How to Fit in Working Out When You are TOO BUSY?

Fact- You are NOT too busy, you just haven’t scheduled in the time to work out or you haven’t made it a priority in your life. It’s just an excuse, and first thing you have to do, is admit that you are making excuses. I think nowadays, we can all have an argument on who is busier than whom, correct?

I have had many directions and obstacles in my life that could easily be used as an excuse as to why I wasn’t working out.  I have 2 kids a husband and a house to take care of everyday.  It's so easy to just plop down on the couch in the evening and watch TV and drink a glass of wine instead of working out.  Or it's easy for me to turn off the alarm at 5:45 am and go back to bed because my baby woke up 3 times during the night.  I think those are great excuses to not workout!  But it's the choices I made personally.  I choose to get up and workout so that it is out of the way and done and doesn't interfere with the rest of my daily family obligations.  There is no one telling me to get out of bed, it's just me!  I love the way I feel after a good workout and that is enough!

But even if those things aren’t your goals or even have the opportunity to do that, you don’t have to believe that’s what you have to do, to do it. You may just need to find the reason for accountability. Because, that is one of mine.

I used to workout in the afternoon when my babies would nap, but when I started coaching I needed that time to do my coaching obligations.  So, I started scheduling my workouts for 5:45 am each morning.  I would put it on my calendar and I would make it non-negotiable.  If I made the choice to stay up late the night before, well then I was going to be extra tired for my workout the next morning.  I know life gets busy but you can't let life take over you!

So the moral of this is, Schedule it! Life is busy! You can easily let it take over you! If you work for someone else, work from home, or don’t even have a job, your day can easily escape you and get filled with errands and other people’s requests.
Each day, start with these tips to ensure you fit in exercise:
1) Get your work out gear ready the night before!- I lay out my clothes so I literally can stumble out of bed and throw them on.  I don't have to search for my sports bra, socks and shoes. 

2) Make your To-Do list which includes your work out.
3) Put it on your actual calendar- schedule the EXACT time you will work out!

4) Set an alarm reminder for 30 mins before your scheduled time

5) If you are overwhelmed with things to do when your work out time hits, and you HAVE to do them, change up the length and intensity of your work out to be faster and more intense.

The things you do for other people, the business you build, the meals you make, the errands you run are temporary. How you feel about how you look, your energy level, and your overall positive feeling that you did something for yourself is the fountain of youth. That is longevity, so make it a priority.

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