Oatmeal Cookies

Tonight Landon and I baked cookies for Santa!  Landon was so excited to help me mix and stir all the ingredients.  He even helped me scoop out all of the cookies onto the baking sheet!  My family was there to taste test our first batch of clean oatmeal cookies and everyone agreed that they were delicious!
So Santa's waistline might be a little lighter this year because of the Mitro household's new lifestyle, lol!!

Nutritional Value per serving:
1 cookie with raisins and walnuts:
Calories:  471, Protein:  4g, Total Carbs: 47g, Total Fat 21 g.
*Just because these are clean cookies does not mean that you can sit down and eat an entire batch in one sitting.  They still are considered a treat and should only be consumed sparingly!


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