Extreme Couponing

Today at my MOPS group one of our MOPS moms Andria spoke about her business with extreme couponing.  She is on KDKA's Pittsburgh Live every Monday at 9:00 am sharing her favorite tips or deals of the week.  She is an excellent resource and her website provides a lot of useful information for those that are wanting to save a little money!  Andria did an awesome presentation this morning on some tips for saving money and learning the lingo of couponing!  I am not someone that is particularly fond of couponing but I'm going to give some of her tips a try! 

Here are a few things that I took away from today's meeting:
  1. When you look at your coupons, if the barcode ends with a 5 it will double if it ends in a 9 it will not!
  2. You can stack manufacturer and store coupons at Target and Walgreens.  Awesome savings!
  3. There is a great  site that has coupons for organic foods at www.savingnaturally.com.  This was particularly useful for me because I try to feed my family as organic as possible!  Couponing is not just for buying junk food and snacks!  This woman feeds her family very reasonably for very cheap!
  4. The All You magazine at Walmart is full of coupons!  Pick one up today!
  5. Upromise has a free coupon account that you can sign up for.  Every thing you save from using their site goes into a college fund that you can use for your children in the future!  That alone makes me want to sign up because you know the cost of a college education is going to be ridiculous by the time our kids get to college.
  6. She gave a very useful tip, keep a notebook in your purse and write down the cost of the things you frequently buy.  That way you can remember what price things are typically are and when there is a sale you can refer to your list to see if you are getting a good deal.
  7. Savings Star eCoupons is a great way to download coupons to use in stores!

You can visit Andria's website at: http://simplyfrugalliving.com/ to receive her free newsletter and surf the many coupon tips she has to offer.  She also does coupon classes to teach people how to start saving money.
She can also be contacted at, Andria@simplyfrugalliving.com

I would love to host a couponing class at my home for all of those who are interested!  Please let me know if this is something you would participate in!  We all could use some extra tips on saving some money!

Do you have couponing tips that you would like to share!  Please comment below!

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