Personalize your Definition of Success Today

What is your definition of success?
~When you can wake up in the morning and KNOW that you are happy with where you are and what you have . . . then you’ve succeeded.

~Success is when you’re falling asleep with a smile and excited for the next day’s challenge.

~Success is being secure enough in yourself and your surroundings to be yourself and flourish in all you do!

~Success is many different things to me. To be the most successful, I want to be happy, have the freedom to do whatever my heart desires, and have a sense of accomplishment as I check things off my to-do list.

Free Success is that inner feeling of PEACE when you know you have given it 100% and you have made a difference, even if it’s just in one person’s life. It’s not about money, power, fame, or just yourself. It’s about surrounding yourself with positive people and moving forward, only to look back to learn from your mistakes. It’s about falling flat on your face and showing others that it is okay to fail and you can get back up. It’s showing others that it’s not a weakness to take hold of that hand reaching out to you for assistance and guidance. Success is PAYING it forward everyday; we ARE all connected.

For success to be your only option, you must create a definition that grabs you by the heartstrings. Your personal definition of success must motivate you in such a way that you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.
Your success is 100 percent your responsibility, and yours alone. There’s no room for excuses. There is no point in blaming your spouse, your parents, your financial situation, the color of your hair . . . whatever. Many others in far worse situations than your own have succeeded at accomplishing the very same goals you have set for yourself. Excuses are for the weak. Success is your only option and you will take the steps necessary to ensure it!

The first person you’ll need to find is a great coach!  For some of you I am your assigned Beachbody Coach and I help you each day to push yourself further and reach your health and fitness goals.  I can give you every tool that I have to motivate you but at some point it comes down to that internal fire and drive within yourself to succeed.  So in that case, your coach becomes YOURSELF!

Grab a clipboard, some tight polyester shorts, and a whistle. You’ve just been appointed the head coach of the most important team on the planet: yours. You are the person who will coach your team of one to success.
And you need to be a damn good coach, too! So start working on it! You’ll need to stop yourself from using anything but positive, performance-inspiring phrases.
When meeting their fiercest opponents, great coaches deliver fire-filled, awe-inspiring pregame speeches. Their words inspire the smallest player to run right through the biggest opponent. They don’t speak of physical brawn or past defeats; they speak to the heart of the player. The heart of a winner believes that success is the only option.
Can you be that coach?
Can you imagine a coach sitting down with his team and saying, “Hey, guys, I don’t know if you can do this. I’ve seen what you’re up against out there, and it doesn’t look good. Plus, we’re pretty small. We don’t have the right equipment, and our field isn’t as nice as the one they practice on.” That team would lose.

The voice you hear in your head that makes you doubt yourself is the voice that repeats negative phrases. You might think of it as just venting to yourself, but your words pack power.
To be a great coach, you have to believe in the heart of your team. Size and circumstance are irrelevant. You must put an end to self-limiting phrases. Statements like “I can’t handle this,” “I can’t do this,” “I will always be fat,” “I’m under too much stress,” “I’m not good enough,” and “I know I’ll fail” will guarantee derailment.
The words you speak can serve you or hurt you. The cruelest words you’ve ever heard were probably in your own head. Would you speak with such cruelty to a child or to anyone you wanted to succeed? Of course not! The words you use to describe yourself, whether in your own head or spoken to others, can either unleash or limit your own potential. You have a choice. The words you use are habitual. Speaking to yourself like a legendary winning coach is a skill and a habit you can develop.

You’re going to flip the switch on right now. From this moment forward, you will eliminate the habit of speaking to yourself negatively. Yup, you’re going cold turkey on this one!
So coach yourself like you must win. Resolve to do the things you find to be difficult. That’s what confident people do. They tackle those things that are scary and they get addicted to doing it. They set a new goal and they tackle it. They do what others will not, and that gives them confidence. To have confidence is to know that your challenges are not going to kill you. You can do it. You might not be great at it at first, but eventually you’ll get it down. And the more you do it, the better you’ll become.
Think of yourself as if you were already that successful person you want to be. Instead of saying “I’m fat and out of shape,” replace those phrases with what it is you desire: “I’m strong. I’m getting leaner. I’m a fighter. I’m starting this journey and I’m going to complete it.” The key is habitually thinking of yourself as the success that you are becoming.

Success in any area isn’t something that just happens. Becoming successful mandates change. You must learn the habits that will ensure your success. Each of your goals will be achieved because you are committed to forming the habits required and building the foundation that it takes to succeed.  It's funny because I was just sitting with a dear friend and fellow coach yesterday and we were talking about where we want to be in 5 years and how to be successful.  We were talking about how some people just have an easier time than others being successful, or at least it looks that way from the outside.  But it's totally true.  Success comes with hard work and dedication, in your personal life and your career.  I know that in order to achieve my definition of success I am going to have to work really hard everyday.  There will be no down time and I have to have my game face on all the time!  Today I wrote my success definition and I am posting it on my bathroom mirror so that everyday I am faced with the goals in front of me and I will not be defeated!

Some of your worst habits arise from being in a negative or unhealthy environment. “Environment” includes the physical space that you spend the most time in as well as the people with whom you spend your time. Does your environment make your success more attainable or more difficult? Create the environment you need to support your mission.

I don’t know which came first, the chicken or the egg. But about the time that I learned to create a special type of to-do list, every part of my environment started to become more organized. As I organized my priorities and set goals, my car got more organized. As the habit of checking my to-do list several times a day solidified, my closet seemed to get neater. As I began to think with clarity, my environment became decluttered.
The same is happening for you. It’s not by chance—it is purposeful.

Success is your only option.

If you would like help defining your goals in life whether it's health and fitness or personal goals please contact me and I'd be glad to help you go in the right direction.
If you feel like you could inspire others to be great then ask me about becoming a Beachbody Coach!

~This article was taken from Chalene Johnson's Push Series!  It is amazing, if you get the chance to do it I totally recommend it!

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