around my waist to go away.  As I began on the exercise journey full speed I realized that I wasn't strong enough to do it alone.  I began researching diet and exercise tips and literature to read.  I found the Eating Clean Books by Tosca Reno and began reading them.  I also found Oxygen magazine which focuses on eating clean, strength and cardio training.  Jaime Eason is a columnist for the magazine.  She does amazing inspirational articles to keep you motivated and pushing through the tough times.  I immediately fell in love with her writing style and her sense of accomplishment.  She taught me how to deal with other people's negativity and how to stay focused on my goal.  I decided to change my long term goal to not just losing the baby weight but building noticeable muscle definition in my body!  I think Jaime looks great and she is now up on my wall when I exercise keeping me motivated to push for greater results. 
I am on week 9 of P90X and I looked at her photo saying, "Do you want to change" and I  said yes to myself!  So this week I increased my weights and dug a little deeper!  Now, I can hardly lift my arms and it hurts to laugh but I know that by the end of the month changes will be seen!  I have reached my goal weight but that doesn't mean that I am done.  I am sitting here eating my oatmeal and lemon water as we speak and I'm planning out my meals for the week.  I haven't fallen off the band wagon just because I reached a number on the scale.  This journey is all about the long haul, feeling good in my body for the next 50+ years.  This is my lifestyle and I'm proud to share it with you!