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Today is a super exciting day in my life!  Big things are happening in the Mitro household!  The first big announcement is that after a lot of thought and discussion my wonderful husband has decided to take a new job!  He is leaving his long time position with Heinz to pursue something new.

The second exciting announcement comes in my own personal career!  10 months ago I became a Beachbody coach and decided that my own transformation could help others to learn about getting healthy and fit the right way!  I started out with 1 goal in mind, and that was to help 1 person transform their lives with beachbody, shakeology and clean eating.  I wanted to also start a clean eating book club!  Both of those things I accomplished in my first few months as a coach.  I honestly had no idea where this career was even going to take me.  I really considered it more of a hobby that a job.  But the more I learned about the company the more I wanted.  I could see that other people just like me, average everyday women were really HELPING TRANSFORM lives!  They were doing it on a big scale through social media, fit clubs, challenge groups, ect...  I had all of those tools right in front of me!  I learned everything I could by searching the internet, talking to other successful coaches, relying on my upline coaches and eventually seeing my own success.

Now, only 10 months later I have tripled my income, have set some goals for my business, have 3 fit clubs running and lots of other opportunities on the table!  I am totally in love with helping other people and really seeing my team of coaches grow!  It's so exciting to see the transformations that are happening in my challenge groups!  Literally I am teaching each of my customers what has worked for me and what I did to break through each plateau and get the results that I wanted!  I love mentoring people and I get to do that everyday!  There is no weight loss number that is to big or too small to achieve!  I love running fit clubs because it is a way for me to share little tips each week to help others be successful in their diet and exercise!  It's truly about changing your mindset and believing in yourself.  That's what I aspire to do each day is help others believe that they deserve the change!

So today 10 months later I have achieved 1 star diamond coach rank!  Which ultimately means that I am leading by example, I am a product of the product, I talk about what I am doing and I leader others in the same path.  I have an amazing team of coaches who are really inspired to do the same as I am!  It creates butterflies in my stomach to know that together we can help people all over the United States to eat healthier and exercise and not see it as work but as something we truly love to do!

So as I advance in rank I am setting goals for myself!  I am challenging myself to be a better leader, coach and mom!  I am always striving for the next step, always changing and never settling for just so-so!  I want to be the best that there is!  I want all that and more!  I want others to have it all too!  IT IS POSSIBLE!  I'VE LEARNED THAT IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, IT WILL HAPPEN! 

Have you been following my posts, are you a fan on facebook, or are you in one of my challenge groups?  Do you love helping other people and are passionate about health and fitness?  You don't have to be into it as much as I am but you just have to want to be an encourager.  You just have to be passionate and have the drive!  You can devote 1 hour a day or 10 hours a day to this business!  It's your business and no one is going to tell you what to do!  It's all what you make of it!  Are you interested in learning more about Beachbody and how coaching can help you stay home with your kids, quit a job that you don't love, or allow you to workout and be healthy for the rest of your life?  I'd be glad to share with you my experience and maybe how it could do the same for you!

Want more information, click here and tell me more about yourself!!

Below is my goal board and the things that I am striving for this next year!  Having goals written down and right in front of you every day are key in pushing you to want them more!!!
 Want to know more about being a Team Beachbody Coach?  Watch this video and contact me for more information!

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