Landon's 3rd Birthday

My baby turned 3!  It was three years ago yesterday that my oldest little boy Landon was born.  After 9 long months of being pregnant and 2 1/2 lonnggg hours of pushing we welcomed Landon Matthew Mitro into the world on a Friday night at 9:30 pm!    From the moment I laid eyes on him my heart just melted and I knew that I could never love another person as much as my precious little boy!  Landon has not always been the easiest baby and toddler.  He has been busy since the day he was born!  He is always on the go, even before he could walk he only wanted to be standing up looking around at everything.  Landon hated his car seat and rides anywhere were torturous he literally screamed the entire way!  He is into everything, every drawer, cabinet, and closet that I have doesn't go un noticed.  Landon also is the drooliest kid you will ever meet!  I don't know why, but he just produces an excessive amount of slobber and seriously I hope that he grows out of it!  It was cute when he was a baby but now it's just gross!  LOL!!!
Landon & Keira

 But seriously regardless of all the things that he does each and every day to try my patience I cannot tell you the amount of joy that he brings to me each and everyday!  Landon is loving, compassionate and caring.  He always says thank you and loves giving kisses!  His favorite things are his night nights (blankets) which he has about 10 in his bed that he has to sleep with every night, his 2 pillow pets and of course hippo!  Every morning he comes down stairs with a laundry basket and all of his night nights and pillow pets and I have to set it up on the couch!  Then, every afternoon for nap time I drag it all back upstairs!!!  His favorite foods are toaster struedels (I know, not healthy at all), chicken, ketchup, yogurt & poopy sandwiches (PB&J). 
Landon loves to be naked and would actually prefer to have no clothes on all the time (must be a boy thing).  His favorite TV show right now is Super Why but he is also a big fresh beat band fan as well! 

It's awesome to see his personality totally coming through.  He can pretend, tell stories, and make me laugh!  When I walked into his room on his birthday and said, "Good morning, it's your Birthday!"  He said to me, "Mommy does that mean I'm freee now (three)?"  I said, "Yes, you are 3 now!"  He said, "Mommy where's my cake and presents!"  I just about died laughing!  He totally got the concept of his birthday and loved every minute of it! 

We started out the day with lunch bunch, which is a intro to preschool mommy and me class that we are taking at a local preschool.  Thursday night Landon and I made these awesome rainbow cupcakes to take to his class to celebrate!  They turned out amazing, even if I did accidently tip the cupcake holder over and ruin the icing (I actually cried).  But the kids didn't care!  Then, we went to the zoo to see the animals.  Who would have thought it would be 70 degrees in March in Western PA.  We are certaintly not complaining and making the most of it!  We came home and celebrated with our family and had some cake and ice cream!   It was a great way to spend a birthday, with the people that love and care about you the most! 
Landon on his big boy bike
Daddy and Bryce at the Zoo

We love you Landon boy!!!!