Women's Insanity Results

I am super excited to announce that my 10 minute busy women's challenge has ended!  When we first began in December we had all agreed to doing the 10 minute trainer program but after 2 weeks everyone in the group realized that it wasn't challenging enough for them!  We pulled a switcheroo and decided to start with Insanity!  Let me tell you that I have never seen a MORE motivated group of individuals than these 3 ladies!  Each and every one of them was up at 5:30 am or earlier to get their workout in, shower and be on their way to work each day!  They made exercise and eating healthy a priority and because of that they had absolutely amazing results!! 

The first women in the group is Kayla Leventry!  She started this challenge because she was buying a dress for a friends wedding and absolutely hated what her body looked like.  She couldn't believe that she had let herself get to this point!  She made a commitment that day to change her life for the better!  To make this a lifestyle change and not a diet! She committed to completing Insanity and each and everyday she got up and worked out!  Together we came up with a meal plan to meet her needs and we worked hard to fine tune her program!  Because of her hard work and dedication here are results!
Her stats were as followed:
Measurements: Chest 39 - 37
R Arm 11 3/4 - 10 1/4
L Arm 13 1/4 - 10 3/4
Waist 34 1/4 - 34
Hips 43.5 - 42
R Thigh 24.5 - 23
L Thigh 24.5 - 25
Weight 159.2 - 147.2 !!!!!
Kayla's Insanity Results
Kayla just started her next challenge and is doing TurboFire in my sorority challenge!  I'm super excited for her and she is on a mission to lose 25 more lbs!  So let's support Kayla and help her reach her goal weight!  She is doing an amazing job and is already paying it forward by coaching her own group through a beachbody challenge!  Way to go KAYLA!!!!
Next, we have Katie!  She is a brand new mother to a totally adorable little boy!  I beleive that he is only 4 months old!  She was depressed and disgusted with her body and she saw my before and after pics and thought to herself, "That's a real person with real results and it's someone that I know!"  So she decided that she was going to take the challenge and set her sights high and do the same!  Katie is so intrinsicly motivated and knew she wanted to push for the best results she could get!  Katie signed up as a beachbody coach to get the discount and began the Insanity Challenge.  Katie's husband works long hours and Katie also works a full time job.  Most of the time she is on her own!  Katie did an amazing job at dealing with a newborn and a husband that is super busy!  She killed it, stayed focused and therefore got amazing results!!! 

Katie's Insanity Transformation
Measurements: Chest 34-31
Arms 10.5-9.5
Waist 30-25
Hips 40-34
... Thighs 21.5-20.5
Weight 128-113
Pants size 6-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am super proud of you ladies and I can't wait to see how many lifes you can impact with your amazing story!!! 

If you would like to participate in my next challenge group please message me today to reserve your spot!  If you would like more information on exactly what a beachbody challenge group entails I'd be glad to walk you through the steps of how to transform your life with me as your coach!!


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