Women's Brazil Butt Lift and TurboFire Results

Yet another success story from my totally awesome New Year New You Challenge group!  I can remember when Sara first signed up for this challenge.  She wanted a workout that didn't require a lot of effort because she didn't really like to workout.  She knew that she was unhappy with the body that she had but wasn't sure where this whole thing was going to go!  So after New Years she committed to my New Year New You Challenge group and decided to start with Brazil Butt Lift and Shakeology.  Sara embraced the challenge group from day 1.  She put forth the effort, changed her diet and drank her shakeology everyday.  Sara works as a nurse and works crazy shifts so having a consistent schedule doesn't always work out for her.  But never fail she stuck with it and completed the first 30 days of the challenge.  Since Brazil Butt Lift is only 30 days long she had to decide what she wanted to do next.  So it was perfect timing because I was starting a sorority challenge with some of our college ASA's.  I asked her if she would like to be a part of that group and do TurboFire with those ladies.  She agreed and has been kicking, punching and blasting fat like crazy!!!!!

In 90 days I have seen Sara go from someone who didn't really want to exercise to someone who feels confident in a bathing suit, is exciting for the summer and is now training to bike to DC this August!  I am so proud of her and the accomplishments that she has achieved!  Here are her stats,

Day 1
BBL and TurboFire
R & L Arm 10.5
Wasit 28.5
Hips:  37
R and L Thigh:  21
Weight 125

Day 90:
Chest:  33
R & L Arm:  10.5
Waist:  25
Hips:  31
R & L thigh:  20
Weight:  117 lbs

In 90 days she lost 8 lbs and 11 inches all over her body with the majority coming from her hips!  She looks lean and toned and is ready to finish out Turbofire with the group before moving onto Chalean Extreme!  I am so proud of her commitment and dedication in our challenge group.  She plugs in each day and stays accountable by posting daily and scheduling her workouts.  She even pulls two a day workouts with her biking and turbofire!  I am so proud of you and I know that you are an inspiration to others!  Keep it up!!!

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