Weekly Meal Plan

Snack, meatloaf muffins, carrots
Hello readers!  I hope that you are having a great Thursday!  As I sit here thinking about what to write today I realize that it's time for me to eat my afternoon snack!  So I checked out my meal plan and it says, turkey muffins and veggies!  So off to the fridge I go, grab 2 turkey muffins and a cup of carrots with a huge glass of water and I plop back down in front of the computer!  Thank goodness I get an afternoon to hammer out some emails, posts and personal development!  This has been a rough week because my 3 year old decided he doesn't want to nap anymore!  EEKK this can't happen because the afternoons are my sacred, ME time!  This is when I get the majority of my Beachbody work done and if he doesn't nap I am in big trouble!  So after 3 days of no naps I decided to take a new approach!  Thanks to one of my facebook friends who told me that she sits down and reads her daughter a story and after that she just falls asleep!  So today, I squished myself into my son's toddler bed, read 3 books and kissed him on the forehead and out of the room I went.  I wasn't sure how it was going to go because he was still wide awake!  Yesterday when I left him for a nap he wrote on the walls with yellow crayon, pooped his pants and squished it into the carpet and came out naked!  So I was seriously holding my breath! 

Much to my surprise today he fell right asleep and is still out cold!  Thank goodness because he was not a happy camper!  So it's time for me to give you some tips of the day before I start my dinner prep!!

My meal plan for this week
breakfast quinoa
So each week I make a meal plan for my challenge groups and post it to our closed facebook support group so they can get ideas and see how I structure my day!  I just go to Microsoft Word and create a table with the days of the week across the top and my meals down the left side.  Then, I just fill it in with what I want to eat that week.  Simultaneously I make my grocery list so that I know I will have everything I need for the week.  Once that is done, I hit up the grocery store, do my shopping and head home to unpack and prep food for the week!  So this week I found a few new things that I wanted to try, so my meal plan didn't quite stay the way I had planned.  But that's ok!  I don't have to eat exactly what is on the meal plan but I find that when I have everything laid out for the week I tend to stick with it!  I'm not caught off guard with no plan in place and scrounging for food!  So I just want to share with you what my  meal plan looks like on Thursday!  I still have eaten clean everyday but I just shuffled things around a bit!  Oh and I didn't miss a workout either!  It's pretty simple once you get the basics down!  Remember that 80% of your weight loss is made up of your nutrition, so if you are struggling to get the weight off and  you are exercising then it's time to take a look at what is going in your mouth.  If you just want the physical activity of exercise then by all means eat whatever you want.  But if your goal is to have a lean, trim, healthy body then you must think about what you put in your mouth too!
Lunch today, egg whites, feta and asparagus
 with salsa

I hope you find this helpful, as always I love it when my readers share their tips on how you stay organized and on track with your meals for the week!