Melanie's Exclusive Black Friday Deals

Thanksgiving is sadly over and our waistline is no doubt a little tighter but that doesn't mean that you can throw all your hard work out the door and go back to your old ways.  Maybe you haven't even begun your exercise program but you desperately need some help and motivation.  Well, look no further! 
I am running 2 Exclusive Black Friday deals to jump start your weight loss and get you ready for all of those Holiday parties you will be attending!  You must act FAST because I only have a limited number of Shakeology Cleanses and 10 Day Challenge Packs available and once they are gone....they are gone!

The 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse is a great deal!  You not only get the 9 Shakeology packets in either Chocolate, Greenberry or combination of both to complete the cleanse, but you get a free shaker cup, cleanse kit with green tea and you save $5 off the original price!  The best part is, you will be doing something amazing for your body that you will feel immediately!  You will have more energy, decreased cravings, improved regularity and the best part is weight loss! 
For more information on the Shakeology Cleanse, click here.
Message me now to order!

The 10 Day Shakeology Challenge is an excellent way for those of you that would like to try Shakeology but aren't sure that it will work for you!  You can try it for 10 days with no commitment for $50!  If you choose to take the 10 day Shakeology Challenge I will personally assist you in getting the best experience over the next 10 days as possible.  To read more about the Shakeology Challenge click here.
If you sign up for Shakeology on Home Direct when starting the Shakeology challenge you will get a month's supply of Shakeology in either greenberry, chocolate or combination of both, a calendar of 30 different recipes, a free shaker cup, free shipping and then I will personally give you $10 back and a jar of PB2 as a thank you for trusting me that Shakeology will change your life!  PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that has 85% less fat than regular peanut butter and tastes amazing in Shakeology.  It is a must in my pantry! 

To purchase the 10 Day Shakeology Challenge please message me!

This deal is only available until 7:00 pm this evening!  First come first serve!

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