How to Navigate the Grocery Store-Seminar

BIG FUN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  I seriously couldn't wait to announce that I am going to be doing a clean eating grocery trip for anyone who wants to learn how to make healthier choices at the grocery store!  I have so many friends and customers who have no idea where to start when it comes to grocery shopping and what items are better than others.  Those labels are so deceiving.  Just because they say all natural or fat free doesn't mean that they are good for you!  It doesn't mean that they didn't cram in a bunch of processed foods, hidden sugars and sodium to make the shelf life longer along with God knows what it does to your body!  So instead of throwing you to the wolves in the grocery store with a list of foods you may not know where to find I have decided to take you with me!  Fun RIGHT!!!  What's better than having someone show you what to buy other than me doing it for you?!  So next Tuesday night, June 5th, 2012 I am going to hold a hands on grocery shopping trip at the Giant Eagle on Route 228 in Mars!  We will meet at 6:30 pm at the cafe inside Giant Eagle.  To start each person will get a blank meal plan, grocery list and pen.  Then, together we will come up with a meal plan that will meet your needs and your families as well.  Then, we will navigate the grocery store together.  I will show you healthy alternatives to your favorite foods along with what to absolutely avoid and how to make better choices!  You can choose to do your grocery shopping there or you can just come along for the ride take notes and learn how to navigate the store on your own!  Honestly, I wish that someone would have taught me these things!  There were so many times that I walked up and down the isles searching for oat bran or ground flax seed and had no idea where to find it!  Let's cut the learning curve and arm you with the tools to go home and make immediate changes to your families diet!

There is a cost associated with this class for the materials and my time.  If you were to go to a nutritionist it would cost over $400 for meal planning and grocery shopping trips!  Small price to pay for a huge return on your health and weight loss!  So all participants must be paid prior to the class by either mailing me a check or via paypalJust send $20 as a personal gift to to reserve your spot!

I'm super excited! Hope you can make it!!!


Melanie Mitro