Cinco De Mayo- Stay on track this weekend

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  I am not a big drinker but I do love me some Margaritas and Fajitas.  So in honor of May 5th I am drinking my Shakeology and eating some Mexican Clean food!

The weekends are also a time when you can get super derailed from your weekly workouts and meal plan.  I want to share some tips with you and just provide you with some insight!  I was reading a new book called "The Body Fat Solution" by Tom Venuto and he was discussing weekend plans!  One of the biggest things I tell my customers is to be proactive instead of reactive.  If you know that you have a busy weekend ahead of you then you must take a few minutes to sit down and plan out a strategy.  If you just try to wing it then you will be faced with restaurants with no healthy options, hunger pains which force you into a greasy drive thru and a feeling of guilt for not having more will power! I believe that birthdays, holidays and special occasions are also a time to relax and enjoy food, family and fun but it doesn't mean gorging yourself or throwing all caution to the wind.
I really want you to avoid all or nothing thinking.  You don't have to choose between enjoying the holidays or staying lean and healthy- you can choose both!  They can be worked into your 10% compliance rule!

An average meal at a restaurant leaves you with 1,000 calories or more and that is for the main course only.  If you add on appetizers and desserts it's another 1,000.  One weekend of relaxation can cost you an entire weeks worth of hard work in the kitchen and gym!  So if you are serious about losing weight then I suggest staying home and preparing your own food or use some of these tips to keep it safe!

 So let me just share some tips to keep you on track if you are partaking the festivities this weekend!

1.  If you are going out to a restaurant pull up the menu online and find the best option.  Go with grilled chicken, fish or lean cuts of meat.  Choose steamed veggies and a plain sweet potato.  Get a salad to start with dressing on the side!  Absolutely no creamy dressing such as ranch!  Skip the bread basket and drinks!  Water is your best friend!  If you want a drink then order a glass of wine but add a splash of wine to seltzer water for a spritzer.  Drink 1 glass of water for every drink that you have to keep yourself hydrated!

 2.  Get your workout in!  This is one thing you can control.  Get up early and get in a quick workout so that you have the tone set for the day!  You feel good about yourself and good about the choices you will make.

3.  If you are going to indulge today, then mind your portion sizes!  Have a slice of pie for dessert but not mash potatoes, 10 oz steak, wine and appetizers!  Choose 1 thing to be your cheat meal and savor every bite!

4.  Lastly, ask for a box!  Take half home with you right away.  The servings are always way to large at restaurants and if you box it up right away you won't even miss it!

 Have a wonderful weekend and keep it clean!!!

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