Women's Insanity Transformation

This week is all about transformations and life changes!  We all question whether or not those before and after pictures are the real deal when we see them on infomercials and facebook.  I will be honest that I am even a little skeptical at times.  But as a person who has gone through her own transformation I am writing this to tell you that it is possible and I have seen it first hand.  It's even more exciting now that I get to help other people have the same real life transformations!

I am really excited to share with you one of my challengers who just completed Insanity in my Spring Slim Down Challenge.  She is a full time pharmacist with 4 kids that range from the age of 7 years old to 14 weeks old.  When her son was 5 weeks old she saw my post for a slim down challenge that a friend of hers was doing and she knew that she was unhappy with her body and wanted to lose weight and tone up so she contacted me and decided to join the challenge. She faithfully worked out to Insanity everyday, used the Shakeology shakes and the clean living diet.
Lawanda also works 12 hour days and really had some habits to kick in the pants like drinking Diet Coke and eating processed foods!  I am so proud of her all or nothing mentality and this is what got her the great results!

Here are her stats:

Weight:  She lost 17.5 lbs in 60 days
Inches:  Total of 25.5 inches on her entire body!

Next on the list is P90X and Brazil Butt Lift.  Lawanda is committed to making exercise and proper nutrition a part of her daily life and she is absolutely focused on being an example for her family and friends!  I am so proud of Lawanda and this is what makes my job so worth it!  Knowing that other people can have success too! 

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