Mother of 4's Weight Loss Transformation

Jessamyn's Transformation
Jessamyn Patterson's transformation story hits close to home for me for a lot of reasons.  First of all I saw the start of her transformation because we started at the exact same time.  We both took the leap of faith with the summer slim down challenge.  She is also a mom, but to 4 kids!!!  I had a hard time fitting in my workouts with 2, so I can't even imagine what it must of been like for her!
We both have a lot of love marks from our little kiddos but they are worth it all!  So I felt compelled to share her story with you because we see a lot of women in bikinis that have had 2 and 3 kids that bounce right back.  But a lot of that is hard work and genetics.  I just wanted you to know that there are woman out there like you and me that can lose weight and have love marks left over and be totally 100% ok with who we are! Losing the weight and getting in shape is more about how you feel on the inside and outside and for the rest of you life knowing that it was your hard work and dedication that made it possible.  When you lose weight you can do so many more things that you never thought imaginable, like play on the floor with your kids or grand kids and run up the hill to play tag with your kids.  It's all about the simple pleasures in life!

Jessamyn's story: In Jan or 2011 I had a friend come visit me from jersey she is a BB coach and in perfect shape. We went to go skydiving and upon arrival I found out I was too big and was going to have to pay $1 for every pound over 225 and be weighed in like a meat scale! I was MORTIFIED!!! I guess I never realized how big I had truly gotten. I weighed in at 263lbs. Something in me clicked that day. I never really had my weight as a factor of holding me back it never impaired anything in my regular life. I would simply buy a larger size, wear more layers, or compensate through personality or makeup! Gaby and I started working out that week. My first mission Cowles Mountain. Highest peak in San Diego. It took me 3 hours the first time, in complete tears the entire time. Over the next two months I struggled drastically, I joined a gym and would work out like a mad man but then I would come home and be so hungry I would eat it all back in pointless carbs. I wasn't educating myself on the proper weight loss and I was ultimately doing more damage.

The first 6 weeks I didnt loose a single pound. I was broken and lost and frustrated. I went in for a lapband consult. 2 hours in that place changed my world, this was NOT for me, there was a better option. I rerouted myself. I started reading up on what worked for me, educating myself on fitness and health, what to eat, when to eat, how to burn belly fat, how to boost metabolism, and how to boost energy. I dropped 100lbs in 8 months! No excuses no tricks no pills no surgery. I have 4 kids and no personal trainer. I started on Beach body at the 60lb mark, fell in LOVE with Shakeology which took me from drinking [2] 5hr energy shots a day to none! I am now stronger, fitter, and healthier than I ever have been and RUN Cowles mountain 2x every Sunday back to back 40 minutes each route!

So there is a true story about how the power of beachbody support groups and Shakeology can change your life!  Do you want to transform your life starting now?  Take the beachbody challenge and together we can get fit forever!

This is not a DIET...It's a LIFESTYLE Change!

Take the challenge and let me coach you to reach that perfect body you have always wanted.
Melanie Mitro
Beachbody Coach