Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 1, Week 3 Progress Pic

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Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day!  Today marks the start of week 3 of Chalean Extreme Push phase.  I am actually on day43 of the workout program.  Chalean Extreme is a 90 day home fitness program that combines strength training and cardio intervals for a total body workout in a short amount of time.  The workouts range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes!  It's perfect for my busy schedule with 2 small kids and a growing business.  I love that I can wake up hit the basement grab a quick and efficient workout and still be showered, eat breakfast and get some work done even before the kids wake up!  Chalene makes me feel powerful and strong!  She empowers me to lift heavier weights each time I workout!  My focus of my workouts is to be as lean as possible but with the muscle definition that makes me look like I workout.  I am well into my preparation for our Vegas trip at the end of June!  So at this point every workout and every meal choice counts!  I have been doing awesome on my first week of the stripped plan!  I even lost 3 lbs just from the bloating and gunk that was accumulating in my body.  Unfortunately we had a busy weekend with my 5 year anniversary to the most wonderful man in the world, so naturally we celebrated with a yummy dinner and dessert plus wine!  So today I got up and busted out some Push Circuit 1 with some serious intensity.  Instead of just going through the motions I really focused on each contraction of my muscles and concentrated on the way my body felt and really gave it my all.  After the workout I was dripping with sweat but it felt amazing to know that I gave it 110% and I got the best workout I could get!  I always tell my challengers to clear their minds and really be present in the moment and you will have greater success with your workouts when you do it that way!  This morning I walked the walk and talked the talk.  After my workout I prepared my oatmeal with fresh blueberries and peaches, so warm lemon water as my morning detox and some egg whites!  I'm ready to take on the day with a smile on my face! 

Hope you have a wonderful day and you bring the intensity to whatever your day brings!


Melanie Mitro

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