2012 Coach Summit-LAS VEGAS MGM

The 2012 Beachbody Summit was the most mind blowing experience that I have ever encountered. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!  The anticipation of leaving for Las Vegas was just about eating my nerves away!  I had prepared, worked out, ate super healthy and done all my shopping to get ready for the big event.  I think my husband thought I was a little crazy with the shopping!  OK, he thought I was OVER THE TOP crazy with my shopping!  Honestly, I really enjoyed myself!  As a mother of 2 boys and a stay at home mom I never get to buy nice dresses or fancy shoes because I usually don't have anywhere to go but my own house, the park and the grocery store!  So the shopping aspect was a ton of fun!  Of course I way over packed but that didn't bother me because at least I had options! 

Success Club Partner Heather
The first day we got into Vegas we spent the afternoon at the pool followed by dinner with a fellow coach from Texas!  I finally got to meet my success partner Heather Reichert and her husband Trey.  Talk about a sweet couple!!  It's so nice to know that other coaches are in the biz for helping people and really sticking to the core mission!  We hit up the Hard Rock Cafe and walked the Strip! 

Afterwards the Dynasty Coaches met up for a little meet and greet happy hour.  It was really cool to finally meet all the girls that I feel like are my best friends!  We talk all the time on facebook but we have never actually met one another.  It was like a high school reunion.

Bombshell Meet and Greet Night 1!
Thursday morning we woke up and I had my interview with Beachbody for the Super Saturday presentation.  It was a pretty cool experience to get video taped and get to tell my tips for other coaches who are starting the Beachbody Cup July 1st!  So if you want to see my big screen debut, hit up a Super Saturday event in your area!!!

 Afterwards we changed and headed to the Core.  The core is the big Beachbody store where you can purchase apparel sample shakeology and meet and greet with the trainers!  We got to meet Sagi from The Brand New Fitness Program, Body Beast.  By the way it looks like an amazing program!  If you want to get ripped in 90 days this is the way to go!!
Nikki and I posed for a picture in front of the huge COMMIT mural where you could sign your name!  I commit to helping 100 people transform their lives in 2012 with the Beachbody Challenge!!!

Thursday night was awesome!  I qualified for the 5 year birthday bash at the Pool at the MGM.  As a team we all coordinated wearing Bombshell blue dresses so we could stand out in the crowd and find each other!  Carl spoke at the event and the evening was followed by amazing fireworks off of the top of the MGM hotel! I also got to meet my mother's idol, Debbie Seibers!  I was standing in line to take a picture and when I turned around she was right beside me!  She is an absolutely beautiful woman on the inside and out!  She was so gracious and kind and had no hesitations about letting me take the picture!
Debbie Seibers and I
Then, Friday morning starts! Kicked off the am with a live Shaun T, Insanity workout and got to stand beside the man himself!  We actually got to ride in the elevator with him after the workout was over!  Talk about a cool experience!!!
5 year birthday bash, Team Dynasty
I honestly had goosebumps all over my body from that workout!  Insane and inspiring all at the same time!
Nothing like a good butt kicking to start your day off right! 
Then, the actual Summit work began!  The general session was Friday morning where all the 1-4 star Diamonds were recognized on stage!  Super fun!  We were so busy all day long that we hardly had time to eat!  Thank goodness that I packed my snacks and shakeology, it totally saved the day.

That evening was the Diamond Reception in which you had to be a paid Diamond Rank to attend!  The event was at the Wet Republic at MGM and was stocked with amazing food and drinks! Great entertainment and lots of fun!  Another great night to just spend with my girls!

Saturday was a long day of training and speakers but totally worth the time!  I learned so much valuable information on how to grow, organize and manage my time and business! 
The awards ceremony on Saturday night was mind blowing!  TI was awesome to see the 2 $100,000 beachbody transformation winners and hear there stories! Lindsay Matway our fearless leader received her 15 star diamond award!  Last year at summit she was only 2star!  In one year she went from 2 to 15 stars!!  Amazing!!
Celebration at Summit

This trip wasn't just about partying or getting all dressed up and taking pretty pictures, it was about meeting the people that have impacted your life and the ones you have impacted as well.  On the first day listening to Chalene Johnson speak just really hit home and Carl's speech about the integrity of the company really put everything into perspective.  He doesn't care about getting rich quick, this just isn't a job to him!  It's so much more, its a passion and he truly cares about ending the trend of obesity in America. 

What I learned at Summit this year!  Being a Beachbody Coach is the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!  I already knew that but it just made me realize how much more I love it!  I love that I can help other people, stay home with my kids, help people get healthy and fit and earn money doing it!  I wake up every day loving my job and can't wait to get to my computer!  I have no regrets for the decisions I have made in the past and I can't wait to see what my future has to hold.
I have learned that I am no different than the 15 star coaches standing up on stage!  I CAN DO IT TOO!  I have the drive, determination, and motivation to make big changes in my life!  I WANT TO BE ON STAGE NEXT YEAR AT SUMMIT AND I WILL BE!  I have learned that my husband isn't as stubborn as I originally thought!  I have made some great friendships with Lindsay, Billy, Sara, Brian, Nikki, Chris, Ashleigh, Jose and many more!  It's not about the money, it never was and never is!  The minute you care  more about the money than the people you help the minute you start to fail!  I have learned that Team Dynasty is a team build on a foundation of caring, integrity, support and success!  We all support each other and we just love what we do!  I have even more clear cut goals for myself for the rest of the year and I can't wait to get down to business! 
Something that really stuck out to me that was said during the general session.  "Why wouldn't you want to do this job?  Why would you want to go to a job every day where you are never going to make any more money than you are currently making?  Why would you want to sit at a desk where you can never reach your fullest potential?  Why wouldn't you want to be your own boss and also determine your own destiny?"  I know that I want that!  I want to be home to get my kids off the bus, take them on vacations, meet their every needs and enjoy life!  I feel like I can do that with Beachbody!  I also LOVE the fact that I am making MYSELF better in the process!  By exercising, eating clean, sharing my knowledge with others I stay accountable and on track! 

My mentors, Lindsay and Nikki!  Thanks for being so amazing and supportive



This is the PERFECT opportunity for you to jump on and SHINE!!!

1 year ago I made the decision to accept the challenge of starting Insanity with a challenge group.  I never imagined that 1 year later I would be standing on stage at Summit as a 1 star diamond coach.  I never imagined that I would transform hundreds of others lives with the knowledge and personal testimony that I created!  I never imagined the freedom and feeling of accomplishment that I would receive from helping others!

Some call it being a COACH... for me, I call it becoming the CEO of your LIFE. You decide HOW BIG of an IMPACT you will make... every. single. day.

If you want to chat more about how to be a part of this movement... don't wait, TAKE ACTION and MESSAGE ME!!

In short... this image below showcases what we do :)
 What will you commit to this year?  Will you simply commit to transforming your own life?  Or will you commit to both transforming your life and the lives of others?!?!  YOU DECIDE!!!