Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift Transformation

Each week I just love sharing success stories from other customers, friends and coaches that have amazing success with Beachbody fitness programs, Shakeology and Challenge Groups!  I am really excited to share with you this super amazing mom's story!  She started Insanity last June (2011) and did 90 days of Insanity!  She then fell off a bit and actually gained some weight back but then in February 2011 she started back with Brazil Butt Lift and in a total of 8 months she went from flab to FAB!  She has committed to drinking Shakeology every day and following her meal plan, read about her story below:

Lina: My starting weight before Insanity was around 170 it was the summer time and I just knew I had to STOP the excuses and begin taking care of my health. So I started Insanity June 2011 (the day after my husband left to Iraq) - September 2011 . I ate clean 90% of the time and followed the nutrition book from Insanity as much as possible. I wasn't fully committed to Shakeology at that time I never had a support team nor a coach. I lost over 40lbs in less than 3 months! Just by simply eating clean, drinking lots of water, and exercising (Insanity and running). After my success with Insanity I decided to become a coach and help others achieve their goals. So I joined Team Beachbody on Jan 3rd 2012, I purchased the Brazil Butt Lift challenge pack and I've been committed to Shakeology ever since I also eat clean 99% of the time Drinking Shakeology has really helped me achieve the best results possible! I highly recommend for everyone to commit to it for at least 90 days! Anything is possible as long as one commits and never ever gives up!!

Insanity is a 60 day home fitness program that consists of 6 workouts per week.  The workouts vary from 30 to 55 minutes each day!  Insanity is a high intensity cardio interval training program that focuses on your core strength and endurance.  You do not need any weights or equipment, just your own body!  I'm not kidding you the amount of sweat that I produced from these workouts was unreal!  It honestly was the best workout I ever did, definitely the toughest but definitely the best!!  So if you want extreme results and want to change the look of your body and increase your speed and endurance you should really give Insanity a second chance!  Want me to coach you for free?  Join my team today and get your own copy of Insanity plus my personalized support to get you through the workout in 60 days!!

Brazil Butt Lift is a 30 day home fitness program in which you choose your booty type, either to big, pear shaped, to flatt, combination, ect... Then you follow a different plan based on the results that you want to get.  So no body type is out of the question!  There is a solution for everyone!  Brazil Butt Lift is anywhere from 30 minutes to 55 minutes depending on what workout you are scheduled to do for the day!  There is an awesome ab workout called Tummy Tuck that is seriously harder than the ab ripper in P90X!  The sculpt video is a great overall body toning workout that will leave your muscles screaming as well!  I really enjoyed the 30 days of BBL myself and saw my own butt develop a little definition as in the past it was flat as flat could be!  Definitely a good starter workout or a good compliment to your current fitness routine!


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