Insanity The Asylum!! Unleash the BEAST!!

It's official!  I am a P90X2 Grad!  I completed 90 days of the intense home fitness program and I didn't break my face!  LOL! 

Day 1 Asylum Accountability Pics

Next it's on to Insanity Asylum!  Yesterday was Day 1, speed and agility and today I did Strength.  Both workouts were exhilarating but today was especially a challenge.  I really enjoyed the strength workout and I felt like I worked my muscles in a different way than P90X2! 

For the next 30 days I invite you to join me in my fitness journey and see how yet again I can stay accountable to my own health and fitness!  I snapped some quick pictures this am after my workout as accountability and to show that I worked hard!  I rewarded myself with some Results and Recovery Formula after my workout to replenish and help rebuild my muscles!  I spent this afternoon creating my meal plan with foods that are going to fuel my body for my workouts and the results I am looking for.  I am logging my food in myfitnesspal online app and I figured out how many calories I would need to take in, in order to gain muscle.  On the teambeachbody website it recommends that I eat 2472 calories per day in order to maintain my weight and stay lean! So it's lots of food for me, but clean foods as always!   So here is my meal plan and I am off to the grocery store to stock up!  I baked my chicken for salads and on the go meals and it's in the fridge and ready to go!  I'm all set for another great week! 

A huge key to sticking to your fitness program and meal plan is being prepared.  So having this meal plan and the food in the house takes the guesswork out of what I need to eat each night.  It also makes it a no-brainer when it's time to eat!  I also cleared out all the temptations in the house and threw away the chips that are starring me down!  I have my sticky notes with my goals posted on my wall in my workout room and I'm focused and driven to maintain my healthy lifestyle and share my experience with you!  I hope you check back to see my progess over the next 30 days!  Insanity is no joke, but I love it!!!  If you know me YOU KNOW I LOVE THE CHALLENGE!!!

Melanie's Meal Plan this week
If you are interested in trying out Insanity Asylum head over to my site and check it out I'd be glad to join you on your own fitness journey!!!  As your coach I can mentor you through the process on a daily basis and provide you tips and tools to get the results that you want!