Something to sweat about

How often have you put off getting in shape for one reason or another? Life gets busy, but if you don’t take action to shape up your body and your health, you are only delaying the positive outcomes of an active lifestyle. Next time you feel like saying, I’ll do it later, when it comes to your fit lifestyle, remember what you wrote below:

1. Think of a get-healthy task you don’t feel like doing. Ask yourself, “Why not?” Take a moment to jot down the reason below.

For me I would love to run a 5k.  I just do not like to run and I would have to get up very early to run before my husband leaves for work.  I really have no desire to go outside in the cold and run!  I would much rather do my videos instead.

2. Write down the best possible outcome if you complete the task listed above, and the worst outcome if you skip it.

The best possible outcome would be that I would complete the training and run the 5k and accomplish a goal I set for myself.  The worst possible outcome would be that I never meet that goal and I become just like all the other people who say I shoulda, woulda, coulda!

3. Ask yourself, “By putting it off, am I helping or hurting my situation?” Make note of your thoughts below.

I am only hurting myself, if it is something I am really passionate about then I should just make the decision to run and DO IT!  I find myself coming up with excuses, such as its to cold or I don't have the right shoes or music.  I need an IPOD that I can download couch to 5k so I can train accordingly.  These are all excuses for my lack of motivation to run.  At this point, my main focus is on completing P90X.  It's not like I'm not doing any form of exercise.  So instead of beating myself up over it, I am going to complete P90X and then decide whether or not the 5k or half marathon is my next goal!  Until then, I will continue to exercise and eat clean to maintain my goal weight!