Slim in 6 Weeks!

Not all Beachbody programs are made for those that are super fit or want an extreme fitness routine.  Beachbody has a lot of other programs out there to meet the needs of all fitness levels!  No matter your age or ability level I can assist you in designing a workout program and nutrition plan to meet your specific needs. 

Due to the large number of people who have asked for a lower impact workout that is geared towards individuals who are either new to fitness, do not want a high impact workout or want light resistance and cardio I have created a Beachbody Challenge for an exclusive group of 5 individuals who are either:
It you answered YES to any of the above questions then this is the challenge for you!  This group will be doing Slim in 6 by Debbie Seibers.  It is a 6 week program that combines cardio with light resistance moves to burn fat and reshape your body in 6 weeks.   
This challenge will begin on January 2nd, 2012 and will last for 6 weeks.  It will be a closed facebook support group in which you can opt in or out along with daily emails with fit tips, motivation and nutrition information.  I will personally mentor you through the entire program and provide you with accountability to get your workouts in and change your lifestyle for good! 
Do you need that extra push of motivation?!  Then act now!  The first 5 people to commit to the challenge will be accepted!  I like to keep it small so that people can have personal attention and no one gets lost in the hustle and bustle!

You have 2 pricing options:
  1. Purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack with Slim in 6, Shakeology HD, 30 Day Trial of the Beachbody Club Membership and free shipping and save $25.75.  Shakeology compliments your fitness program perfectly by starting  you off on the right food with proper nutrition.  For every referral or friend you invite to take the challenge you will receive a $25 gift card to use towards your Beachbody Purchase as a thank you gift from me personally!  So invite your friends and take the challenge together!  Having the accountability of a good friend is always a great motivation!
  2. You can purchase Slim in 6 for $59.85 and get yourself started on a way to a better body in 6 weeks!

My support is free and a perk of being a beachbody customer.  To get started go to my Beachbody Site and Accept the Challenge!

Change is knocking at your door!  Are you ready to accept?!

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