P90X Total Transformation

Ladies and Gentleman I would now like to introduce to you the newest P90X grad...MELANIE MITRO!!!  Can you hear the crowd roar!!!!!
(anyways enough of my cheesy humor) 
I am so excited that my mind is going faster than my fingers can type.  I can officially say I am a P90X grad and an Insanity Grad!  I can't believe I actually made the commitment and stuck with this program for the entire 90 days!  What an awesome sense of accomplishment.  I have grown so much over the past 90 days as an individual, wife, mother and now beachbody coach.  I started out on Day 1 with P90X still pretty disgusted with my body and wanting to gain some muscle.  I have always been a string bean with no muscles.  I really didn't want to be flabby skinny I wanted to be muscular.  I want people to look at me and say, "oh wow she works out."  Not, "she's just born skinny."  So I set off on day 1 with P90X classic to achieve that goal.  After 2 weeks, I realized that the lean version was going to help me blast fat and build muscle better than the classic, so I made the switch! 
I had completed Insanity first so when I started out doing CardioX I wasn't even breaking a sweat because I was in such great cardio shape from Insanity.  But my entire body was aching from the pull ups, push ups and weight lifting.  It is a totally different type of full body workout, but I love it!!!  I was working out everyday at 2:00pm when my kids would go down for naps.  That was working great for me! 

1st wedding
At the end of 30 days, I had lost 8 lbs with working out 6 days a week, eating clean and drinking my Shakeology everyday for lunch.
2nd Wedding
I was so excited about the weight loss that I kept pushing myself even harder!  We had 5 weddings this summer and that was my motivation to get in shape.  I wanted to look awesome in a dress for the weddings and I wanted to look back from the beginning of the summer and see that each wedding picture I looked even better in!  I definitely achieved that!

You can see from all the pictures that my dress pretty much changes each wedding and my body is getting smaller!  By the last wedding I felt confident in my dress!  That was huge for me!  I actually returned a dress 3 times to exchange the size.  

3rd wedding
After 60 days,   I was down another 4 pounds and my stomach was shrinking.  I could see muscles in my arms and back and I had a ton of energy!  I had to buy new jeans and I was finally able to put away every piece of maternity clothing that I had!  I really focused on my diet and read the Eat Clean, Stripped book by Tosca Reno which is for losing those last 10 lbs.  I followed her stripped meal plan which included cutting out pretty much all dairy, cheeses and bread/pastas.  I ate 6 small meals a day with lots of protein from fish and chicken, no pork or red meat at all!  I got all of my nutrients from fresh fruits and veggies and of course my chocolate Shakeology.  My husband and family have been so supportive and encouraging throughout this entire process.  I really noticed that my belly bloat was decreasing when I cut out the dairy and breads.  I drank water non stop and added warm lemon water to my daily routine.  First thing in the am I would drink a large glass of lemon water before I ate my breakfast.  This helps to detox your body and jump start your metabolism for the day!  I continued to research healthy eating and come up with new recipes.  I love love love the Oxygen Magazine and Eat Clean Magazine.  They have great monthly tips on eating clean and exercise!

4th Wedding
I also have another great tip, an accountability partner.  My friend Sara was starting P90X also and we still text each other every morning at 5:45am to make sure that we are up and working out!  Without out her morning text messages I'm not sure if I would have always gotten out of bed!  I just love her so much and she is so motivating to me.  It's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get new recipes for eating healthy. 
We also did a Shakeology cleanse during my second month to break my weight loss plateau.  It is a 3 day cleanse, where you drink 3 shakes a day with 1 salad with 4 oz white meat.  It knocked off 3.5 lbs and kept them off! 

So the last 30 days were pretty much routine for me.  I don't think twice about getting up at 5:45am to workout.  I don't even think twice about eating clean, I have figured out how to grocery shop effectively and I love being a beachbody coach.  I swear it keeps me even more accountable.  I know that if I don't workout and eat clean then I'm not being a product of the product and seriously this shit works (excuse my language).  If you are totally committed to getting healthy then you can't fail!
Check out my 90 day results, I am now at 111.5 pounds and I seriously didn't even make that my goal.   My goal weight was 118, and I've surpassed that!  I am officially a size 0-2! 
Now it is all about maintenance and sharing my story with others.  I just want to help other people get in shape and feel as awesome as I do about their bodies.  I still eat clean every day and work out 6 days a week, but now I allow myself a piece of birthday cake or a glass of wine!  At first, I was very strict and didn't allow myself to cheat but now that I have reached my goal I evaluate what I've eaten for the week and I usually allow myself 1 cheat meal/snack per week.  But my body now knows when I don't feed it the good stuff and usually fights back with a vengeance!
Next on my list is Chalene Xtreme and TurboFire.  I want to continue to build my muscle and stay lean.  I am also making an appointment for a plastic surgeon to have my ab muscle's repaired.  They were so stretched out from pregnancy that they split right down the middle and haven't gone back together.  It makes my stomach stick out like I'm 3 months pregnant and I can't stand it!  It is pretty invasive surgery but I really dislike it! 
I have started the 724 Fit Club to share my journey with others and to help them get fit and reach their fitness goals!  I share weekly advice on eating clean and exercising!  I am also going to be kicking off a second fit club location in November!  I am currently running the "Melanie's Fab 5 Challenge" with 9 amazing individuals who want to get in shape as well!  I love sharing my ideas and tips!  I can't wait to see what this journey does for them as well!

If you want to join my team or have me as your beachbody coach please message or visit www.beachbodycoach.com/melaniemitro and join the club!  It's totally free and I'll support you the entire way.  There is nothing better than having someone there to support you in your ups and  downs!  We all have them and its totally normal!!!

There is no better time than now to get off the couch and make healthy choices to maximize your life long potential.  I want to be able to play with my grandchildren, run, bike and hike when I'm older.  I want to be a positive role model for my kids and family and I am promoting healthy eating habits to end the trend of obesity!  You should join me, this is a ride like you have never experienced before and it all starts with you, me and a little goal!

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