Extreme 30 day P90X Mens Results

Right now I am participating in my mentor coaches 90 day beachbody challenge and one of my fellow Beachbody Coaches has decided to take the challenge as well!  We are 30 days into P90X and I just want you to know that no matter what your circumstances are or how much weight you have to lose you can do it!

NO EXCUSES NO MAGIC PILL just hard work and dedication to his end results!  His goal is to lose 100 lbs and NOTHING is going to get in his way!  The reason I am writing this post is to show you that no matter how big or small your fitness goal is, it is possible!  You may have to modify the heck out of the workouts but before you know it you will get there!  You won't even know the person in those day 1 pictures and you will have this sense of accomplishment that is bursting at the seems!  I am so proud of Jeff for his hard work.  No doubt is it HARD!  LOSING WEIGHT IS HARD!  Changing your routine is HARD!  But just think, if you don't change, if you don't choose to commit, where are you going to be?!!!  Especially if you have pressing health issues or concerns?  If you have aching joints and bad knees from years of excess weight pressing on your joints?  All of this can be stopped with your decision to take that leap of faith!  IS THIS YOUR TIME?!

Jeff is pushing play every day, drinking his shakeology and eating clean. This isn’t a quick fix, this is a lifestyle change that he has committed to. So, when you feel tired or lazy, think of Jeffrey pushing play and get up and push play. You have no excuse!!!

Jeff is inspiring me to help others but I can only imagine how much he is inspiring those around him! He has such a great positive attitude and he is always willing to help others achieve their goals. He is truly paying it forward. He has completed 36 days of P90X and Shakeology already. Below are his 30 day pics!!! He looks great!!!!!

Jeffrey’s 30 Day Results:
Stay tuned for his updates!!!

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