Insanity Transformation

I am so excited to announce that my first Fab 5 participant has completed Insanity!  When Kira started with my Fab 5 Challenge Group in September she was doubtful of her ability to complete Insanity.  It took a lot of coaxing to boost her confidence to even begin the program.  So many people are afraid of failure.  The first month was super tough because Kira had a lot of bad eating habits that she needed to break, for example Kira had a difficult time eating more calories!  With Insanity you need to up your protein because you are burning so many calories with the high intensity interval training.  So we made a game plan and created a meal plan and together we got to at least 5 meals per day!  With the support of the fab 5 group and myself she was able to complete Insanity and revamp her eating habits.  She has lost 5 of the 10 lbs she wanted to lose.  She is down a total of 9 inches and has really leaned out from Insanity and Shakeology!  Check out her pictures below!  She started P90X on December 11th and is super excited about where this next journey is going to take her.
Kira is a busy mom of 3 kids.  She coaches cheerleading, home schools 1 of her children and is involved in countless activities.  Yet, she manages the time to fit in exercise and healthy eating!  So there are no excuses when it comes to getting fit!  If this mom, wife and beachbody coach can do it, so can you!  Message me about joining my next Beachbody Challenge starting Jan 9th, 2012 and you could have an amazing transformation too!

weight  - 126  (131.5) 
waist - 26.5  (28)
hips - 37 (39)
chest -  32 (34)
right arm -  10.5 (11)
left arm - 10.5 (11)
right thigh-  22 (23)
left thigh - 22 (23)

Kira I am so proud of you!  Keep up the good work and I know you will inspire others to do the same!
Melanie Mitro
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