Our own insecurities

It took 9 months to make my wonderful little boys but it takes even longer to get your body back to somewhat of a normal state.  I am feeling compelled to share some personal stories with you today.  I am doing this because even though I have reached my fitness goals and have lost all my baby weight my body is still not what I expected it to be.  I find myself being to critical of my body and I keep having to remind myself that my babies are worth the disfigurement that my body has gone through.  I have a very short torso and very long legs so you can't tell that I have a short torso, but when I was pregnant my belly had nowhere to go but STRAIGHT out!  I stumbled upon this picture of myself the week I gave birth to Bryce and I almost fell of my chair with how big my belly was.  Seriously, people would ask me all the time if I was having twins.  I was annoyed, but now I know why they were asking!  It was amazing that I carried around that belly for 9 months!
I am just now realizing that is is why my belly looks the way it does. 

I have come so far since I started exercising in May of this year and my body has totally changed.  I have gained muscle where there was once fat and I am now stronger than I have ever been.  I just feel like I am getting caught up in the negative instead of focusing on all the positive things that have happened to me.  I find myself starring at other women's abs and envying them!  I desperately want a 6 pack!  But, I am pretty sure that at this point it would take an act of God for that to happen!  My coach keeps telling me that it will happen but until then I will keep working at it.  I certainly am not going to give up all the hard work that I have done because I am reaping so many other benefits like increased energy and strength.  I keep reminding myself that my 2 beautiful babies are way more important that my body and they are the loves of my life.  So as long as I can say that I am working hard and fueling my body with good food then I am able to accept what God has given me!  Although, I do hope one day that it is at least flat even if it is a little flabby!

When I find myself envying someone else for their good looks or smoking body or their high paying job I remember that no one is perfect.  Everyone has their own personal story and struggles.  No one has it 100% together so stop wishing that you had their life.  Believe me they have their own things they want to change as well! 

We can only focus on being the best version of ourselves that we can be!  This is the body that God gave us and we should take care of it so that we can live as long as we can. 
I think God put me in this situation because he wants me to help other people.  He wants me to use my experience with my weight to inspire and motivate others to be better!  I love helping people and I love exercising, so I really feel like I am giving back.  If you need some serious support and motivation please don't hesitate to call or email me.  I would love to have you as part of my team.  You can create a free beachbody account and I can coach you for FREE!  Together we can use our experiences to make us stronger and better!  There are no fitness programs that are to hard, it's mind over matter!  You can do it!!!