Camp Kaelber

Bryce man chilling by the fire!

Grammy and Landon roasting Marshmellows

So I grew up camping every weekend with my family but the older we got the more we wanted to go on nice vacations to the beach and stay in hotels.  So we sold the camper and went to Disney World and never looked back!  Now that I have kids we decided to take Landon camping last year to a camp that my mom's company owns.  It isn't tent or camper camping, we have cabins but it is still roughing it in my opinion!  This year we had 2 small cabins one for each family.  Each cabin has running water, a full kitchen, bunk beds and a fire place.  It is very rustic but quaint.  There is a small pond that the boys can fish in along with a playground for Landon to play on. 
Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for us.  It rained from Friday night to Sunday morning pretty much non stop.  Oh and it was like 40 degrees outside!  On Friday we went into Ridgeway and had dinner.  We rented a movie and made smores by the fire inside.  Saturday we got up and made breakfast.  The boys went fishing in the rain while mom and I showered and got ready for the day.  We went to 2 wineries and did some wine tasting and then went to Kinzua bridge, a historical landmark.  The bridge was demolished by a tornado in 2008 and it shredded the metal bridge and threw it down into the gorge.  They built another bridge that you can walk out and see the old bridge below.  It was amazing how mother nature can do something so drastic!  The picture of us on the bridge doesn't do justice for how cold and windy it was out there.  We literally walked out, looked over the side, said "yep there it is", turned around took a picture and ran back to the car. 

Pappy and Bryce

Afterwards we headed back to the cabins for some white chicken chili which mom made clean of course!  It was delicious!  Then we build our campfire and sat around making smores and moutain pies and entertained Landon.  We watched another movie, Yogi Bear!  Sunday morning I got up and cooked everyone egg white veggie omlets and we packed up and headed home.  It is such a nice place and I wish the weather would have cooperated but we made the best of the situation!  It was great to spend quality time with great family!
Hopefully next year the weather will be nicer! 

Mommy and Landon roasting Marshmellows

Seriously this picture does not do justice for how cold and windy it was out on the bridge!

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