Pittsburgh Marathon-Bombshell Dynasty

Working our way to the starting line

It's official! I can check 1 more thing off my bucket list!  I completed this 2012 Pittsburgh Marathon Relay!  Everyone tells you about the amazing energy and excitement that running races brings but they WERE NOT KIDDING! I was extremely nervous about running the relay because I have been training but very sparsely because my knee is really giving me a lot of trouble.  It was more so my IT band than anything, but I have been doing my Physical Therapy exercises in preparation.  So on race day the most I had ran was 3.2 miles but surprisingly I ran the entire 5.5 miles with no problem.  I did notice that when I was going up hill it was the worst but as soon as I leveled out I was back on track.
So, back to my story!  I tend to get a little side tracked here and there!  LOL!  So our race team was actually very far from what we started out with on day 1!  The ladies in the picture were not even the original runners but we had so many injuries and runners back out that we had to find replacements up until the day before!  I was fortunate enough to have some great friends that were willing to jump in at the last minute and run with us! 
The starting line was crazy.  I was in Coral D and it took about 10 minutes to even get to the starting line to start running! Once we got to the start line there were bands playing along the route and people cheering us on up and down the streets.  My route when through the strip, over 3 bridges and past PNC park!  It was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky and the weather was perfect!  Mile 3 was a little tough but I actually saw a friend which kept me going and pumped me back up!  Then, all of a sudden I came up on Mile 5 and I only had .5 left.  I seriously could of kept running! 
Pre-Race, Me, Maria, Brandee and Kayla

Kayla and I after our leg
Afterwards I headed over to the finish line and waiting for the rest of my team to get done!  Everyone finished the relay and we had no injuries or issues!  I can't wait to do it again next year, but I think it might have to be the half marathon for me!  I enjoyed the short run because it was a great way to ease into running, especially with my injury. But I really could see myself doing more!  Loved the energy and the atmosphere and of course being surrounded with people who value their own health and fitness! 

Sara and I post race!  My workout buddy

We did it!

Sporting the Bombshell Shirt!

My running partner, Lauren!

If you would like to join our Bombshells on the Run team for next year please shoot me a message and I would be glad to include you in the race details!!!

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