Vibrant, Radiant and Slim-Stripped

Day 2 of stripped eating!  So Day 1 wasn't actually that bad!  I think it was much harder for my husband to stick with it than myself!  By the time 9:00 pm rolled around he was begging me to eat something.  He even commented to the neighbors that I was depriving him of sugar!  He also said he didn't have much energy.  The reason that he doesn't have energy is because his body is going through a detox.  So literally it is like he is a cocaine addict that is trying to stop using.  For him it is sugar!  Sugar is so highly addictive that if you eat it you actually crave it more!  For me it isn't about losing weight it's about toning and tightening.  Most people would say that you should just lift more and exercise more if you want to tone and tighten.  Well yes, to an extent but in reality nutrition or the food we eat everyday decides how we look and feel.  That can go either way of course.  If you eat a lot of greasy, processed, anti food you will look greasy, gray and dead.  On the other hand if you eat wholesome, clean foods you will look vibrant, radiant and slim.  So that's why I am doing this!  VIBRANT, RADIANT AND SLIM are excellent words to describe how I want to feel!  

You can do the stripped plan for many reasons.  Maybe you simply just eat whatever you want whenever you want or you eat clean during the day and binge at night.  Or maybe you have never made the connection between what goes in your mouth and how you look and feel, as I once did!  Chances are you have been less than careful with your diet and can't figure out why the scale hasn't changed.   No one can make you follow this plan you have to set some real goals for yourself and have a support system in place to keep you in check.  That support system can be your husband, boyfriend, friend, co worker, or parent!  Whomever it is just make sure that they hold you accountable especially in a moment of weakness!  That cookie tray or donuts that someone brought into work and the smell is just wafting by your desk!  Remember how sensational you will feel in just 28 days!  You will get rid of that unwelcome layer of fat, you will become more in tune with your hunger rhythm and lose the urge to overeat and binge.  How great is that!!!

breakfast, yummy apple cinnamon oatmeal
So when beginning this diet the first few days of this program are not as comfortable as you would like, you may develop a headache or feel a little sluggish as the toxins leave your body.  But once you get passed this, look out!  You will feel fantastic!  Some of the changes you can expect are clearer and more radiant skin, stronger nails and brighter eyes, improved digestion, better smelling breath and more stable blood sugar.  Also for women you can experience less hot flashes, irritability and depressed libido once you begin to eat clean!  Seriously you will sleep better and feel restored! 

So now you ask how do I feel today?  Actually I am pretty groggy!  I can't tell if it is because of the time of year and I'm fighting off some allergy symptoms or if it's the fact that I cut out anything processed cold turkey!  I have been chugging water and drinking green tea!  So far today I had my breakfast that was 1/2 cup rolled oats with 1/2 chopped apple, cinnamon, 1 tbsp flaxseed, wheat germ with 1/2 scoop protein powder and some almond milk.  I drank black coffee and a warm glass of lemon water!
My mid morning snack was 1 cup of sliced strawberries with a handful of raw unsalted cashews.
My lunch is going to be a salad with raw spinach, sliced chicken breast, black beans, red onion, tomato and homemade balsamic vinegar dressing!
Afternoon Snack will be Chocolate Shakeology
Dinner Mexican quinoa taco salad!  Can't wait!
Then I'm off to fit club to do some Insanity tonight
After my workout I will be drinking my protein shake with some mixed berries to refuel from my workout then green tea and bed!

I always have a plan in mind and I am very mindful of my eating and when I am going to fit it all in!  The key is having your cooler packed with clean eats so that you are never in a position where you have to make a bad choice!

I packed the hubby's food for the day and he was out the door!  Let's see if he can make it the 28 days!  I know that I can!  I'll keep you posted!  I also have another accountability partner, coach and friend, Nikki!  She lost 3 lbs yesterday from just day 1 of the stripped plan!  Seriously, no starvation just healthy eating and 5-6 small meals per day! 

Have a wonderful day!