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Chalene Johnson is the creator of TurboFire, Turbo Jam and Chalean Extream but she is also an amazing motivational speaker and author!  I just received my copy of Chalene Johnson's "PUSH" in the mail this weekend!  It was a super exciting little treat waiting for me when we got home from our families house on Christmas eve!  I just started reading the book and have decided that I am going to use her super inspiring words of wisdom to base my new year challenge groups.  Chalene's new book is supposed to be a diet book but you get way more than some tips on how to change your diet and exercise habits.  Chalene offers you expertise on setting priorities in your life, identifying your underlying guiding principles  and she helps you map your course.  You can basically apply these principles to anything in your life.  It doesn't necessarily have to be focused on diet and nutrition!  I have been doing a 30 day push series that Chalene offered to those who pre ordered her book.  I have applied her principles to my personal life and to my business.  Chalene has helped me set my goals for 2012 and has already helped me get organized! 
If you know me at all, I may seem organized on the outside but my house is a disaster!  I always joke that I need someone to come into my house and organize my life!  If you open my kitchen cabinets something is sure to fall out on you!  LOL!  So hopefully Chalene will help to organize you and me in the New YEAR!!!

I thought I would give you some tips to get you started on the right track this year from her book!
In the introduction to the book she talks about your success in diet and weight loss.
We are the happiest when we feel worthy, deserving, accepted and appreciated.  We are the happiest when we are organized, confident, and know that we have the power to build and live the life we deserve.

1.  While rapid start diet plan is awfully exciting, reread that last paragraph.  Do you really think dropping a couple of pounds by Friday will lead you to long-term happiness?  Sorry.  So let's try something different.  Stop slapping a fresh coat of paint on the outside of a broken-down barn and let's do this right.  Let's rebuild the foundation before we start building your new successfully happy, healthy, balanced life!

This is sooo true!  I am thinking about all of the people that are thinking about their new years resolutions.  How many of you have on your list to get in shape, lose weight or start eating healthy?  I know that I have always had those things on my list!  I was also one of those people who went out and joined the gym come January 1st!  But, after 3 weeks I decreased from 5 days a week to 3 days a week to 1 day a week and then nothing!  By February I was back to my old habits and I hadn't lost a pound!  So Chalene is definitely onto something when she says that we need to do something different!  Ok, let's keep going!

2.  You must decide that from now on, things will be different!  The key to long term happiness is knowing you are doing the right things for yourself and the right people!
So we need to set some priorities.  What is the exact life you would design if you had a magic wand, money wasn't an issue, and you had all the knowledge, skills, associations, and tools necessary to do this on your terms...the right way, the way YOU define "right way". 
For me it was taking the Summer Slim Down Challenge and committing to my facebook group that I was going to reach my goal of losing 15 lbs in 60 days.  Although, I didn't reach my goal in 60 days, I did reach my goal in 90 days and I surpassed my goal at 120 days.  I changed my eating habits by reading Tosca Reno's "Eat Clean Recharged" book.  I became immersed in healthy eating and exercise.  I made it a TOP PRIORITY in my life.  I made it a priority because I am the type of person that is driven by how I look and feel.  My mood is affected by how I personally feel about my body!  So, therefore if I wanted to be a good mother, wife and daughter I needed to feel good about myself.  It is not a selfish thing to put yourself first.  I had to give up somethings though to make exercise a priority.  The first thing was taking my daily naps while my kids napped!  Instead, I went to the basement and pressed play with Sean T every afternoon at 2pm!  Every evening I got on the computer and researched eating clean recipes and made my grocery list!  I had to give up the ice cream runs with my family in the evenings this summer!  But it was all worth it because now I can look in the mirror and say "I did that and this body is the fruit of all my labors and it feels GOOD!" 

So I made the commitment to stop dieting and live a healthy well balanced life.  I eat 6 small meals per day and I'm never starving.  Even now that I am at my goal weight I still eat clean every day!  It is something that I can easily maintain for the rest of my life!  The days of fad diets are over!  It's time to think of food as fuel for your body not comfort!  I love that I can now help people from my own experience.  I have lived through the struggles of losing weight and eating healthy and I love that I can share my knowledge with others and help them to make big changes in their lives too.  There is no greater joy for me then hearing a good transformation story and knowing that I helped do that! 

So, another key in Chalene's book that I love is this, "she can help you lose weight, but if you want to stop dieting and love your fit, balanced and happy life, you have to believe it's forever.  There must come a time where you get over yourself and make a decision to do things differently!"


Once you decide to do things differently, that negative voice inside your head will be silenced!

There's no transformation, no life changing, no bangin' body or better time management until you decide you are worth the effort!  So no more excuses.  No more hiding out.  This is YOUR moment!  Make the decision to succeed.  Once you do that the hardest part is over and the rest is just a few habits away! You'll never be the same person again!

I love it!!!  I can already feel my energy level rising just from writing this blog post!  I find Chalene so inspiring and I love that she has put her family as her number 1 priority.  She is a super successful woman with very clear guiding principles in her life!  I definitely aspire to to be better every day in my duties as a mom, beachbody coach and wife! I really encourage you to get her new book and change your life too, whatever change you may need!

I promise to keep you updated with more from Chalene's book as I study it some more!  My challenge groups are so lucky that I found this book because it is going to take our success level to an all new high!  We are digging deeper in 2012 and changing our lives forever!

Here's to a NEW YOU in 2012!!!
If you would like help setting up your fitness goals and developing a plan to get healthy for the rest of your life please email me at mmitro@hotmail.com and together we can customize a plan to meet your needs and get you the support you deserve!


Melanie Mitro

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