Shannon's Secret Tips to Success

I am currently running my Fab 5 Challenge with an awesome group of women and men who are all doing either P90X or Insanity.  They are TOTALLY killing it!  The best part is that they are teaching me new things about eating healthy and preparing meals too!  One of my challenge participants, Shannon Parker is super organized and efficient at planning her meals each week and doing the prep work.  She spends all day on Sunday cooking and measuring out her servings for the week.  She puts everything in baggies and tupperware so that she can just grab it and go.  She works full time and is planning a wedding so a big key to her success is planning ahead of time!  She really feels like if she does the prep work there is no room to fall off the wagon because she doesn't have a snack or food prepared!  If you are a busy person or just someone who needs a little structure then this is the girl to follow!  She is doing amazing things and it shows not only in her outward appearance but in the energy and excitement she has when she talks about eating clean and getting fit!

My girlfriend, who's not in the challenge, but was curious to what I've been eating requested I sent a sample pic to her. I thought I would post on here as well. This is about 3/4 of what I normally prep on Sunday nights. I got a late start to prepping because of my mom's 60th bday yesterday, so I will finish the rest tonight.
From left to right: Clementines~usually eat one a day for that vitamin c!! Honeycrisp Apples~everyone knows I'm partial! Steel cut oats~ I've managed to get it down pat to making the perfect amount for 7 days!! Behind there are my mixed nuts in preportioned baggies. Smart Water~expensive, but I love it!! Cases at Costco!! Shop n Save brand low fat cottage cheese~ unbelieve taste. Ground Turkey with grilled onion & chili powder. Carrots & celery with my mini hummus packs. Hard boiled eggs~ a must!! Front 2 containers are my "treat myself" snacks. One is tuna with no fat miracle whip, celery & scallions. One is chicken with no fat miracle whip with craisins, celery & diced apples. I say this is my "treat myself" snack because everything is good except the miracle whip. I look at it like well I used to use 3 tbsps and the really fattening kind, now I use 1tbsp just for flavor and the non fat. Then the far right are my multi grain wraps with low sodium chicken breast. I make those with lettuce, tomato & hummus!!  Tonight I will grill my chicken breasts & make up some mini salads for the next few days. I was tired last night while prepping & watching that pathetic game that I went to bed!! haha
This is my new breakfast everyday!! haha well not that "new" just altered a bit. I'm now addicted to hard boiled egg whites with Red Hot (instead of scrambled egg whites) and my steel cut oats with diced Honeycrisp Apples, crushed unsalted cashews & cinnamon!! Who needs apple crisp????!!!!

This is an example of my "snack packs". I usually make some up on Sundays when I do the rest of my cooking/prepping for the week, but sometimes we run out (especially because Dave is on board as well). So I made up some last night & decided to share. From left...Diced peaches & cucumbers, makes it easy to just open & pour on my oats & cottage cheese instead of having to cut in the morning. Cucumber spears, like pickles without all the sodium!! Red grapes, my fav!! Fresh raspberries, I rinse and then store in container on paper towel or else they will get mushy and gross. I find that having these packs all ready to go in the fridge have helped me tremendously. So when I get a craving, It's easy & healthy!!!! Enjoy!!

This is my usual breakfast, I'm addicted to Steel cut oats with almonds & raisins, egg white w/ 1/2 yolk (getting away gradually) haha, and lemon water!! This morning I changed it up and diced up a 1/2 peach w/ cinnamon in my oats!! ahhhh dessert for breakfast!!!

I am so proud of Shannon for all the hard work she is putting into this challenge!  She is showing true dedication to making a change in her life.  She will reap the health benefits for the rest of her life.  She will have more energy, she will be stronger and more mentally alert because she is feeding her body with the things it needs to work efficiently. 
If you would like to be a part of my next Fitness Challenge and receive helpful information and tips like Shannon please message me for the details.  You can also go to Beachbody and create a free account and together we can start transforming your life, one day at a time! :)

When I first signed on to be a Beachbody coach my only goal was to transform 1 persons life drastically!  Now, I can proudly say that after 4 months I have successfully transformed a number of peoples lives and that is the greatest feeling in the world!  I absolutely love watching people take the knowledge that I share and apply it to their lives.  Everyone puts their own unique spin on it and creates success for themselves.  It all started with a little commitment on their part and now the possibilities are endless!  I LOVE MY JOB!

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