Clean Eating Seminar

This Tuesday I would like to invite all of you to come to Heritage Creek Clubhouse for a FREE Clean Eating Seminar.  Instead of our usual 724 Fit Club workout, this week I will be discussing how to get started with healthy eating, how to prepare quick and easy snacks and meals, along with portion sizes and food pairings.  We are also going to be discussing how to break plateaus and take your weight loss to the next level with certain foods!

Eating should not be about instant gratification but about fueling your body with food that is going to keep your metabolism burning strong all day long and helping you to feel alert, awake and energized!  It is all about eating the right kids of foods at the right times of the day that keep you lean. 

If you are exercising 6 days a week and eating Big Macs and Fries then you are just undoing all of your hard work!  Losing weight and maintaining that weight is 80% nutrition + 10% genetics + 10% exercise = body beautiful!  Remember that each and every day when you complete your workout and then reach for donuts!  Think of food as fuel to keep your body running like a well oiled machine.  You wouldn't but low grade fuel in your Lexus so don't put garbage in your body!

We are going to set realistic expectations for how to make small changes to your diet that will make lasting effects of a long period of time!

I really hope you can join me for this awesome seminar!  I'm very passionate about eating clean and I can't wait to share my tips with you!

Please RSVP at or email me at for more information!

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen to take notes!


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