Trip to DC

This past weekend my husband and I took the boys to Washington DC for a long weekend to go to my cousins wedding. We left on Thursday afternoon and drove down to DC. The ride in was uneventful and the kids were well behaved. Friday morning we were up and out of the hotel by 8:30am. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel and decided to take the Metro to the Museum of Air and Space and Natural History. I really wanted Landon to see the Dinosaurs and airplanes. We had a rocky start trying to figure out how to get where we needed to go and navigating with 2 strollers makes for an interesting trip. It’s amazing how quickly you find out where the elevators are in every building. Landon loved the Metro and with wide eyes he sat in his seat and watched out the window. Bryce was a trooper and took his first nap on my lap on the Metro. We did finally make it to the air and space museum but we missed the IMAX show that I wanted to see with Big Bird. We did do a flight simulation with Landon which he thought was pretty cool and we got to pretend to drive a plane. We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed over to see the Dinosaurs. By this time, Landon was starting to get pretty tired but he kept going. He saw all the Dinosaurs and loved seeing the animals on display.
We even went into the kids zone where he could touch and feel different animals and bones. After a meltdown in the kids zone we decided it was time to head back to the hotel. Landon didn’t make it very far before he passed out in the stroller. We got back to the hotel and the kids took naps while my mom and I hit up the great shopping around our hotel. We met the guys at PF Chang’s for dinner, which was amazing! I had never been there before! I decided that I was going to try and stick to my clean eating but after talking with the waiter I realized that all of the things I thought were healthy on the menu were fried in oil! They definitely try and tell you that it ruins the flavor of the meat if you prepare it another way. I did eventually find a dish that sounded like it was going to be prepared with the least amount of excess fat. I was trying to save my calories for the wedding the next day! I ended up have cashew and almond chicken that was sautéed in vegetable stock (which I had to request) instead of oil. I had brown rice, green peppers and onions and salad wraps. The food was delicious and we all left full! Afterwards, we hit up some more shopping while the boys went swimming in the hotel. We quickly freshened up and headed over to a restaurant for drinks with the bride and groom. When we got there Landon said he was tired and actually walked away like he was going to walk home, we had to chase him down the steps. Mom and grandma decided to take the boys home and let Matt and I enjoy some adult conversation. That was greatly appreciated! We had a great time hanging out with the bridal party and having some drinks with the bride and groom! Lindsey (bride) even tried to wrestle Matt at the end of the night, and I’m not sure why!
Saturday morning we got up early again and headed to the DC zoo! It was a beautiful day and the animals were amazing. We saw panda bears, elephants and orangutans just to name a few! Landon and Bryce were both very good and made it all the way home before crashing for naps. We even got lunch in at the cheesecake factory! No cheesecake for me! Oh and now they have a great “Skinnylicious” menu! You still have to be careful about those items but for the most part there was quite a selection!

Saturday night was the wedding at the Chevy Chase Club in DC. It was a beautiful night and the couple was able to get married on the balcony. They had an awesome photo booth for guests to take pictures in along with a full band! The music and food were amazing! Landon was tearing up the dance floor and Bryce was a quiet observer! Both boys were adorable and Matt and I had a great time. We were sad that we had to leave early to get the kids home to bed.

Sunday we got up and ate breakfast and headed home to get the boys back on schedule oh and to watch the first Steelers game! It was a great weekend and we have lots of fun with family and friends! Good luck Chris and Lindsey we wish you the best in your new life together! Thanks for a great time!