Chalean Extreme Last Week of Push Phase

Kicking off the last week of Chalean Extreme Push Phase!  Busted out some Push Circuit 1 this am and practiced some Intensati thinking while I was working out!  I kept telling myself that I was strong and I was amazing and I have the body I have always dreamed of!  I upped my weights and felt some serious burn this am!  I went shopping this past weekend for dresses for my trip to Vegas for the Beachbody Summit and didn't have to much success!  I definitely saw some areas that probably could use some work like my rear and my back!  Damn that flat butt that I can't get rid of!  But if anything I guess that's a good problem to have.  So it's time to add in a little extra cardio and really really stick to my Stripped meal plan.  I was doing so well and then our anniversary happened and I made some bad food choices which led to a series of bad food choices!  But have no fear, I am re focused and back on track!  I have my meals planned for the week, my workouts are scheduled and I feel amazing so far!  But it IS only Monday! 

Tomorrow is Brazil Butt Lift high and tight and TurboFire Fire 30
Wed:  Push Circuit 2
Thursday:  Burn Intervals and Extreme Abs
Friday:  Push Circuit 3
Saturday:  Burn it off and Recharge
Sunday:  Brazil Butt Lift and Turbofire Fire 30

Sunday is my picture day!!!
My sample meal plan taken from the Stripped Plan and my own favs!

Today I baked up some of my wonderful meatloaf muffins so that I have some extra protein snacks for the week!  Veggies and fruits are cut up and portioned out and I have guzzled about 6 glasses of water already today and it's only 2:00 pm!  Getting that lean body you want takes focus and the desire to change! 
Meatloaf Muffins!

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Prep of a few on the may snacks!!
I can honestly say that I am missing my peanut butter and banana roll ups and Greek yogurt and berries! Dairy and carbs are one of the things that are scarce on this meal plan!  Now I know how body builders feel when they are getting ready for a competition.  It's totally mental, but I seriously start salivating when I see pics of peanut butter and bananas!  But that Vegas dress is way more important than any food right now!!! 

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