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Mind/Body workouts are becoming more and more popular as women begin to realize that muscles aren’t the only thing that need exercise for optimal results. Your mind needs support too for weight loss success. This conscious workout helps improve physical strength and your state of mind at the same time.

I found this article this morning on Facebook and it was exactly what I have been working on with my challenge groups.  I just did a video for my phase 2 groups about rewriting their goals for themselves.  In our weight loss journey when we start our reason for working out and eating healthy is so blatantly clear because we are so disgusted with ourselves that we can't think about anything else.  Then, as time goes on and life gets the best of us we start to make excuses for why we don't have time to workout, or we don't enjoy our workouts anymore or we find ways to justify why we need that ice cream cone or handful of m&ms.  We forget why we wanted to change our bodies so badly and start to tell ourselves that working out like this is crazy and eating healthy is for the birds.  We start to in our mind validate the reasons why we shouldn't do it!  So I work with my customers to change those negative thoughts into something conscious and empowering.
Instead of telling yourself that this workout is too hard or you are not strong enough tell yourself that you ARE strong!  You WILL GET STRONGER and YOU ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE STILL SITTING ON THE COUCH!  If you go to say to yourself, "I am fat."  Instead tell yourself, "My clothes fit better today."  When you start speaking to yourself in a positive way you begin to think more positively about yourself.  Instead of replaying past failures or mistakes focus on the positive and what you are doing right now!

When I was at the beginning of my fitness journey I posted a picture of a fitness model that I wanted to look like up on my wall next to my TV and every day when I worked out I looked at that picture and her body and said I WANT TO CHANGE and everyday I pushed harder and dug deeper with my Insanity workouts!  I became stronger over time and I practiced positive affirmations.  I encourage you to find the true reason why you want to lose weight.  Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on your bathroom mirror.  Set a realistic goal for yourself and then below it write the reasons why you want to achieve that goal.  Make it personal and emotional.  Then, when you are forced with the decision to eat healthy or eat fast food or to workout or not to workout you can refer back to that goal statement and make a conscious, confident decision.  That's where the Intensati practice comes from!  I love the thought process behind these workouts and it absolutely supports what I believe in!  This class is actually not far from my home and I think I just might have to give it a try!

Developed by Patricia Moreno, this workout based on Yoga, and martial arts techniques, was designed to harness the power of the mind to achieve the potential of the body. Get empowered and aware with these easy and fun-to-do moves!

The Four Moves

Move 1 – Commitment
Embody your commitment with verbal affirmations while you work your arms. As you do this exercise you will repeat the mantra: Yes I’m committed!

Move 2 – Shimmy & Shake, & Smile
While you shimmy and shake your with your body you also verbally affirm your happiness with the mantra: To live a life I love!

Move 3 – Desire
While you jump and push forward with both arms, you’ll affirm: I want it, I want it, I really really want it! [the healthy life you love].

Move 4 – Passion
With palms facing up you’ll do upper cuts in kick-boxing fashion and repeat the mantra: I’m gonna break through, I’m gonna try something new!
Become a mind body warrior for your own success with these simple fat-burning moves that also improve self-esteem.
Check out this Intensati Introduction to get a better feel for this new, exciting mind body workout.

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