The Bombshell Dynasty TAKES #1 Spot

What does it mean to be a part of the Bombshell Dynasty team challenge winners?!  It means COMMITMENT, SACRIFICE, HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!  Being part of a group of ladies that will not settle for second best!  The Bombshell Dynasty is not just a group of blonde ladies, but a group of women who have the brains to back it up!  I am super excited that the bombshell dynasty was able to take the #1 spot out of 700 teams in beachbody and win the success club team challenge!  We totally blew the competition out of the water and definitely raised some eye brows in the organization.  We are not focused on how much we can sell, instead we are all focused on how many lives we can change.  How many people can we impact with the knowledge and expertise that we possess about health and fitness.  It's about educating the community about leading healthier and fit lives.  That's what brought us to the top!  When you make the focus of your life about how much money you possess or how much you can make then you lose sight of what is important.  It's about changing lives and helping other people get to a point where they feel confident and good about the person that they are.  It's about creating the best you that you can be!

I always knew that my calling in life was to help others.  At one point I was involved in wraparound and worked with children with special needs, then I was a full time director of Early Intervention helping families of children ages birth to 3 get the services for their children.  Then, as a stay at home mom and now a beachbody coach!  My life revolves around giving of my time to help others!  I am so thankful that God put these gifts into my hands and I can go out and share it with the world!  I am truly blessed to have a great leader like Lindsay Matway who is kind, compassionate and smart to guide and mentor me in my business!  I'm so excited to see how many people I can impact with my story, knowledge and expertise!  Let's rock the rest of 2012 and help end the trend of obesity!

Want to join my team?  Message me for more information!  I'd love to chat with you!

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