Women's P90X Transformation

I just wrapped up a few of my challenge groups this past week!  6 week Brazil Butt Lift, New Year New You 90 Day Challenge, Train Insane or Remain the Same P90X2 Challenge group all finished last week!  This week is filled with gathering 90 day photos and measurements, making collages and getting started on Phase 2 of our challenge!  I'm so proud of all the amazing transformations that have come out of these challenges and I can't wait to share them with all of you!  Each week I am going to showcase a different transformation so definitely stay tuned for their results.

This week I am sharing one of my favorite transformations with you!  Nicole is a dear friend of mine.  We met quite a few years back because our husbands are best friends and former college room mates.  We always get together when the guys do their fantasy football drafts, guys nights and college reunions!  I absolutely love Nicole's passion and energy!  She approached me before Christmas about getting back into shape because after her wedding last July life got busy and her workouts were suffering.  So she committed to my New Year New You challenge group that started in January.  She chose to do P90X and follow the eat clean lifestyle.  Now I must say that Nicole had it in her from day 1.  You talk about motivation and determination she possesses all of those qualities.  Each and every day she showed up, worked hard and was on her game.  Nicole posted in the support group, shared tips and recipes and struggled on days with the best of them!  But in the end she lost 12 inches and 11 lbs and lost 8% body fat in 90 days.  She has some amazing abs and her arms are totally toned!  She decided for Lent this year that she was going to eat 100% clean and make the switch.  Because of that promise she learned some valuable lessons and is now teacher her mother and friends how to do the same.  She is so excited about how her body looks and how she feels, in a way I think she was shocked at how amazing her results are!  But I knew she could do it! 

People are always scared and hesitant to take those day 1 pics but it's worth it because when you bring your A game everyday you have the results and after pictures to show your hard work!  Nicole is also a wedding/event planner for the Mansion at Maple Heights and works with brides everyday to plan their dream weddings.  Nicole has decided to incorporate the healthy eating and fitness into her daily blog she writes in hopes to inspire others with her own personal journey!  This week is all about Bridal Boot Camp and getting those girls in shape!  Nicole I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!  I know you are going to be an amazing motivator to those around you each and everyday! 

Nicole is onto P90X/Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid next!  There is no stopping her now, she is on FIRE!!!!

You can check out her blog for more fitness and wedding tips at, http://mansionmapleheights.com/blog/2012/04/11/bridal-boot-camp-5-simple-rules-for-getting-in-shape/

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