Success Club Team Challenge!- We are currently holding the #1 spot!!!

On January 14th we embarked on a journey that is forever changing my business and my outlook on life!
Lindsay Matway 6 star diamond coach and founder of the Bombshell Dynasty asked "ME" to be on her Success Club team challenge!  I was flattered and scared to death all at the same time!  I was super excited that she thought enough of me to ask me to be a part of the team.  We have over 500 coaches in the Bombshell Dynasty so naturally I felt special to be a part of it.  I also knew that I HAD to uphold my good standing and be a team member that held her weight!  I had only been a coach for 6 months but I was already making my mark in the business.  So I accepted because I absolutely LOVE a challenge and I knew that no matter what I would work my butt off to win!  From day 1 we went into this challenge knowing that winning was our only option. 
What is success club team challenge?  It is an event that is organized by beachbody to help coaches grow in the business and in their leadership skills.  Each team consists of 5 coaches and only 1 can be a diamond coach.  We earn points for different things we do.  I am on a team with Lindsay, Nikki Minton, Gretchen Straight, and Emily Cappadona.  We are all part of the bombshell dynasty and fairly new coaches with the exception of Lindsay. 

The challenge ends on the 29th of February we are currently holding the #1 spot by 53 points!  That's just unheard of!  We totally rocked this challenge.  We all pushed each other through our closed facebook support group each day.  We are all extremely driven coaches and we wanted this soo bad.  We won the sprint to success in the first month winning a signed copy of beachbody's brand new fitness program Tai Cheng.  Which is yet to be released!

We have won all of the prizes so far, a beachbody sweatshirt, hat, t-shirt, computer bag, headphones and gym bag.  We are well on our way to being on stage at summit in Las Vegas to receive the crystal ball trophy and P90X2 watches! 

My team may be blonde but we work hard and have the brains behind those looks.  We have researched, studied, cared and proven that we wanted to win this challenge!  We truly love our jobs and the people that are affected by the businesses we run!  I have grown so much in my personal development and have stepped outside of my comfort zone.  I was patient and consistent with my daily activities!  I have made some sacrifices but they are all worth the growth that my team and myself have experienced along the way!  Not to mention the amazing bond that has developed between myself and my team mates!  I even advanced in rank from Emerald to Diamond during this challenge!
We are going to be featured in the next beachbody newsletter and I'm super excited! 

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the Success Club Team Challenge!

Wohoo, Go Bombshell Dynasty!!!