Super Saturday in Pittsburgh

Each quarter Beachbody holds a large event called Super Saturday.  This is Beachbody's way of getting the new information, promotions and products out to its coaches and prospects.  January was our first Super Saturday Event that the Pittsburgh Team Bombshells held. We had about 50 people at our last event.  This past Saturday we had a whopping 100 people at our event!  I am really working hard to create a name for Pittsburgh in the Beachbody company.  My goal is to bring more training to the area for Pittsburgh coaches.  One huge training is the Game Plan event!  In order to have a game plan in Pittsburgh we need to show that there is a need for this training by having a significant representation in the area.  One way to do this is to have a Super Saturday event that has at least 150 people.  We were hoping to hit that number on Saturday but unfortunately we did not.  But I am very proud that we were able to double our attendance from the very first Super Saturday event!  So I would have to say that it's not too shabby!!

We had lot's of things to celebrate this past weekend!  Not only did our 7 star diamond coach Lindsay Matway fly in from Tampa Florida to support us on Saturday but we had some big rank announcements!  My upline coach is officially a 1 star diamond, I am officially a 1 star diamond and my coach Sara Stakeley is a diamond coach!  These are big accomplishments for Pittsburgh because there are NO other star diamond coaches in the area!!! 
Bombshell dinner at Habitat

The Star Diamond Coaches with our new Jewels!!!
On Friday night, we decided to go out for a celebratory dinner at Habitat in Pittsburgh to welcome Lindsay to town.  Much to my surprise they had their own tricks up their sleeves!  To congratulate Nikki and I for our success we got beautiful Tiffany's Bombshell Blue necklaces from Lindsay and Kati!  I was absolutely blown away by their generosity and kindness.  Both Lindsay, Kati and Nikki have been so instrumental in our success and we couldn't have done it without their support!  We had a great night and it was so wonderful to finally meet the woman behind the bombshell dynasty!

On Saturday was our huge coach event!  Lindsay, Kati and I were the main presenters and it went off without a hitch!  The presentation was awesome, the set up was amazing and we even busted out the cupid shuffle!  What a great day!  I'm super excited that everyone came to support us on Saturday.  It is awesome to hear how Beachbody has changed so many lives and we just continue to change more and more each day!  I know that the future is so bright for myself and this business.  I really truly love helping other people and I don't know what I would do without the loving and supportive coaches and friends that I have made through this process!  Here are some pics from the event!

Me in my speaker face!!!

Being recognized for Star Diamond Rank!
The Pittsburgh Bombshell Team!!!

Lindsay and my coach Debbie!!!

Kayla and Jackie my beautiful coaches

Do you want to know what new products are coming for Beachbody?  Do you want to know what Beachbody is all about?  Check out the presentation from Saturday and also you can see a few of my challenge group participants who were interviewed in the presentation!  I'm so proud of my ladies!!!

I am looking to expand my team and I am currently looking for individuals who want to help others get in shape and meet their health and fitness goals!  You don't have to have any special degree you just have to have the drive and determination to help others!  If you would like more information please contact me at or leave a comment below and I would be happy to share some information with you!  It really has changed my life, and I love seeing all those lives that are being changed!!!!