Fitness Motivational Tips

Motivation is key to success in every aspect of your life.  Not only in exercise and diet but in life generally!  Another fellow Beachbody Coach, Abby Fix couldn't have said it better!  I admire her ability to sit in front of the camera and convey a solid message!  I'm not going to re create it I'm just going to share it with you!  I know I talk about these tips all the time with my challenge groups but sometimes its great to just hear it once again! 

We all lose a little motivation every now and again but don't let that make you throw in the towel.  Pull yourself up by your boot straps, give me a call, text, or email me and we will get through it together!  That's what having me as your beachbody coach is for!  I'm here for you through thick and thin, when you fall off the wagon and when you accomplish your goals!  Let's make 2012 the most amazing year ever!!!

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