Tips to Stay on Track this WEEKEND

We all work soo hard all week long to exercise and eat healthy and make good choices and then the weekend comes!  The wine and beer is flowing the happy hours are calling and we give in to temptations!  We literally flush all of our hard work down the toilet and then wake up on Monday morning feeling defeated and totally frustrated with our lack of self control!  How many of you have felt this way one time or another?  I know that I used to work so hard Monday through Friday and then I would indulge a little on the weekend.  But, it got to a point that my indulgence on the weekend was affecting my ability to reach that number on the scale or the body that I wanted to see when I looked in the mirror!  I had to ask myself, "Is this glass of wine or piece of cake worth undoing all my hard work?"  I seriously answered NO!  At first I needed that glass of wine for my sanity, but now I don't need that glass of wine or cake!  Because I actually feel better when I don't eat it!  I love how I feel when I'm putting whole foods in my body.  I love when I can look at my journal for the week and say that I am proud of my decisions and self control.  This certainly didn't happen overnight so that is why I'm here today to give you some tips to make it through this weekend!!!  The Key is BABY STEPS!!

1.  Pre-eat:  If you are headed out to a party this weekend or other event and you don't know if there are going to be any healthy choices available then eat before you go!  Drink your shakeology or have a meal before you arrive.  Then, when you get there make the event a social hour instead of an eating fest.  If you go to the event and you aren't starving then you are less likely to cave in to temptation.  Then, get busy talking to other people.  Grab a sparkling water and mingle!  Nosh on some fruit and veggies but always mind your portion sizes!
2.  One glass of water to every alcoholic drink:  Drinking alcohol is definitely a social thing that we all love to do on the weekends!  Unfortunately, it is not easy on the waistline!  Alcohol is full of empty calories and sugar.  It will sabotage your weight loss in no time at all!  When you drink you are also more likely to over eat because your guard is down and your not thinking clearly!  So if you must have a drink then I tell you that you MUST have 1 glass of water for every alcoholic drink!  That way you will at least stay well hydrated!!
3.  Ask for a box:  When you are out to dinner this weekend as soon as your food arrives ask for a box!  Immediately box up half and then enjoy your meal!  Restaurants are famous for super sizing their meals and totally not following the correct portion sizes!  Also, don't be afraid to speak up!  Ask for your food broiled, baked or grilled.  Make sure you ask for no butter or oil.  Just cooking spray or chicken broth! 
4. Other restaurant tips:  As for your dressings on the side and stay away from creamy dressings!  Double up on your veggies and ask for a bowl of fruit for dessert!
5.  Make a commitment:  Verbally tell your significant other or close friend that you want them to hold you accountable this weekend to your healthy eating!  When you tell someone that you are going to do something it is more likely that you will follow through!  You don't want to let them down.  RIGHT?

Ok, so as we go into this weekend and we have been working so hard stick to your guns!  Get up and do your workouts, pack your snacks, pre-plan your strategy!  Download a picture of your goal body or motivational quote and put it on your phone so you can be reminded of what you are working for in a moment of weakness!  You can do this!  You are worth it and you deserve to reach that goal!  That cake is not going to make you feel amazing in your bathing suit this summer!  YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!!