Shakeology vs. other Shakes

I get so many people that ask me how does Shakeology compare to other shakes on the market!  Well there are so many meal replacement shakes out there, how do you know what is legit and what is a rip off?  Here is a great post written by Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody.  I highly reccomend you read this article, he gives great insight into Shakeology and it's totally awesome natural ingredients and health benefits.

A lot of people ask me why I drink Shakeology if I follow the Eating Clean lifestyle.  Well, Shakeology is eating clean, it has no artificial colors or sweeteners.  Shakeology uses several whole-food sources of nutrients, rather than using only synthetic extracts or isolates (like some multivitamin pills do). The benefit of whole-food derived ingredients is that the nutrients are preserved as close to their natural state as possible and are therefore delivered to your body in the most holistic way possible. Your body will better absorb and more efficiently use nutrients from whole-food sources. The process of converting a food from its natural state to a powder, if done incorrectly, can destroy the nutrients in that food. With Shakeology, we ensure that the highest levels of nutrients are preserved through strict temperature-controlled drying and processing.

Some of you may say that Shakeology is too expensive, but I say why would you buy a fast food meal with zero health benefits that is going to leave you feeling bloated and icky when you could have a refreshing healthy shake that will fuel your body and give you the nutrients it needs to keep you on your game!  It is equivalent to eating 6 salads in one meal.  No afternoon slumps or naps in my house after drinking Shakeology!

No other shake on the market compares to the protein, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics and digestive enzymes that are in Shakeology.

If you are a Starbucks drinker this will shock you, or not!!!  I personally don't like drinking empty calories, I'd much rather eat something that is going to be beneficial to my well being!

Watch a great clip about Shakeology's wonderful health benefits!

Have I convinced you that Shakeology is worth the investment?  If you are still curious about Shakeology's benefits then listen to what 100 doctors have to say! 

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