Let's Rock our Bum Bum for Christmas!

If you are ready to lift your back side and get it in shape once and for all, message ME TODAY!!! This is a 30 day challenge that you will be sooo glad you decided to take!

As your Beachbody Coach I will help you stay accountable to your workouts throughout the thirty day challenge with daily motivation, accountability and support through a closed facebook group.

Brazil Butt Lift is TRULY one of the BEST Beachbody workouts on the market! We have done BBL at Fit Clubs and I seriously am sore for at least 3 days. But it feels amazing! As women, we want our legs and butts to be lean and tight but they but they are often the first place we gain weight and get saggy. Take this challenge and start November 25th and you will be hoping that Santa brought you some sexy new panties for your slimmer, tighter and higher bum bum!

 These workouts are challenging and fun and you will not only tone your backside but you will tone up everywhere else too.  The fitness program allows you to select the type of workout schedule you will follow based on the shape of your bum bum.  Whether your bum bum is to large, flat, little or saggy there is a workout for you!  So in my case, I am building my bum bum by lifting it up! 

You ladies deserve this! You owe it to yourself to be more fit and confident and remember, when you take care of yourself, you naturally enjoy all aspects of your life MORE! I can speak from experience on that one!

You have 2 options for this Challenge, you can do the Beachbody Challenge packs which gives you all the tools to blast fat more effectively in the shortest amount of time or you can choose the base package price to get you started on your way to a sexy derriere!

The Challenge pack includes:
Free coaching
Brazil Butt Lift with These workout programs:

1. Booty Basics (20 min) & Bum Bum (35 min)
2. High and tight (35 min) & Sculpt (50 min)
3. Cardio Axe (30 min) & Tummy Tuck (20 min)
You get all of this for $160 when you order it from me, your beachbody coach!

Option #2
Brazil Butt Lift with these workouts:
1. Booty Basics (20 min) & Bum Bum (35 min)
2. High and tight (35 min) & Sculpt (50 min)
3. Cardio Axe (30 min) & Tummy Tuck (20 min)  
This package is $59.85.
Go to my site and take the challenge to get started with me as your coach!

Message me or call me ASAP so you will be ready to have that beautiful booty in time for Christmas! That means you have to place your order by November 19th!

Your Truly,

Melanie Mitro
 Beachbody Coach

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