Rough Couple of Days

The past few days have been pretty daunting on me emotionally and physically.  After fit club on Tuesday night I came home to a wicked migraine.  I had so much on my mind after fit club because it was once again AWESOME and we had 25 wonderful people working out together!  We kicked off our Fit Club Challenge and we shared another great transformation video.  I had all these ideas going through my mind and I stayed up late once again working on making Fit Club even better!  Wednesday morning I woke up and busted out some Cardio X, which was not easy because my boom boom was in some serious pain from Brazil Butt Lift the night before.  Seriously, that is an insane bootay workout.  If you need some bootay shaping or toning then that's the workout to do!  I didn't know I had that many butt muscles that could be sore! 
Anyways, my head pounded the entire way through CardioX but I pulled it off and as always felt great afterwards.  Wednesday was a struggle because I was tired and runned down.  I spent the afternoon on the phone with people interested in sponsoring another fit club location.  WOHOOO!  I muscled through the pain and decided that Thursday must be a rest day, even though it was back and biceps and ab ripper I needed to listen to my body and take care of myself.  So yesterday I still got up at 6:00am and showered and worked on Beachbody but I gave my body a much needed rest. I even layed on the couch and read my favorite Oxygen magazine to give my mind a rest.  Last night my family went to Yeck's farm for a MOPS outing where we got our family pictures taken and went on a hayride and ran through the corn field maze.  Landon had a great time!  It was nice to spend time with my family and other families with children that are the same age and going through the same stages in life!
I really feel that it is important to listen to our bodies and take a break when we need it.  Now sometimes this feeling can be confused with that feeling that we just don't want to workout and we are tired.  Make sure you really evaluate your body and emotions and don't make excuses to skip a workout.  If you are physically drained from over training then it is better to take a break than to force your body into injury.  I would rather take 1 day off than a few weeks or months.  When I first started working out to Insanity I pushed my body to the max and pushed through muscle soreness and weakness and now I am a stronger and more confident person about my ability to accomplish advanced workouts.  So today I woke up even though I still had a slight headache I felt rejuvenated and I was able to really push myself with Back and Biceps and Ab Ripper X.  I feel great and my body is thanking me today! 
Thank goodness its Friday and tomorrow I will be doing Core Synergistics, my favorite workout!

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