Inspire with your Fire!

In my short experience as a coach I have already met some AMAZING people and have learned some awesome life lessons.  When I started the Summer Slim Down Challenge I never expected that I would be where I am today.  Not only have I lost 25 lbs but I have inspired others to be the best that they can be and I am growing in my own spirituality and strength.  I started out losing weight as a self goal, I was losing weight so that I felt better about myself.  Now, I feel better when I inspire somebody else or see them making progress in their weight loss goals.  I get a serious high when someone posts about how they broke through a plateau or changed the way they ate because of my posts and inspiration.  I can't tell you how blessed I am to have this gift to share with others!  I can't wait to wake up every morning and share my knowledge with the world.  I used to be a girl who took naps everyday when my kids went down and now I wake up at 5:45am and go to bed at 11 pm every night, just so that I can get the most out of my days!  The best part is, I am not dragging and I have the energy to do so!  I swear that a big part of that is my Shakeology, it is seriously the most amazing thing in the world!  But, I also think because I treat my body right and feed it good food and exercise I am being rewarded for that with lots of energy, a great mood, and a nice body! 
I became a coach almost at the end of my 60 day Insanity transformation, I became a coach so that I could get a discount on Shakeology! I really didn't know where it was going to take me.  It was the best decision I have ever made.  Not only did I lose those last 10 lbs with Shakeology but I was introduced to the world of  coaching.  So many people were asking me about how I lost the weight and how I got so much energy so I decided to share it.  I realized that not only could I inspire others to do the same but I could make a little money on the side.  This was a BONUS because as a family we could use the extra income!  I don't work, I stay home with my 2 beautiful baby boys and I love every minute of it.  But this allows me to work from home and do what I love at my own pace and on my own time!
I have so many people say that they would love to help others too but they aren't where they want to be yet or maybe in a couple of months!  There are so many people who start to be a beachbody coach before they have even started a program/challenge!  And let me tell you, they have an amazing following because they inspire others and people see their lives transform right before their eyes!  If I would have started earlier I have no idea where I would be now! 
How do you know if you would be a good coach?
1.  You are pumped about losing weight and getting in shape.  You talk about your workouts and your shakeology with your friends and family.  You eat sleep and drink your workouts and lifestyle changes!
2.  You love to help other people and are passionate about supporting others in their fitness journey as well.
3. You already work in the fitness industry but would like a little to expand your realm of expertise even further.
4.  You enjoy working out with others and motivating others to stay in shape and get healthy.

Seriously, this was the best decision I ever made and it took me forever to finally take that leap of faith!
The bombshell dynasty is an amazing group of individuals who inspire, motivate and keep me accountable every day! 

So whether you are just starting your fitness journey or completing it, check out the Bombshell Dynasty and ask me lots of questions!  I would love to have you on my team to help inspire others as well!  I am always looking for people to help me run fit clubs and challenges because I am only one person and yes my first priority is my family and that means that I can't do it all!!! 

But together we can work to end the trend of obesity one fit club at a time!!!!

Here is a link to a video that is a coach call from the Bombshell Dynasty about Coaching!
Amazing, must watch!

If you are interested in coaching please email me at or visit for more information!