Pre Natal and Post Partum Exercise

I had the opportunity to meet with an amazing Physical Therapist yesterday, Janann Turner who owns Revolution Physical Therapy in Cranberry Township, PA.  She was introduced to me by a dear friend who was looking for prental exercise classes in the area.  There really are not a lot of options out there.  So when she came across this practice and what they had to offer she just had to share! 
Janann is a licensed physical therapist who has been credentialed by the APTA as a certified clinical instructor.  She is certified as a Pre Natal and Post Partum Exercise Specialist which allowed her to start a variety of programs including an aquatic program for expecting mothers and post-partum strenghtening and return to function for new mothers.  Her education has helped her to design exercise protocols that aid in preventing gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia for this population. 

A lot of people are worried that exercise is not safe during pregnancy but that is not the case at all.  Research has proven that exercise elevates mood, improves circulation, decreases blood pressure and enhances immune function.  As a pregnant woman we all could use a little boost in our mood because our poor horomones are on a roller coaster the entire 40 weeks!  Exercise also positively impacts the fetus as well.  Children of exercising mothers have less risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic disease.  The nervous system of a baby born to an exercising mother adapts better to the environment.  The baby sleeps better, has less colic and may speak earlier.  This alone would be reason enough for me to participate in this program.  As a new mom the only thing we want is for our babies to sleep and be happy!

There are many other benefits to prenatal exercise such as:
  1. Increased energy levels
  2. Reduced pregnany discomfort
  3. Fewer delivery complications
  4. Decreased labor time
  5. Speedier recovery time
  6. Improved circulation
  7. Less weight gain
I seriously wish I would have had this option when I was pregnant.  I would be in a much better place emotionally and physcially if I would of worked out during my pregnancy.  I would encourage all pregnant women to contact Janann and set up a consultation to see how her services can help meet your needs.  She is an energetic and passionate individual who has  your best interest at heart.  She really looks at things from a whole body perspective and promotes healthy lifestyles in her clinic. 
She is also starting classes for pregnant woman to workout in a group environment.  Please contact her office for class schedules and times!

Please contact Revolution Physical Therapy for a consultation to see how their services can help meet your needs.  They also offer an array of other services such as Metabolic Rx Therapy, Sport Science Lab and youth conditioning. 

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