Sneak Peak of P90X Transformation in the Making

Those of you that have been following my blog know that my Fab 5 Beachbody Challenge group is getting ready to end here any day!  I am super excited about revealing the results of my group but I just had to give you a sneak peak of one of my challengers and the amazing progress she has made!  Lori started P90X in October 2011.  Her and her husband are doing the lean version.  Lori and I met each other through a mutual friend and at the point in time that we met she was ready to make some drastic changes to her life.  She was uncomfortable in her skin and clothing.  She didn't want to get undressed in front of her husband and she certainly was never going to wear shorts again!  So together we developed a game plan paired with Shakeology, P90X and my Fab 5 Challenge group and together we have been blasting fat, inches and cleaning up her eating habits!  Lori has been tracking everything she eats daily for me and making sure to keep her workouts a priority no matter what is going on in her life! 

For example, Lori went away for a day trip with her husband and she packed a cooler full of snacks and meals so that they wouldn't have to stop at rest stops for fast food.  Because of her hard work and dedication she is getting amazing results!  It is no walk in the park but with my support and the support of others at 724 Fit Club and our challenge group she has been able to succeed!

This picture is from a Christmas party that she went to this weekend!  She told me that she was so excited to wear this dress and feel good in it!  At the party someone came up to her and introduced themselves and said, "You have to tell me what  you are doing because I can obviously tell that you work out!"  WOW!! 

Lori is a great friend and I'm so blessed to have her in my life!  She has completely transformed herself and her husband and they feel amazing and so much stronger now that they have completed my challenge!

Love you Lori and I am so proud of you!

Next on her list is INSANITY....Starting Jan 9th with me in my next challenge!

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Melanie Mitro

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