Putting Pittsburgh on the MAP

Super Saturday Event in Mars, PA!
Yesterday marks the date that the Bombshell Dynasty hosted their first Super Saturday event in Pittsburgh!  Super Saturday is Beachbody's quarterly event that is put on by coaches all over the United States to share information on how the business is doing and what new and exciting products are being released. We also celebrated and recognized individual accomplishments such as top 10 elite coaches which our own Bombshell Lindsay Matway was #3.  We are so proud of you Lindsay, your drive and dedication shows through every day of your life!

What's new in 2012 with Beachbody?  For starters this is Team Beachbody's 5 year anniversary and the company is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds because they truly care about the people and employees that they work with every day. 

Beachbody will be announcing the highly anticipated release of Tropical Shakeology tomorrow on the national coach call!  I can hardly wait to try it!  The best part is that it's Vegan! 

This week Beachbody also released its first ever pre workout drink called Energy and Endurance.  It improves energy, endurance and focus.  It helps you burn more calories and get ripped faster.  It also maximizes muscle performance to build muscle faster.  So if you are serious about building muscle and maximizing your workouts then this pre workout drink is perfect for you!  You mix 1-2 scoops based on the intensity of the workout with water 15 to 30 minutes before your workout.  It will give you improved mental clarity and focus to press play with maximum intensity everyday!  For more information visit my link and order today!

Beachbody also announced that they will be adding more programs to the challenge pack options!  That's a wonderful feature for all customers because it saves you some dough when you purchase Shakeology and the fitness program together!  That's amazing because that's the magic combo!  When you pair, Shakeology, a fitness program and the support of your beachbody coach either individually or in a challenge group then your probability of success goes through the roof!  Chalene Extreme and P90X2 will for sure be added to the group!

For coaches they are offering a lot of amazing incentives this year to grow your business as well as support our customers!  I am super excited to be a part of the most amazing health and fitness company out there!

Besides learning about all the new products that Beachbody is launching Super Saturday is just a great way to meet other coaches out there and network and brainstorm ideas to better serve our customers.  I met lots of coaches in the area that are doing great things with their businesses!  Oh and the best part is that we all brought clean recipes to share with the group!  My awesome accountability partner and Fit for Fall Challenge winner Sara Stakeley shared her transformation story and totally blew our socks off with her story and how she overcame adversity!  I am super excited to see how she transforms peoples lives everyday! 

My wonderful Insanity Challenge group was present as well and finally after 45 days of our challenge they got to meet each other!  It's like they have been best friends their entire life!
Kayla, Katie, and Me!  My Insanity girlz!

I am pumped and ready to help end the trend of obesity in the world!  With the tools and support that beachbody and Team Dynasty provides there is no way you will fail!

If you are interested in learning more about being a beachbody coach and helping others get fit and healthy please message me today!  I'd be glad to give you the scoop.

If you just want to get in on the amazing fitness programs and Shakeology email me and together we can develop your goals and make your own personalized game plan.

P90X2 Pose!


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