Fat Burning Techniques

7 Fat Burn Techniques without Muscle Killers:

1. Calculate Your Intake: When most people want to drop weight, they eliminate fats or they eliminate carbs. In our case, we will eliminate neither. We will continue to consume a balanced diet with healthy fats, complex carbs, and high quality proteins. The reason is simple…The goal is not to lose weight, the goal is to burn fat.

How Many Calories to Burn Fat
Your bodyweight in lbs (x) 14 = Daily Caloric Intake
For Example: 185 lbs (x) 14 = 2590 Calories Per day

These calories should be broken down into 40-45% Protein, 40-45% Carbs, and 10-20% Fats.

2. Mixing the Proper Macros: Fats (healthy fats from peanut butter, nuts and oils)  and carbohydrates (from fruits, veggies and whole grains)  should never be on the same plate (unless it’s a fish oil supplement). Although there are some healthy choices you can make that contain both macronutrients, it is not optimal. You see, carbohydrates manipulate insulin levels and insulin is a storage hormone. The last thing you want in your bloodstream while your insulin has spiked is fats. Why? Well, if insulin is a storage hormone and fat is available in the bloodstream, the fat will more than likely be stored. If we are trying to reduce fat, then you obviously want to avoid this from happening.

Meal Schedule Example:
Meal 1: Fats and Protein
Meal 2: Protein and Carbs(from fruits and veggies)
Meal 3: Protein and Carbs (from fruits and veggies)
Meal 4: Protein and Carbs (from fruits and veggies)
Meal 5: Protein and Carbs (from fruits and veggies)
Meal 6: Fats and Protein

3. Train with Weights: Weight lifting is not only a crucial step to keeping your muscle and possibly building more while in a caloric deficit, but it is also the best way to trigger muscle building hormones that promote fat loss.

If you’ve seen the documentary by Stuart McDonald called “I want to look like that guy”, you’ll know that lifting weights while keeping a mindful eye on your diet will yield fat burn.

Now although weight lifting is an anaerobic activity, it is one of the best ways in speed up your metabolism for maximum fat loss.

4. Short Rest Periods: Keeping short rest periods in between sets (40 seconds) is a great way to intensify your workout for maximum fat burn. The short rest periods will not only intensify the training but they will also increase the production of GH (growth hormone) which allows your body to literally burn fat in your sleep.

Other training methods for short rest periods
• Super sets
• Drop sets
• Giant sets

5. Afterburn Training: Afterburn training refers to methods and techniques that cause your body to burn fat AFTER the training for hours and even sometimes days.

Afterburn Techniques
• Weight lifting with short rest periods- P90X, P90X2
• HIIT- TurboFire, Insanity, Asylum
• Circuit training Routines

6. Meat & Nuts Breakfast:
This style of breakfast was introduced to me by the author of “No Nonsense Muscle Building” Vince Delmonte and was introduced to him by IFBB pro and creator of “MI-40” Benjamin Pakulski. It’s simple, every morning you will avoid carbs and will consume only meat and nuts. The meats and the nuts will both be rotated regularly. One day you may have turkey burgers and the next you may have steak. One day you may have almonds, the next day you may have cashews.

Benefits of the Meat and Nuts Breakfast
• Increased mental focus
• Less craving
• More focused energy
• And decreased body fat

7. Carb Timing: Believe it or not, the only time your body NEEDS carbs is surrounding your workouts. Any other time they are practically useless. This is why you should surround your carb intake around your workout on training days. Carbs in your pre workout will aid with a steady stream of energy while training. Carbs in your post workout will aid with keeping your body in an anabolic state and avoiding muscle wastage. Lastly, carbs in the 2 meals following your post workout shake/meal for optimal recovery.

Look at the meal example above.
Meal 2 = Pre workout
Meal 3 = Post workout
Meal 4 = Recovery meal 1
Meal 5 = Recovery meal 2

7 Techniques for Fat Burn without Muscle Killers
Notice one thing…every technique has its own unique way of promoting fat burn…but they also all play a huge roll in increasing your metabolism. A speedy metabolism is essentially the best and ONLY way to get abs that pop out from under your shirt while keeping muscle.

If you stick to these simple techniques, you will literally burn fat in your sleep while maintaining 100% of your hard earned muscle mass.